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Wondering how to edit a photo on your GoCentral
website or online store? It’s easy. With your site open in the GoCentral designer, locate the section or page with the photo you want to edit. Let’s change this large photo that makes
up Wonder Landscaping’s home page header. You can click Header in the list of
Sections that make up the Home page, or you can simply click anywhere on the image. Either way, the editing panel for the Header
section opens on the right. This is where you can change the content and
layout of the header. On the Content tab, scroll to Cover Photo
and click it to display the photo in the editing tool. To crop the photo, click and drag the slider. Wait, where did all the beautiful plants go? We need to change the focus, so click on the photo itself and drag to bring into view the part of the image you want to show. That’s better. If you need to rotate an image, click this curled arrow. Each click rotates the photo 90 degrees clockwise. Your changes are saved automatically. That’s it! Now click Preview. If you like your changes, click Publish to
update your live website with the altered image. Or click Edit to go back to the designer and
try again.

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