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  1. You are fantastic at your explanation. Thank you so much. I am just getting started with this program and have never used Photoshop for anything else. Thank YOU!!! 🙂

  2. good job on your tutorial, I do have a question. I am in the middle of trying a sample photo, and during the adjustment of color, I can't seem to locate the apply button. I don't know if I clicked on something and now it is hidden? Help please…thanks

  3. for some reason when I select the image in a PNG picture, and select the HSL tool, it does nothing – what am I missing – the sliders do not change the color – should I download Affinity again?

  4. Could you do a tutorial about matching colour and light to composite images, and maybe one on how to make people look a bit like a painting.

  5. hey, how can we apply adjustment setting like hue, saturation, brightness and contrast just to a particular selected layer when you have more than one layers. i tried to adjust brightness and contrast but it applies to all layers. can you help ??

  6. When you say command, I do not have that as an option on the PC version, do you know which button does the equivalent thing?
    Thank you, it was a very informative video  🙂

  7. I have both AKVIS Coloriage and a trial version of Codijy for colouring B&W photos. It seems to me by using these programmes I'm stuck with having to alter the hue or saturation of the whole completed work. What I would like to do is to apply hue and saturation to layers in the same way this person is doing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KOHxokaTFGk

    Affinity would allow me to achieve this but I haven't the skill to create each layer and so on. Can you find time to do a vid please along these lines. It would be most appreciated.

  8. Thanks great vids… I found you channel through the round image vid… Could you do a tutorial about how to draw a spiral? That would be awesome..

  9. Hello … just subscribe…. I like your video, I have a old picture back from the 1980s …. very bad image , I would like to restore , your previous video of restore old pic couldn't help because condition of my picture is worst . Can you help me restore?

  10. Stupid question – but where is the # number for the colours? So I can easily copy and paste a colour's ID. Is this only on Photoshop?
    I'm trying to do a gradient from red to a slightly bluer red, but the colour tab shows only RGB sliders. How would I go about having red as one colour, then a slightly bluer red as the secondary, then perform a linear gradient between them?

  11. nice, i am just a bit picky on refining the selection, it is a bit rough,i need to improve that skill

  12. question: sometime i click on the bracket while having the brush selected and it is not changing the sign 🙁 sometimes it does it sometime it doesnt

  13. Your Complete Beginners Course Has explained so much about the program–Well worth the money. Thank you so much.
    Will there be any further courses to look forward to?

  14. I love the masking color tutorial – thank you. Question I have if how to change ALL the specific hues in the photo, not just in a given area. In Photo as in Photoshop I can use the HSL adjustment layer (Hue/Saturation in Photoshop). In Photoshop I can pick from 6 colors but I can extend or restrict the color range, or use the eyedropper tool to pick the correct starting point. In Photo, I can only manipulate the six set colors, and no eyedropper tool and seemingly no ability to extent/restrict the range. What I can do in Photo is select Select Sampled Color and then apply an HSL adjustment – but I just can't seem to fine tune as easily.

  15. I changed the color and then when I tried to move the object the change did not move…..I know that sounds weird….

  16. Quick question – im messing around changing the colour of an amanita mushroom. Im with you but id like to know how to change the stalk a different colour to that of the cap. Please advise

  17. Affinity Revolution? Dude maybe if you started charging subscriptions like Adobe you could afford a decent mic. Then your video audio wouldn't sound super amateurish. I guess that's the Affinity way though… superficially functional but on closer inspection not fit for purpose.

  18. Say I wanted to match that rose with an exact color of a different rose in a different picture. Is there any way I could get it to match that color using the color matching tool or something. I have a project I am working on and I just don't understand how. I've tried this method its just not making the color change to what I want.

  19. Hi there Ezra – I LOVE your videos and have already bought (but not finished as yet) your Beginner's Course and am finding them very very helpful and would recommend them to all beginners like myself!!

    What I would like to know is how one could change (for example) the colour BLACK in a photo to WHITE – to be more precise, it's my girlfriend who's asking me to change her bikini in a great picture of her from black to white – well, you know how ladies are – LOL!

    What I canNOT see with the HSL adjustment is how to "find" white (although it does give me many other colours).

    I'm more than sure that perhaps I'm trying to "walk before I can run" and should finish your course first but, if there's an easy way to do this (now!!), I would welcome your comments.

    Many many thanks for all your efforts in your great course and I look forward to reading your reply when you can.

    Raymond (a new Affinity Photo TOTAL fan!!).

