Hey guys, Ryan here at Signature Edits
and today I’m going to show you how to add a matte effect to any image inside
of Lightroom. It’s quick, it’s simple, let’s do it. Alright so here I have the
tone curve that is where our matte effect is going to come from, and on my left I
have the world’s cutest puppy. Make sure to give me a thumbs up if you think this
puppy is the cutest puppy you have ever seen. Alright that out of the way, to make
our matte effect we’re going to open the tone curve. If yours doesn’t look the
same as mine just hit this little dot down in the bottom right. And we’re going
to add one point by clicking here – about three-quarters down – and then see this
little dot in the very very bottom left? We’re going to double click that. BAM you
can see that’s a straight line now. What that’s doing is clipping everything
below this little dot, so all of the blacks which are signified down here in
the tone curve are now dark gray, and that’s what a fade is – that’s what a
matte effect does: it makes the blacks gray. So we can set our matte effect
wherever we like it. Let’s say that I like mine right around there, and I’ll
darken down my image a little bit. And I can even save this as a custom matte. So
I can go in here, hit “save” and go “Ryan’s matte” BAM. Now I have that saved as a
preset. I can go over to my next photo here, I can go over to point curve and
just select “Ryan’s Matt” and bam that preset has been recalled. I can also edit
it by pulling it up and down this line to vary the intensity of the effect go
over to one last photo here and we’re going to go down ryan’s matte perfect
that’s looking pretty good so that is how to add a matte effect to
your images inside of Lightroom it’s quick it’s simple and it’s an easy way
to make your images more filmic and organic hey if you want to understand
this tone curve in depth make sure to check out our full-length video I will
link to it in the card link above and if this video was helpful for you or you
just thought these puppies were too cute to handle please hit that like button
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