How to Buy a DSLR Camera Under $500 | Buying Guide

– Hey everybody. This is Roberto Blake of helping you create
something awesome today. So today, we’re going to talk about buying a DSLR camera for under $500. There’s so many of you who are out there and you want to get into DSLR video, whether you want to be an Indie filmmaker, whether you want to make
YouTube videos like this one, you need to find a budget DSLR camera and you don’t know what to do. This video is going to
actually help you with that. Even if you’re a photographer, or an aspiring photographer
that needs a budget camera, I’m going to give you some
practical advice on how to buy something affordable in you budget, as far as a camera body, and that will give you a lot
more money to invest in glass. So we’ll talk about this
both from the perspective of a photographer and somebody
who is shooting video. If you are shooting DSLR video, you can actually get by without having to invest a lot in the glass. So that give you a little
bit more flexibility on the capabilities for your camera body. If you’re shooting video, you might actually have to
worry about certain specs, like whether or not it can shoot 60 frames per second in 1080p, which would need, for action shots, you’ll be able to do things
like speed up and slow mo. If you plan to shoot music videos, if you plan to shoot documentaries, this kind of thing can actually matter. So the camera body
might be very important. But if you’re shooting photography, you don’t have to worry
about those specs as much. Megapixels don’t really matter unless you’re in situations where you feel you would need to crop in. So buying the most expensive
camera body you can, isn’t going to really help you there. You might want to pay
attention to the ISO range, if you’re shooting in
low light situations. But again, really good
glass could help you get the most out of that
regardless of the camera body. So that’s kind of how we’re going to prep this thing in this video. So let’s start with photographers, if you’re a first-time photographer, or you’re even experienced
but you’re moving to a DSLR camera for the first
time for whatever reason, then I’m going recommend that
if you have a budget of $500, you get something like
the Canon Rebel T5i, or you get something like the Nikon D3300, or the even the D32, D31 if
you want to save a lot of money and go higher on your
glass out of your budget. I’m kind of making the assumption that you have a thousand
dollars or less overall and so I’m trying to
save you as much money on the camera body as possible. If you get the older Nikon camera bodies, that still have the
compatibility for the lenses and so on and so forth, something modern, something
with a decent ISO range, you’ll be fine because you’re
going to find a lot of these bodies under $300. You’re going to find
kits for them under $500. And sometimes you can get a kit for $500 that will have the 18-55 and the 50-200 as far as lenses. So that would give you a really great amount of coverage for your photography or even if you want to expand into video. So that’s something to think about. For $500, you can have
everything you need as a beginner to at least start learning. Now if you really want good glass, you can go ahead and
spend less on the body, you can get them for maybe about $300, and if you have a $1000 in your budget, you got $700 for glass now. What I would do with that
is I would get a 50mm lens and I would look into
getting a third party lens from someone like Sigma, and I would get the 17-50mm F2.8 lens. This is going to be great for shooting in low light situations. You’re going to have a fixed aperture so that you don’t have to worry about changing your shutter speeds and messing up your
exposure as a photographer. This is going to be great for you. It’s also going to be great if you decide to shoot DSLR video. Obviously, there are
comparable models from Canon. You can go ahead and get
something like the Rebel T5i. The Canon bodies are going to
be a little bit more expensive than the Nikon bodies, even if you get the older ones. Same thing for the glass. So just keep that in mind. I would say that if you’re
prioritizing photography, then Nikon might be a
comfortable fit for you, if you’re prioritizing DLSR video, you might be more comfortable with Canon. Both work perfectly fine regardless of which one you’re doing. That’s just a preference that
I’ve noticed among people who do either or. As someone who does both, I have no problem with both camera bodies, as far as brands go. Both have performed admirably in every situation that I’ve used them in. Also, if you want to get another brand, I could recommend Olympus very easily, as well as Pentax. You don’t necessarily
have to go Canon or Nikon, but if you’re doing commercial work, there might be some benefits
to going that route. Now for those who are shooting DSLR video, some of the technical
specs are going to matter a lot more to you than they
might to a photographer. For example, knowing whether or not you have an audio input
jack to be able to get clear audio through a microphone, whether that’s a boom or a shotgun mic, or a lapel mic. That could be very important, especially if you’re
shooting YouTube videos, or documentaries, or if you’re doing Indie film making. The in-camera audio is
going to be terrible. So you want to be able to
use an external audio source. Being able to plug a microphone
directly into the camera means you won’t have to
edit so much and post. If that’s what you’re looking for, the minimum as far as a Nikon, you have to get the D3200. The 3100 and below do not
have an audio input jack so that’s what you’re going to want to do. If you need a flip-out
screen for a DSLR camera, then you’ll want to go with
the Nikon D5200 and higher. The new Nikon D5500, which I thought about
upgrading to for this channel, is tremendous. It has touchscreen, it
has a flip-out screen, and it have the audio input jack. So that’s going to be very helpful to you if you’re primarily focused on video. That camera body is a
little bit more expensive than what we’ve been talking about. But if you get it refurbished, even though it’s practically brand new, you can get it for around $500. I will have links to the
best deals for DSLR cameras, whether it be for photography or video that are under $500, in the description below. So make sure you’re
checking out those links because that will help you out and it would help me out since those are my Amazon affiliate links. So my final thoughts on buying a budget DSLR camera under $500
is really think about how you’re going to be using the camera. Think about what you really need from it. Is it primarily going to be
photography, or video, or both? Because that’s going to
inform your buying decision. Also think about what the
investment needs to be in glass. If you’re shooting video, you don’t have to spend
nearly as much money in glass in a lot of situations. I would recommend having the kit lens and a 35mm or 50mm lens at f1.8. As much as people talk about
how important glass is, for video is a lot less
than you might think, I have been shooting these
videos with the kit lens in most cases. So you can see the quality for yourself. It’s a matter of really
understanding your camera and what the settings are capable of. Anyway, that’s it for this video. If you still have questions, leave those in the comment section. I’ll try and answer as
many of them as I can. Anyway, like this video if you like it. Don’t forget to subscribe. Check out the other awesome
content on the channel. As always, thanks so
very much for watching and don’t forget, create something awesome today. Preferably, with your new camera.

