How Do I Price My Photography?

Jared polin And welcome back to another flying solo where I take three of your questions, that’s two fingers Jared this is three I take three of your questions and give them some answers. This week’s episode is brought to you by the froknowsphoto Podcast this is where you can listen to all raw talk episodes all daily fros if you haven’t check out the daily fro it’s where I sit down at the end of the day and tell you what’s Going on in my life It could pertain to photography business life anything go to furnace photo comm slash podcasts to subscribe Right meow. Let’s get into it We’ve got Ren LOC if you were to start a new YouTube channel How many videos a week would you release when starting out quality versus quantity? Which should I aim for? This is a coin flip. So if I have a coin in my pocket, I’m gonna flip it Its tail’s which means I still don’t have a good answer for you because you never know What’s gonna work today in the new YouTube algorithm? I’m still a big fan of putting out quality consistent content It’s not in my opinion one video a week unless you can get one video a week to pop majorly Unless you’re that good that you have some kind of Content that people are Banging down your door for once a week and it starts to blow up then you stick with that I just think somewhere around two or three videos Picking some kind of topics that help you drive that story week in and week out or yeah one one day a week two days A week three days a week. I think that can help you out now in terms of quality vers quantity somewhere in the middle and it also depends on what you’re looking to create if you’re a Photography channel and all of your videos are out of focus that you’re posting Do you think people are going to pay attention to you or if you’re trying to teach people how to shoot videos are they going? To pay attention to you. If it doesn’t look good if it doesn’t sound good I rather have less quality looking video, but great audio Then to have really bad audio but something look better because if you can’t hear it Nobody’s gonna pay attention to it. So I don’t know that that’s really a great answer for you You just have to start putting it out there and and commit to it. Are you gonna do two? Are you gonna do three? Are you gonna do one? What’s it gonna look like try it out and then let us see how it looks let’s move on to the next one We’ve got Cassidy and Roberts I have been into photography my whole life, but just recently decided to try and make a business out of it I have been struggling on figuring out the value of my services because I am new to this as a business I know people who expect cheaper prices However, I think that my work is very good and I could price competitively with other photographers in the area so my question is is there a period of time where when you’re first starting out the price is cheaper or Do I strictly go off of my work quality? Look if you think your work is on par with other people that are making what you think you should be making Then that’s what you price it at I don’t think just because you’re new you need to price it as cheaper just to get more jobs Because now you’re training people to pay less For the type of work that you’re doing and it makes it harder to graduate out of that to get more money so I don’t think the answer is Going with cheaper prices just to go with cheaper prices because you’re new if you can garner the prices that you see the value of Your services based off of the quality of your work then put it up there now Here’s how I figure out how to charge somebody long time ago when I was first starting out or what I recommend to people Take a look at what you make an hour if you were to be working a day job what does that hour look like then break a photo shoot down and say here’s How many hours this photo shoot is and it’s not just going and taking pictures. It’s the work that goes into booking the client It’s the preparation in doing the shoot. It’s driving to the location. It’s doing the photo shoot It’s editing the photos and it’s delivering the photos. There’s a lot of moving parts So is that six hours of work at $20 an hour? Is that enough money for that six hours of work? Or is it not? Sometimes you do need to start somewhere and feel it now to see if your prices are worth Are at the right point and the one the one bit of advice I can say is that if you’re so busy Because you’re not charging enough and you’re not really making enough because you have too many jobs that are priced too low Then it’s time to raise your price if you’re too busy It means you’re too cheap raise your price. You’ll make more money You may lose out on some customers But you’re making more money on the customers you are working with and if your work is that good you should get paid for it moving on Jeff Inc in what body? should I upgrade to I have a d70 100 with a crooked prism and it’s a $500 fix all my glass is DX and I want to keep the crop sensor It must be Nikon as well looking to spend under 1,500 bucks don’t mind used I shoot birds some landscapes and family events Hobbyists and intermediate level. So if you’re happy with your d70 100, but it has a crooked Thingamabob or a prism in it take the next step up or skip a couple of steps and get Ad 7500 I think based off of what you’re saying addy 7500 would be a great option now if that’s not in the right price point you can look at a 7200 but I think you should go after the D 7,500 it would be a good option for the things that you’re looking to shoot. I’ve used this camera I’ve done a real world review of this camera. It is a very very nice camera for shooting sports. Lots of frames a second Really fast for shooting those landscapes because you have to shoot landscapes super fast, and I’m kidding I’m talking about nature birds. You need to shoot through the birds a little quicker. So that’s where this camera will help so that’s where I would put my money I would get the 7500 and then maybe try to sell your 70 100 and let people know that the prism needs to be fixed because it probably still has a little bit of value So, how do you submit your flying solo questions? Well, you can go to this link that’s on the screen bitly slash fro critiques Make sure you follow the directions that are on the screen when you go to that link and that’s where I’m gonna leave it jared polin See ya that’s right to check out the last flying solo go ahead and click over here on the left It’s on the left hand side You can’t see me pointing But it’s there to check out the real world review of the D 7,500 click on the right hand side Don’t forget to subscribe like or comment Do it translate by

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  1. Thank you for all your videos. I have learned a lot from you already. I Graduated New York institute of Photography, and feel I learn more in depth stuff from your videos. So again thank you and keep up the good work. 🙂

  2. Good answer about pricing.
    Also, I think you forgot to point out that in a regular Job you don't have to pay for the tools, and we do 🤔

    I use to check the rental price of my equipment and add it to the work hours (If one day cost X, I divide ir by 8 to get the cost per hour). Peace!

