How to Edit a Photo with Photoshop : Editing Canvas Sizes in Photoshop

My name is Dan Kallenberger. I am an instructor
at a technical college teaching Visual Communications and Photoshop as well as other Adobe products.
I’m going to be showing you Photoshop CS2 today. When you open an image inside of Photoshop,
the first thing I like to do is find out what the size is of the image. The fastest way
to do it is to click on the blue bar or the bar along the top of your image and you right
click on that. You can find image size and canvas size. What is the difference between
image size and canvas size? Image size allows you to enlarge the whole image. Canvas size
allows you to increase your canvas area. So if you wanted to paint around the lilies you
would do canvas size. If you wanted to change the size of this..Let’s say we need to make
this an 8 ½ x 11 printout on a printer. You would do 300 pixels per inch, we would change
this to width of 10 inches and I’m actually going to go with 8 inches and then crop it
later. I’ll show you canvas size. So I’m creating this image from this lily image to
an 8×10. So if you wanted to take a photo graph you took of your kids, what you can
do is just change the resolution so it’s a better quality. Hit okay and now you’ve
changed the image size. If you need to change the canvas size or you need more room around
the lilies, you would right click and do canvas size and actually make this larger at 20 inches
say by 36. Let’s do 24×36. So say we needed a poster but we wanted to add text around
it. This adds canvas size around your image so then what you can do is add things to it.
This is canvas versus image size.

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