How to Add Drama by Retouching with the Brush Tools Tutorial Lightroom 4 – PLP #37 by Serge Ramelli

hello lady’s and gentleman in this episode we make this photo from the tower bridge
in london come and join me hello lady’s and gentleman and welcome to
the episode thirty seven of my photography lightroom and photoshop tips my name is Serge Ramelli and I live in Paris, France, you know, very nice
city but i speak the english language all right last week i showed you how to retouch
this photo of this beautiful horse taken right
into the sun it’s a scene totally from gone with the wind or from the war horse
from Steven Spielberg really like drama, I love that photo check out last week episode this week I show you how to sheets and do some
very unatural stuff we’re gona take this lovely photo from
my wife she was in London a couple of weeks ago and to the Tower Bridge this is the original shot i asked her to bring this back and this
is the retouch version of it you will see there’s a lot of creative
process in that photo we try to create a sunset, we use a lot
of brushes and the filters it’s technical but it’s beautiful come and join me hello lady’s and gentleman so my wife came
back from london and she shot the Tower Bridge it’s a an amazing bridge which i have
never seen I went to London a couple of times but uh… you know I told her Bring me a
nice photo of the Tower Bridge and she’s a very nice wife so she did now unfortunately there was no sunset
that night and i want to show you how to retouch the photo to get very
creative now, just a little warning if you are if you love getting it right into the
camera and you hate post-processing and you are only buying organic products and only loving Original untouched non post process photos please stop the video now because what you’re about to see might change your viewpoint forever, i’m
kidding i’m really going to get creative here
guys i’m… you know it’s already a nice photos taken you know, originally but I am gonna
paint over it i’m gonna show you the power of lightroom 4 so, i hope you’re well seated let’s get
started we’re going to the developement and we
start off like I usually do I open up the shadows this is basically gonna open up this is gonna do what? this is going
to brighten up all the shadows and then I’m gonna get the highlights to come down okay uh… here we have a histogram the
whole idear of this histogram is to get all the information to get from here to
here like to have a nice montain and for this Lady’s and gentlemen we’re gonna take the
whites lighter and bring it to the right check out
what’s happening with the histogram it goes to the right so now we have set what we call the
white point and now we’re gonna do the opposite with the
black point okay we’re gonna… i’m pressing the option
key that’s why the screen is totally white and it goes you know we see only
the black uh… pixels what you see here is pixels
which are one hundred pixels dark okay, so now we already have a better contrast but that’s not all i want to give a special tone very
dramatic tone to this photo and for this I’m gonna lower the exposure a little
bit because i really want to give it like a
night look but something i don’t like about the
colors is that you know , it’s very blue and uh… it just lakes some contrast
you know it’s like all you have is blue you know and it’s kind of nice but not very uh… i’m gonna boost a bit of clarity
cause that’s what I usually do and you know we do all the other stuff
you know enable profils correction maybe you know we move chromatic
aberration okay, next I’m gonna re-crop the photo I’m gonna use a crop tool by clicking here okay and uh… i’m going to make sure my
tower is very straight and i’m going to make… give it a little more and “movie like” more panoramic type of feeling
something like that okay and now it’s time for the show this is just a busy process and let me just lower the exposure even
more yeah maybe not that much so we gonna dodge and burn i could do this
in Photoshop but many people don’t have Photoshop that’s why I try to do
everything you know in Lightroom, Lightromm is a very
cheap software compared to Photoshop and it’s AMAZING ! so uh… just a little note before
lightroom I used to do, you know I have been a hundred percent time in Photoshop since Lightroom 4… ninety five percent Lightroom five
percent Photoshop and i’ll show you how and why so first I’m gonna take the brush and make
sure that the brush is uh… everything down to zero, if it’s not press the option key and click on reset and let’s be a painter uh… i want to bring, you know
citylights spot here you know like if there was a citylight, so for this I’m gonna bring up the exposure i’m gonna get to the temperature around fifty and then paint around fifty why? because you know… lights are usually yellow okay i’m going to get the flow uh… and the density flow and density one hundred percent i make a small circle with my wheel mouse just here, just make a little spot maybe brighten up this a little bit
more okay maybe not that yellow, something like that okay and now i’m gonna create a new
brush it has the same settings almost but this time instead of having the flow
at one hundred and the density at one hundrer i’m gonna go but, halfway and I am gonna make my circle bigger and i’m
