HOW TO CHASE STORMS – For Photography & Spotting

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  1. Hank, I'm a neuroscientist who gives quite a few talks per year as a consequence of my profession. I hate giving talks. It's not in my blood. That being said, as someone who has witnessed a critical mass of talks delivered across a decade or so, I have to applaud your general casual style. I personally have little luck with the casual style when delivering presentations and data to other scientists (and I do imaging, so trust me, it is very similar caliber to the data delivered for storm chasing), but I always strive to reach the right balance/tone that you deliver here, between scientific and anthropologic. You done done did it here. Cheers for the non-PhDs trying to eke-out a living among the PhDs, slowly building our expertise over the course of decades, rather than hinging it all on a supersonic 4-7-year-stint under abusive academic advisers.

  2. Oh, the joke took me two passes to get it. Really well constructed, but wow, a difficult delivery to pull off on that tapeworm.

  3. Really really awesome as always Hank. You're a legend. Also I love your speaking style, you really had the crowd over, and as usual wonderful information.

  4. you are the king of photography! the most amazing pix of lightening I think that has ever been captured. 20 plus years has really paid off. (how much are you rally getting paid for your work?)

  5. This was a great ‘course review ‘ on the ‘curriculum ‘ of your video ‘classroom ‘.
    Digestible knowledge presented in an entertaining fashion. Thanks Hank!

  6. Pecos Hank, I'm a truck driver, have been for half a year now.

    I just got into using an app called Windy, and I'm wondering. Would you know what I can look for to avoid driving where the probability of a tornado is high?

    I've gotten very interested in this after getting hit by a 43mph sandstorm in Wyoming, and it was not pretty.

  7. I would really like to be one of the students sitting there right now. Thank you for sharing this educatinal video. Keep it up. You make absolutely ashtonishing content.

  8. Thanks for posting Hank. Still waiting to see more of your videos from this years storm fest. Be safe out there. Keep these great bits of entertainment coming.

  9. Bravo! Excellent presentation! Nice Storm chasing story format, packed with information, awesome pictures and videography. Well done!

  10. What beautiful footage of that particular storm. The cloud formations are nice and clearly defined, and the lightning is just magnificent. (Nobody photographs lightning as well as you do.) The only thing missing was background music.

  11. You are the man, Hank! Love photography, and I love weather and studying it. Can't wait until I am able to get out and learn some more, and chase one day.
    I'm stuck to my house. Doesn't matter much, I live in OK.

    You're work and music is aweosme and I aspire to do the stuff you do someday. Cheers.

  12. It's great hearing you talk about something you're so passionate about. You did one hell of a job public speaking too. Thanks for the upload Hank 🙂

  13. You're my hero of photographing Mother Nature's many moods! And you're friends with Scotty Kilmer, my hero of saving me many bucks DIY mechanic-ing my own vehicles. And I'm my hero of making up words 🤪

  14. If anyone needs a reason to watch HANK at work and has to explain him or herself to the boss when caught doing so,
    … you can show this vid and yell with passion IT'S SCIENCE!!!
    And you're golden!

  15. This video is so educational and informative for taking beautiful storm pictures or videos. Great job Hank, for providing this video for most of us who can't attend your seminar. Thank you.

  16. Hank, another great video! Is that your footage in "God's Country" by Blake Shelton? About 1 minute in, then again about 2 minutes in.

  17. Pecos – please be writing a book with your cool weather images. I'd buy it. And find a way to include that video you made about the moon…I can't remember the name right now but I love that video. I'm going to go watch it after I finish typing this message. And find a way to talk stuff in your book…hey, maybe you should just make a Blu-ray movie! I'd buy that. Just make something.

  18. Hank you’re everywhere! Congratulations!
    Thanks for the upload!!!

    And hahaha those opening stories! 😭😂😭😂😭😂 classic!

  19. Hank bro- you're a star man. How are you not all over television? I bet you could make a kickass storm chasing show. You know how to speak, you know how to chase, and you know how to entertain. Its right there man

  20. I once made the grave mistake of trying to pacify a very agitated fellow passenger on a flight from Mumbai to Kathmandu during monsoon, I said as soon as we take off it will be very smooth and you won't even notice we're flying, and 10 minutes later has he started to relax, we hit major turbulence like a mid air roller coaster and I looked at him and said "you know you can't predict monsoons" lol.

  21. I usually don't like lectures or presentations but I just could not turn away from this one. Very informative and captivating. You've graced us once again with your knowledge and awesome video footage Mr. Pecos Hank 🙂

  22. There's nothing like listening to someone enthuse about something that they are passionate about, but this is also about an amazing subject. The images are out of this world to me. I've seen some lightening before, but nothing like that. Nature is so beautiful and I thoroughly enjoyed the fascinating talk. Thank you.

  23. I have a question! Have you ever seen the movie twister? If so how accurate was it based on real life facts? I’m new to your channel and find this so fascinating to watch! Your videos are the best by a wide margin!

  24. Because the acoustics aren't great in this video, I put the closed captioning on. So according to the subtitles, this video is for "burrito aficionados" and "it's probably tomatoes that got us out of bed at 2am".

  25. "And please guys, don't do this at home…"
    Me: yeah, so likely you're gonna catch a tornado at home 😀
    "… you're gonna have to wait a long long time"

    Did the audience even get it?

  26. great fan of all your videos especially the lightening ones, i’m hearing impaired and wear hearing aids this is the only video i cant watch because the audio is so bad

  27. My 6 year old son, Ashton, loves tornadoes and we happened to find your videos one day. Now, he watches them each morning before school and then draws what he remembers later on that day. Your videos are so informative and entertaining! Just wanted to share that with you 🙂

  28. I love your shots pecos hank you inspire me to get awesome shots like your’s I have one of your shots as my desktop screen saver it the one with the house and the bubble clouds with lighting my favourite shot from you.

  29. Hey Hank thank you for taking all of us along with you on this awesome journey that your living man …. your channel has shown us so much of the things that most will never observe in entire life time.

  30. You have a new fan. I have been a big fan of your channel for years. My wife hates my storm chaser videos, including yours. Last week I tried to get her to watch your AZ video. No go. She is a snake and bug person. I showed her this video. After watching this vid, she is a huge fan. She even watched the AZ vid and loved it. Keep up the great work.

  31. Oh boy, a storm chaser YouTuber is lecturing at the local SkyWarn training class! Congrats man! Hence more reasons to watch Pecos Hank than Reed Timmer lol

  32. kind of ironic how you chose to do a how to right after I started following you thinking you were different than all the rest but I guess I was wrong,. yuck. you went all kindergarten TEDx

  33. Wow! This is fantastically interesting. I love your videos because they are beautifully shot and informative. You would make a great university lecturer.

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