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  1. For people who want an all around prime and sharp lens. I would get the 35mm 1.8 vs the 50mm 1.8 since you have to consider the x 1.5 crop factor for the DX sensors (D3000's, D5000's D70000's). I used to have the D3300 with the 35mm and is a great budget starter camera but upgraded to D7100 so I could use the older lenses for the Nikon's which are better built (Japan). This will give me more options and save money in the long run. I still have the 35mm and is always my go to lens for all around photography.

  2. You only shoot one style of video. What happen if you want to do b roll and other shoot that are your style of shooting.

  3. I purchased the Canon Rebel T5i about a year ago. It was my first DSLR. It takes very good photos. I mainly use it for astrophotography and filming the moon.

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  6. btw, and awesome Photographer who has gone on to Glory, God rest her soul, said the same thing about the best camera for photography would be Nikon. I'm now saving for a Nikon for Photography and video recording. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Thanks for the Recommendations! I've decided on getting the Nikon D5200 for my first camera. I'll use your link when I'm ready to buy, but first I'm going to take a few weeks to educate myself more on photography and Lightroom.

  8. This was right on time. I was going to purchase a new camera last week, but I didn't have anyone to help me out n that department. So I got a new PC instead. This was helpful as I will be getting my camera within the next 2 weeks.

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    Go back
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    what should i do

  10. Evolt 420 – Olympus Four thirds is a discontinued dead system (it's different than Micro Four thirds). There's tons of micro four thirds bodies in that price range however.

  11. Thank you, I have been looking at some camera's and found some through They some kits like you were talking about for around $599 which includes lens, body, and filters. What do think?

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  13. Yo Roberto. Big fan of the channel. Question for you. I found a good deal on a T5i on eBay but it has a high shutter count. Should this affect my decision on purchasing it if I'm only gonna be using the dlsr for video?

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  15. quick question, in Canada I can get a d3200 for around 250$ and the d3100 for 200 with the d5500 and d3300 for 400, all with lens kits, and the rebel series all over 450, except for eos1100d/t3 for 200.
    what should I get, I want a DSLR for a beginner, used for vlogging and utube videos. with a low budget of 350. what should I do? thx

  16. Which one do you suggest "D3300 or D5200" for a beginner?
    Which one is better considering supported lenses etc.?

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  18. Hi I have a lot of questions to ask. First of all I can't decide should I buy Cannon or Nikon. I use 45%videos and 55% pictures. If it is about canon I can't decide T5 or T5i I just check on Amazon and both almost have the same prices but the T5 come with a lot of accessories. And move to Nikon I know nothing about it. I am just started to find a suitable DSLR,it's my first time.Please help. Love your video. Thumb up.

