How to Design Portrait Photo Effects | Photo Editing 2019 | Photoshop Manipulation Tutorial

Hello every one , Today’s tutorial is portrait photo editing or photomanipulation in Photoshop not only photo editing, you also learn Quick Selection tool, Refine Edges and -Image Placement this the final output for this tutorials you need these png images all the link given below description. OK Let’s Start First, Creating New Page Go to File>New Ctrl + N is shortcut for creating New Page In Page Size we create 1000 px width & 1000 px Height with 300 Resolution. Square Size Page is best for Set All Social Media Profile Pic or Post we got New Page with white Color we design Background First on Keyboard press Ctrl + 0 for page fit on screen Unlock the Background Below the layer panel click on blending option Click on Gradient overlay on Style change the liner to redial change the dark color to light grey then change the white to dark grey finally click OK Next, we will add the before shown Line art png image here we using place linked method to import image on project. these method will import image as smart object smart object is best for get images without loss its original quality when it transform to large or small then we will change the layer blend mode to “Soft Light” reduce the opacity to 50% open or place a photo you’d like to use for this project i downloaded this one from shutter stock use your own image use quick selection tool (Q) use left and right square bracket for reduce or enlarge brush size my suggest is when you use the quick selection tool always take low brush size it will accurate correct selection. ok then you go to refine edge. go to select Click on refine edge (Alt + Ctrl + R) if you’re using latest version of CC Refined Edges replaced as “Select & Mask” (Alt + Ctrl + R) adjust the radius and edges about your picture follow my steps to get detailed refine edges click brush then on image click and draw above hair area change the output to LAYER MASK after you finish click OK now we got our text on face next step is TEXT (T) for it we removing some of port of our face select Marquee tool (M) drag and draw for selection Press Ctrl + R here I’m adding Ruler then Press Ctrl + D for Deselect choose Text Type tool (T) Type your name adjust the font alignment space and size about your picture align the text in between ruler Press Ctrl + T and resize it next,
make selection on in between ruler then select masking layer then fill with black color Alt + Backspace for fill foreground color then deselect (Ctrl + D) press Ctrl on keyboard and click on text thumbnail you will get text selection hide the text layer then select on masking layer fill with white color for press Ctrl + backspace now we got our text on face then deselect next step is import or place the other png images one by one

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