gonna make a big circle what this is going to do, is going to
brush but it’s going to brush in a… okay maybe add a bit of life here it’s gonna make a more feather, you
know instead of having just like you have one spot and it makes just the light go a bit further arround on a gradient you know, on a nice
little gradient okay maybe uh… brighten up a bit the exposure a bit less colors you know here so that’s one thing next i want to add some uh… some
lights here on the floor ground just to make it a bit
more interesting but very subtle so I’m gonna create a new brush get this down to zero this down to zero maybe a bit of exposure i’m gonna keep the flow and the density around
halfway and i’m gonna just brush here just a
little bit. okay nothing is happening so i’m gonna get a bit more exposure yes a bit more here I just want to complexify you know, a little bit what’s happening here the reason why do that… okay so that’s very little right that’s not much I’m gonna create a new brush, this time I’m gonna get the flow and density that’s the whole
trick you have to play with flow and density and uh… Get the exposure a bit more and i’m just gonna make ( click ) yeah something like this and something like that just to make it a bit more interesting,
something’s going on ! it gets the texture a bit going you know so that’s one thing that’s for the floor ground
so now for the background i want to create a false sunset yes you’ve heard i admit i am gonna cheat, I’m gonna create a false sunset I admit okay for this i have a brush I’m gonna create a new brush i’m gonna get the exposure normal i don’t touch the exposure i’m gonna
get the tint around fifty fifty three and forty eight like before basically warm i’m going to make the flow like lower then fifty percent flow and density lower feather one
hundred I make a big circle and i’m just gonna yes something like this and i’m just gonna make
this a bit warmer all this, okay if nothing’s happening which is the case
here that’s just because the flow and densities
are just too low, so let’s go this way. okay let’s try again, it has to… the whole idea is to make it a bit
warmer not so much but a bit warmer okay it’s still not enough so i’m gonna
get the density to go up a little bit okay and let’s do one more time one more time okay it’s a bit better Yeah ! that’s about it you know, it’s just a bit
warmer than the blue sky ok, now let’s make a new brush let’s keep the same settings but let’s make the flow and the density a bit bigger and let’s
make the brush smaller okay I want more done here and on here okay the whole idea also is to warm up the
top of the tower the tower must be warmed up okay so now you’ve got a contrast
between the blue sky and a bit of red here it’s completely false but believe me not much people is gonna see that uh… at least per my experience okay you know we’re just getting creative here you know I’m sorry if I’m justifying all
the time but i get so much hammered sometimes because you know it’s not good, you know, it should have
been right in the first place in the camera, you know, you will go to jail you know, these things happens so okay so now i want to make this photo a little bit
more dramatic and for this I’m gonna show you a nice trick I want the clouds to be more dramatic so i’m gonna create a filter and in the
filter make sure everything is down to zero with the reset key and um… boost the clarity and just go like this okay i make one he uh… one filter and all it does, it boost the clarity and maybe
gonna lower a bit the exposure okay and i’m gonna make another one here same thing boost the clarity and make the exposure a bit darker and now
check it out: before… after see how it get’s the clouds just to be a little more dramatic and you know how much i love drama ! okay so that’s kind of nice now i think i’m gonna go even lower on the
exposure i want this to be dramatical uh… no, maybe not maybe not a good idear always try things around i’m gonna go
for sure post-crop vignetting make a nice vignette around it, you know and makes this very very dramatic and i think uh… i’m gonna add a bit of vibrance to make the whole thing pop a bit more
I love saturated photos! you know that by now and if you don’t like saturated photos
well that’s my taste! no… if you don’t like it you can just, you
know get the saturation, the vibrance to go the all way down, now you got like almost, non colorful photo. I just like it this side of life, you know, not that side of life
of life least but that’s not all I think i’m gonna
add a bit more contrast an overall contrast I just really want the whole thing to pop
you know uh… okay that’s kind of cool and then one thing you can do also is then
twist the colors, you can go into: ” hue saturation and luminance” and let’s go to “hue” and in “hue” sometime I like to check around, I usually like to take the warm colors here go a bit less, see what happens. ok it makes
the whole thing a bit reder maybe to the right makes the thing a bit more… less red could be interesting: orange Oh no, it goes too much red and this way it goes too much… Oh! it could be interesting maybe a bit
that way and yellow let’s go this way or that way you know you just check it up see what you like uh… okay and then if you want to see, okay what did I do?