  20. Fantastic video.. Can you make a video of setting up a Wacom tablet with affinity photo?? Peace out from music and video lover New Zealand 🇳🇿

  21. This is a great tutorial, nicely paced to make it easy to follow and understand. I've just got further with Affinity than ever before. Loving these. Thank you very much

  22. Again you just helped me in my job. I am short on money right now but I plan to go to your site and subscribe to your teachings. You are great Ezra! Keep up the good work!

  23. I decided I wanted a Yellow Rose. I cannot do this with your technique. So I desaturated the Selection, set HSL to Color, Closed HSL, then added a Pixel Layer, then I chose Yellow as my Brush color, and painted the Rose, then chose Overlay. Yellow Rose! Why doesn't HSL make a yellow rose?

  24. If you wanted to adjust multiple parts in this photo with different effects would you just go back to the back ground layer and repeat the process with the new selection?

  25. Hey Affinity fans! I made a free course on editing photos you take from a smartphone. Check it out! https://affinity.sale/course

  26. do you know if it's possible to change an entirely black/grey scale graphic to a different color using a similar method like this?

  27. Thank you I'm a bit dumb so reley on these tutorials thank you so much it may be a little thing but its a big thing for me thank you

  28. I'm new to Affinity photo and loved the tutorial- thank you! I also watched your B&W old photo restoration tutorial but I am looking for the best workflow for restoring COLOR with a scanned old photo, do you have one?

  29. Your Tutorial is among the better ones. You take time hovering over the icon tool giving the readers to catch-up, moreover, the texts clarifies the audio.
    A possible improvement to your excellent presentation is a larger, perhaps red colored mouse pointer. I am stickler against the use of the superlative adjective "Best" or "among the best". I hope you are not offended by my idiosyncrasy.

    I will be searching for your other Tutorials. Thanks for sharing your excellent work.

  30. Can anyone explain to me why in the HSL settings I can't change the colour when I shift the Hue Shifter? I can't change the colour.

  31. Hello, I am really enjoying your informative videos. They are some of the best how-to videos I have ever watched – clear, concise and to the point. Well done!

  32. Do you have a tutorial on adding color to an old black and white photo? having trouble with teeth and eyes.

  33. Struggling to simple tasks like this in Affinity. Very illogical software> i simply want a box to change color when I click on a new color. A week of searching now and i have not been able to achieve this. Another video that didn't shed light on what should be a simple task. There must be a more simple way to achieve changing the color of a box than what i see here. The only way I can do it is to go to FX and use overlay color.

  34. Affinity is an amazing software especially that we are a student or professionals and I recommend this software to everyone. I wish the Affinity team can develop Affinity Video.

  35. Is there a "select SIMILAR color"? For instance if you wanted to select all the light green leaves at once, rather than manually selecting each leaf?

  36. Can I change a pinkish vintage photo to black and white with no hint or shadow of the woodcuts' faded foxing?

  37. how would i change the colour of the rose after i paste it onto another picture
    it always changes the colour of every layer instead of just the one i want

  38. After many many years of using Photoshop… Thanks to you I am now a full-fledged Affinity Photo believer! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your videos. You speak clearly, you mouse around slow enough to follow, and you answer any questions that might pop into one's head. I am so glad you chose to make these videos!!!

  39. Hey! Is there some tool in AP where you can "tell" AP to (automatically) select different colors in your photo and manipulate them (change their colors, in this case), all together, in the same way? Meaning that it would apply the same color changes to all the pixels it recognizes within the, say, blue color range, and whatever color change is applied to the near-same color pixels, the resulting color would also be the same?
    (I have certain photos that show a nightclub-like setting, in which there are light beams all over the photo (coming from the moving heads = lighting effects' projectors). The light beams are, of course, brighter near the source, and become somewhat weaker, in brightness and color, as they cross the area. So masking all of them, correctly would be extremely time-consuming and will prob not be done correctly (especially towards the end of the beams where the beam has dissipated and the colored-light area to be masked & recolored is not clear).
    So what i would ideally need is a tool that automatically selects colors in an image, and applies the same changes to all the similar-colored pixels of an image. 🙂 Does this exist?

  40. After I've added the black and white layer, how do I add or subtract more of my photo to the layer? I selected the object I wanted in color but after I created the layer I couldn't figure out how to add the parts that I had missed. Please help!

  41. Hi I always download the tutorials so I can watch them over and over if need be… but some of them including this one there is no sound … I have down loaded yours a few times now and some have had sound.. do you know why? love your tutorials

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