  19. Thanks, very helpful. I'm planning on using my camera mostly for yt videos in a talk style like you're doing in this video. I also plan to do beauty tutorials. I do have low light in one of my key filming areas but I have artificial lighting which helps alot. I'm leaning towards the Canon t5i but I'm still researching. Also I have seen some really good videos with the Canon Powershot sx 40 12.1. Do you have an opinion on that camera? Tfs, God bless.

  20. Roberto -I'm your basic novice interested in learning about buying a DSLR camera for purposes of taking pictures…not so much videos… I'm hearing the word "glass" kicked around allot by the pros such as yourself… Is the term glass a pro word for lenses? Also, I have an old Canon AE1 camera plus a few extra lenses, can I use these lenses on a new DSLR camera?

  21. Canon lenses are often much less expensive, have a bigger 3rd party market, and a lot of the time, are better (less focus breathing, for example).

  22. Great video! This video should be used as an example for others on YouTube. Good solid content. Most Tubers who talk at your rate of speed are not understandable, either due to their accent, or lack of intonation. Bravo!

  23. Thank you, very helpful content without excess wording! You have no idea how much that is appreciated. You were meant to do this, keep up the good work!

  24. Hi, dude!

    I've got an interesting question, but I hope, you can answer it for me!

    So actually I've got some stuff now, but I would like to do some upgrade.
    What I have, is a Nikon D5100 with an ordinary 18-55mm f3.5 lens, and a spare 50mm f1.8, but I'm not too happy with these. Once, the 50mm it's just too close, so I'm thinking about a 35mm-one, to do some flat indoors shots. The 18-55 is… you know 😀
    And I not really find the auto focus so great on this.

    I actually like Nikon, but I'm not based on it. I spend about 500usd for the gear, and I'm thinking to sell it, and take another like 2-300$ in it, to get hopefully much better configuration. I would like to use my kit for indoor, and outdoor movies, and also for modelling pictures as well.

    So what do you recommend? Keep this "old" D5100, and buy some new lenses, or sell the machine, and it's lenses as well, and try something new out from ~6-700$? (Maybe a Canon?)
    What I want for sure, is a 35mm f1.8, and maybe a zoom lens… aaand do some in, and outdoor shots in low lights as well.

    Thanks for the answer: Pete

  25. Roberto I like your channel very much.I need to ask you a question I want to get into photography can you tell me that the new Sony camera the Sony cyber shot Hx 350 will it be good for me.

  26. I'm currently going to school for Video Production, and need a budget camera that takes great video, and allows me to take photos of lightning, and do astrophotography. Do you have any suggestions?

  27. Super informative. Thanks so much! You also seem like a really nice and genuine person, which is really rare on YouTube nowadays. I like that you also offer more than the mainstream options that everyone has already talked about. Definitely subscribing.

  28. I want to buy a DSLR, can I hav different body with different lense? is it totally fine

  29. I had a budget of 500$ . I found a deal for a brand new nikon D3300 with 18-55 AF-P kit lens for $299. Also i bought a 35mm f1.8g DX lens for $199. Also i ended up spending another $50 for a micro SD card, a thick sturdy case , and a cheap tripod . Planning to invest another $80 for a rode videomicro and a flexible tripod so i an have the vlogging capability. Nice video overal pacience is the key when you are on a tight budget!

  30. Hi,
    I am going to be shooting photography, mainly concerts and other events. I have a budget of £500 (I think that's like $450). I know you said the Canon t3i or Nikon d3300, if you had to choose which would you suggest? Thank you!!!

  31. Digging that SAO wallpaper. Also, are your recommendations different now, than they were when this video was uploaded, if so, I'd greatly appreciate links to the one's you recommend now (Mainly for photography, over video)

  32. I have a D5300 and most of the time I shoot with a stock lens, I have a really tough time with the Autofocus because it makes that super annoying sound and is very indecisive on what it focuses on. Do you have any advice on how to make this smoother?

    I've been mainly putting it on manual and standing still in front of the camera. 🙁

  33. I know this video is relatively old, but I came across a bundle kit on amazon that im trying to determine would be worth getting as someone that is just getting into photography. It comes with the Canon EOS Rebel T6, EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS II Lens, Ef 75-300mm f/4-5.6 III Lens, 64 GB memory card, cleaning material, and what looks to be several filters. All for $549.

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