then you just go here “before” and “after” well I didn’t do much, I really didn’t do much no sorry it’s this one: “before” okay “before” and “after” it’s not so much, okay let’s see if we get this Hue going… it basically makes the whole thing a
bit less saturated but you know you can just click around
I’m gonna make this just a bit redder you know, I think I like that, to make it even more contrasty, you know minus eight on the red, you know, minus
four on orange okay before after uh… you probably cant not see it in the video, it’s realy little retouch. let me exaggerated for you, if I go red like this :(click) this is gonna get really read you know which is not necessarily what i want but you know try this at home I don’t know if you can see it on the video but you know it’s a subtle change okay and uh… that’s basically it let me show you the before uh… now i went maybe a bit too
fast so if this is the first time you see one of my tutorials check a couple of lightroom tutorials you know, this is episode number : thirty-seven I believe so, you know, you have a lot of other
examples you will get used to see my work flow but you know i always have this idear that I have alwaysthe same viewer all the time so, i’m addressing to them okay so let me show you the before uh… the before photo, let me press “Y” in the development module if I press “Y” I should be able to show you the before
photo compared to the after. that’s the before that’s the before photo that’s the after photo you see how we have a… not only contrast you know in the lights and darks but
contrast in the colors and you can go on and on and on and on
and you know just really go more you dodge and burn more you paint on
your photo more it’s gonna be your own Creation you know i would actually try to, you know, maybe do something more
of dudge and burn real fast here press the Commun “alt” key and click here for resetting okay i’m just gonna bring up the
exposure and I just want to brighten up this and brighten up that part of this and that you know when you
go by circle you know it get some more complex lightning but i think it’s interesting maybe to brighten up a bit the trees here you know and uh… one right here and on the bridge yeah something like that that’s gonna
make a more interesting photo so really use these brushes and these filters, it can really make a photo pop! I’ll show you again the “before” and “after” that’s the “before” and that’s the “after” quite a change before/after okay before we finish i want to show you one of my website if you click here on the appstore this is
where you get all my training if you like these type of tutorials and that you really want to get more in depts now people have been asking me to get
more uh… more information of what each training does and i’ve done that, for example you can now click
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got three packages on the top one is all Lightroom 4 traning, twenty one
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training okay folks thank you for following
I advise you and i thanks you if you have the time to purchase my full training it
helps me financed the free versions of this
podcast, in the payed training I really go into more details and i give you all the RAW files so you will learn even more thank you very
much guys and let’s get back to the studio okay i hope you like that tutorial I
love doing this type of retouching lightroom even so it’s pretty unnatural i
love it because i think it’s creative really it is and it makes sometimes awesome
pictures ok if you like this video i ask you just one little favor please like it and leave a little comment, it
helps to get this video well index on youtube and make this
podcast known all ask you is one little click a
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maximum people so thank you very much for being there
guy’s and i will see you next week as we say in france bye-bye

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