How Can We Reduce Plastic Pollution? | Lydia Ravenhall Photography

Today we’re going to be talking all about plastic. Specifically the plastic that is ending up in our oceans every year and what
we could do to prevent that or stop that or how we can bring less plastic into
our lives and what we can do about plastic pollution, so let’s get to that. It is estimated that eight million tonnes of
plastic are entering our oceans every year and the biggest contributor of that
plastic is actually from commercial fishing; it is estimated that 46%
of the plastic in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch alone is caused by
commercial fishing, specifically dumped fishing nets. And this is causing a
problem, not only because it means that there is more plastic in the sea, but it also means that there are many fish being caught by these fishing nets even when they are not in use so it is one of
the biggest contributors to not only plastic but also overfishing in the
oceans. As well as this, it has also been found that 1 in 18 of the shorelines
is polluted with microfibres from synthetic clothing. This means that
every time we wash our clothes that have been made from synthetic
materials, they are shedding microfibres which are ending up in oceans and being
washed up on our shorelines. But it is not just these two examples of fishing and
microfibres that causing plastic in the oceans. Millions and millions of
plastics – different types of plastics – are floating around our oceans every year so we
need to find ways to stop this – to stop bringing so much plastic into our lives and
to find better alternatives and how we can prevent plastic pollution from
choking our oceans. So what we can do as individuals is to just, either swap
or avoid when it comes to plastic items. So we can swap to reusable coffee cups,
shopping bags, water bottles, toothbrushes, sanitary products, such as the mood cup
or bamboo pads. But – or to avoid plastics such as straws or receipts which sometimes come lined with plastic so if
you can avoid getting receipt with your shopping then absolutely do that. As well
as this, there are other options such as switching to bamboo toothbrushes – and
also toiletries such as shampoo bars, conditioner bars, soap bars instead of in the bottles and not only this, but it has recently been found that a lot of tea
bags also contain plastic so if you can switch to loose-leaf or plastic-free tea bags then that’s another thing we could do as well. I think, ultimately,
as individuals the best we can do is try to avoid as much plastic as possible
because it is a really, really big problem; it is causing pollution in our
waterways, in our oceans, in our natural environments and it’s really, really bad
for wildlife and also us as well, our health as well. So with regards to plastic,
just, as much as possible, try to avoid it, try to swap it, and just try
not to give in to plastic items especially single-use plastic items. I mean, obviously, there are going to be times where we’re going to slip up or we’re
going to accidentally forget our reusables and there’s gonna be fine. But it’s trying
to be – trying to remember and trying to avoid it as much as possible – as we possibly
can – and that’s really gonna help it’s really gonna cut down on a lot of plastic, I
think, if we all come together we all try to remember to avoid down and swap it as
much as possible so that would be the best option

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