HOW GOOD are the Qoocam 8K’s photos?!

Huh! Every time I come to Vancouver, I end up at this place, Granville Island. It’s one of the best places for 360
photography I’ve come across. Today, I’ve got the Kandao Qoocam 8K, and I’m hunting for some epic 360 photos. So, I’m gonna start by
shooting in DNG RAW, however, there’s a bit of an obstacle, and that is an endless amount of traffic coming in both ways. I’m gonna have to wait
for the perfect timing, run out in front of this sign, and capture the sign as close to it as I can get a clean shot of it with. And if it doesn’t work out, at least you’ve got my death on camera. So, what I’m going to do is change it into manual mode. Because I’ll be running out, I’m not going to have a whole lot of time to take this photo. I need to make sure my
shutter speed is really fast. I’m thinking around a
1/1000 shutter speed. Want to keep my ISO low, so I don’t get any noise. Always keep your ISO as low as possible. I’m gonna do a test shot. All right, here it is. That’s looking pretty good. The highlights aren’t overexposed, everything’s relatively sharp, that’s what I want. Okay, so now let’s go do the real thing. Okay, so I brought this photo
into camera RAW in Photoshop, edited the DNG, brought up the shadows, brought down the highlights,
increased the vibrance, and that is looking pretty darn good. Okay, next I’m going
to be using DNG8 mode, with the Qoocam 8K. The technique is called stacking, where you’re basically taking
eight high quality RAW files, combining them together, and
eliminating imperfections like noise, like color banding, any kind of nasty bits
of the image eliminated because you’re combining the
best bits of all eight photos into one ultra perfect amazing photo. I think I have some
volunteers to help me out with this next shot. I’m going to switch into DNG8 mode, going to set my exposure manually again, and I’m going to make it
slightly under exposed, but not too under exposed. It’s always better to
expose for the highlights so they don’t get overblown. So that’s going to be
a bit too bright there, so I’ll go faster, need to go a bit faster yet again. I’m going to say 1/640th of a second. (laughing mischievously) Come on, duckies. Come close for my photo. Here, duckies. (quacking) There we go, that works. Yes, they’re falling for it, yes! No, no, no, just there. Look, there’s a 360 camera. Didn’t work. Damn you ducks outsmarting me. I think I got some kind of shot. I think that’s the best I’m gonna do. These ducks are way too smart for me. How embarrassing. Okay, that was pretty good. Now, I want to simulate a
virtual tour like environment with super high contrast lighting. I think I’ve found one here. There’s so many different
strengths of light in this area of Granville Island. I’ve got these bright lights ahead. They’re as almost as bright as you can get from an overhead light. We have the next level
down, which is sunlight, ambient sunlight coming through there, spilling in to this darker, shadowy area. In here, we have this
awesome looking workshop that no one is in, so hopefully we can shoot
and we won’t get kicked out. I think this will be a
really good opportunity to test the DNG8 again, but this time, I’m
going to try bracketing, meaning I’ll take three sets of DNG8, one at zero, one at plus
two, one at minus two EV, combine them together,
for one, wait a sec. Eight, nine, ten, 16
(audio speeds forward). 24 shot 360 photo. I think it’s going to be pretty epic. Let’s give it a go. All right, final shot of the day, I’ll be testing Qoocam 8K at nighttime. I have an epic view of
Vancouver on one side, and Granville Island is on the other side. It looks so good right now. All right, so I just had a cool idea. What I’m going to do is set my shutter speed
to less than a second, because firstly I need to light up this dark area beneath me, but also I’ve got a major road behind me with cars driving really quickly and they’re gonna get in shot. So what I can do, if I
slow down my shutter speed, the lights coming from
the cars will turn into almost like a light painting, like a stream of light behind me. I got myself a money shot. I’m happy. I’ll be able to sleep well tonight. So, the Qoocam 8K, I give it a pass for photos. Those look great. I’ll post a link to all five
photos on my Facebook page in the description, as
well as the Qoocam 8K. That’s it. Happy shooting.

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