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Choosing a digital camera can be tough, because
there are so many models to choose from, but the bottom line is you want a camera that
you’re going to use. There are many things to consider when you’re
picking out a camera, but the first question to ask yourself is “What do I want a camera
to do?” And these days, megapixels aren’t as important
as they used to be, because all cameras will have enough to get the job done. Now let’s take a look at some different types
of cameras. Ultra-slim cameras are designed to be extremely
portable. They fit easily in a small purse, or even
in a jeans’ pocket. And they’re great for traveling light, like
when you’re walking around town. They’re really easy to use and they’re going
to give you consistent results every time. They’re mostly automatic in operation, so
you just point and shoot. And they’re going to give you much higher
image quality than you’d get from the camera that’s built into your cell phone. Advanced point and shoot cameras like this
one are for avid photographers because they offer manual controls. And they’re great as a second camera for DSLR
shooters, to keep stashed in your bag or your pocket as a spare just to have handy. And they’re great for people who really want
to take control of their cameras, because they offer lots of manual controls. Cameras like this waterproof camera are built
for harsh conditions, so they’re great if you’re active in the outdoors. It’s not going to be a big deal if it rains
and many of them are also shock resistant so if you drop it, or if it knocks around
in your pack, it’s not going to be a big problem. With a camera like this, you don’t have to
worry about it and you still have the capability to take great pictures and, some models, even
high definition video. High-zoom cameras have built in lenses that
cover a wide range of focal lengths. Generally they have an optical zoom that’s
at least 10 times the widest setting. This model I have here actually zooms 30 times
as much. It’s like having a telescope with a camera
attached to it. Many of them, like this one, look a lot like
SLR cameras, but they have a fixed lens instead of interchangeable lenses. Vacationers especially love these because
they can capture a wide vista and then zoom in on distant details without changing their
position. Good if you’re part of a tour group or on
a cruise ship and it’s not convenient to move around. Hybrid cameras are smaller than a DSLR, but
they have a large sensor for outstanding image quality. They’re quicker and more responsive than point-and-shoot
cameras, and they also have far better low light performance than you get from a point-and-shoot. They have interchangeable lenses, that give
you more control over your shots. you can change lenses to get different effects. They’re great if you’re serious about photography,
but you don’t want to haul around a bulkier DSLR rig. And they are absolutely wonderful for travelers
who want to pack light, but demand high quality images. In my experience, digital SLR cameras take
the best pictures of any of the digital cameras out there. And I think that’s thanks in part to the large
image sensors that are built into the body. They also have big, bright optical viewfinders
that give you a lot more control over the composition of your shot. I really like how snappy they are to shoot
with. You push the shutter button and, pow, you’ve
got your picture. They give you great performance in low light
and overall, they’re exceptional at shooting things that are on the move. I think SLRs are a good choice for any parents
who are often shooting things that are on the move. And also wildlife photographers and anybody
who needs to take shots in low light. Remember that all cameras will take pretty
good pictures in daylight, but if you’re going to take a lot of photos in low light, you
should look for a hybrid or SLR camera. You’ll get more pictures of your friends,
family and loved ones if you really like the camera you have. The best camera is the one that you’re going
to want to bring with you. And when you buy a camera from Crutchfield,
we’ll be there to help you when you have questions as long as you own it. So you can send us an email, chat with us
online, or just call Crutchfield.

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