How to create Lightroom presets for e-commerce

I’m going to show you a very nice little
trick for Lightroom and that is how to use a preset, make changes to that
preset and update it and then apply that preset across a number of images. So I
have my selection of shots that I’ve done here of this particular shoe and if
I pop in here you can see in my develop module over here it’s looking a little
bit too bright and we have the problem of our turntable in here. So this is our
raw file and it hasn’t kept my dimensions that I originally shot it in
so first thing I’m going to do is I’m going to apply a crop. Now I want this
crop to be consistent across all the images. So first of all I’m going to
apply the original crop which was a 5:4 like this and now you can see we have a
nicely proportioned shot and it’s all looking great for this
particular framing. I’m just going to drop my
exposure down a little bit. Over here these
are my Develop sliders. and I’m going to just drop down the
exposure a tiny bit and then I’m gonna work on my highlight so I’m going to
bring back on my highlights just so I can see the difference here between the
background and the shoe. I’m gonna also play with my shadows a tiny bit just
bring out a little bit more depth in the shadows. Again my whites – I’m gonna be very
careful and just slide these whites around. I can switch on some highlight
warning tools here and I can see there’s nothing too distressing in this image
right now but if I were to play with my whites a bit too much you can see then
I’m really over exposing my image and that’s not a good look so I’m just gonna
slide that back to where we had it roughly around there and again just make
sure my blacks are good. So I’m very happy now
with the way that’s looking. I could add also a touch
more color into it so some saturation in this case and a bit
of vibrancy, so now I can really see the blues popping out in that shoe. So this is the look that I now want to apply to all of the other shots here in
my roll. You can see they all need a bit of help so this is the preset that I
want to apply so I’m gonna go over here to my presets panel and I’m gonna just
hit the plus sign and I’m gonna say create preset when I have that preset I
can just give it a name so in this case “Sneakers” so this is the preset that I’ll
use for all my sneakers from now on and what I can do here is I can just go
through all of the develop settings and I can tick on and off the ones that I
want to use in this preset so maybe white balance is not one of the ones
that I want to use so depending on the white balance that the shots come in as
I may want to preserve that, so in this case I’m going to untick white balance
and then hit create and that is now my preset that I can now quickly and easily
apply to all shots so if I go into this one for instance now and I go ahead and
click sneakers, it’s going to apply those same settings to that sneaker as well. And then I can grab a bunch of shots like this and then use the sync feature
over here which is the same thing – I’ve got my saved settings, but it’s actually
going to apply a few more settings on top when I hit sync,
including this crop here so if I want to keep that crop
consistent then I can make sure that crop is ticked, hit synchronize and now
all of those shots are going to have that same preset applied including the
crop so now I’m really happy with the way their shots look so if I wanted to
make a small tweak, let me just show you that if I then drop my exposure down a
touch more – suppose I want a little bit more tone in there I can then go to my
sneakers setting and I can control click and say update with current settings so
what that’s going to do is it’s going to apply everything that I’ve
changed over and above what was saved in that preset and it’s going to update it
with those new settings. So now when I go back I can then again select the bits
that I want to to effect so all the little settings in the develop module
and say Update, and now I have a brand-new updated preset with my nice
new exposure setting. So the presets that come
with Lightroom are here on the side and they are
the top ones, but what I want to do here is look under User Presets so
these are ones that we can make ourselves so we have a number of
different presets and if you float over them you can see their effect on the
actual shots so you can add get a preview of what they’re going to look
like and if we go to our sneakers one you can see that’s the setting
that we had before. So all your presets are stored here in
this side panel in the develop module

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