  3. Hey Jared, which one do u think is a better camera d850 or a7r3 wrt wildlife photography with the best 400mm in each case?

  4. Hello I have a Nikon D7000 and built in flash doesn’t work just looking to know if it would be an easy fix and also when I do some slow shutter photography it shoots in a blue colour on the screen Just looking to know your thoughts on this would it be worth my while getting it all fixed or just upgraded to a New model ? thank you

  5. Am I the only one who isn't able to find the podcast in iPhone's Podcast app? I searched with every term possible, or is it not available in India? (Cuz that's where I live) It doesn't show even if I access from an external link that redirects me to Podcast App

  6. Two vids in 2 days!? Thank goodness, I was starting to get the shakes from not getting my fro fix. Keep up the good work guys.

  7. Personally, I would have recommended the D500 used over a new D7500. I have seen D500’s used as low as $1200. The D500 is just more superior as far as image quality, ISO, solid build, and much more. Used is the way to go. Never buy anything new.

  8. Used d500 any day, DO NOT buy a d7500. Jared would not buy this camera for his personal use as it has many flaws but the biggest one is that it has only one card slot. Nikon BIG mistake !!!!!

  9. Hi Jared,
    Do you think that Canon will make full frame mirror less camera for someone who still keeps canon full frame DSLR lenses? Because I have a lot of canon lenses but still waiting for canon new 4K video full frame mirror less camera to shoot 4K video.Thank you so much

  10. Love the videos man you keep going. When are we going to hear something about the D5s. I’m chomping at the bit and I know you are too.

  11. There has been research stating that people will sit through bad video with good audio more over bad audio with good video.

  12. I just looked up Cassidi Anne Roberts photos… I hope those images weren't hers! lol Critique her website in then call her live! Give her heads first Jared.

  13. Your advice is crazy Jeff Aikens. Nikon-D500 DSLR Camera Body (USED) – S/N 3001031 14,020 Shutter Actuations at Allens Camera right now in excellent condition. Box in all packaging!

  14. Your comment at 3.25" is absolutely correct, and something I've been saying since 1995 in my industry (translations), which was not heard unfortunately, and destroyed the livelihood of thousands of families around the world while making the useless middle man rich. JARED, CONGRATULATIONS BOTH FOR MENTIONING IT AND FOR PUTTING IT SHORT AND PRECISE, AS IT IS – No free lancer should undervalue themselves on the basis of their personal insecurities!

  15. I am currently enrolled into a college photography program and you explain everything in a way that I can actually understand! Also I have a Canon Rebel T6.. is this a good camera to have?

  16. I'm totally addicted to that catch phrase of yours and find your channel content excellent. One question I would have is would be settings for catching a flying birds through woods. I have problems with light and focus settings using a Canon D7 and a 70-200 f2.8 USM. just wondering what you or any of your followers would recommend? Thanks.

  17. Mal wieder eine tolle Folge! Auf meinem Kanal versuche ich auch ein Mittelding zwischen Qualität und Quantität, bisher scheint es recht gut anzukommen

  18. BRING RAWTALK BACK, stop these small videos RAWTALK made you different you have an amazing team and the long form talks with Steven and Todd are amazing. They are such characters in their own right and we love seeing them as well as you, and missing out using your resources like them is a waste, stop number counting and worrying about the amount of likes, you don’t see Chelsea and Tony Northrup crying over that, love you Jared froknowsphoto have made me a better photographer and RAWTALK is to thank, people want the long form, joe rogan doesn’t make 4 minute videos, we want personality which you guys always bring, miss the passion and fun you guys used to have bring that back

  19. Interesting about the D7100 with the crooked prism. I am not sure if it is the same issue or not but my D7100 has something crooked in the focusing system and has had it ever since I got it. One corner will back focus and the opposite will front focus the center is fine so have never gotten it fixed. I did try and get a Nikon tech to look at it once but he couldn't seem to see what the issue was and so would have had to send it away for months which I couldn't do at the time as I needed it . It did still work fine as long as I didn't use the edge points or go below f5.6. I do wonder how many other cameras might have had the same problem??

  20. So am I right in thinking RAWTALK in video form is over?
    Looking over the videos from the past month.. looks like he's just now doing reviews.

  21. How do you price for a genre of photography you know you should be able to pull off but have not done it before? Example mainly shoot street and landscape photography and have to do a food photography shoot for a client.

  22. Price according to your Market.. not your quality not quantity.. those are simply things you can make up. Non photographers don’t care how artistic you are, they see some killer bokeh in a portrait and they are sold on it.

  23. Trying to be in photography field but i dont know how to sell myself
    I have a facebook page and basis on that i have got few jobs…. Please put one video about how to market yourself

  24. "NOSE CHECK"…I love your content and you always give good advice but just a heads up, next time do a Nose Check. It looks as if there is something there and when you did a close up, I saw it, now looks like I can't look anywhere else. Good stuff and thank you!

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