How to Edit a Photo with Photoshop : Using Layers in Photoshop

My name is Dan Kallenberger. I am an instructor
at a technical college teaching Visual Communications and Photoshop as well as other Adobe products.
I am going to be showing you Photoshop CS2 today. Okay from here, we’ll go into what
are called layers in Photoshop. Let me call up my lily images. I’m -getting all the
images right from the Photoshop sample pictures. Again, I talked about it before too but we
can duplicate an image by dragging it down to the new layer icon and we come up with
a new layer. What we can do is use the marquee tool we can draw a circle around it. We can
do edit, copy, edit paste and we get a new layer. This new layer we can then take the
background and apply some other adjustment to it and we still have this floating layer.
We can add other pieces from it if we wanted to keep highlighting things and do edit copy,
edit paste, I can do image adjustment to it and change the brightness contrast on that
piece and now I’ve go two layers. I can also take the move tool and move these around.
I can copy layers by dragging them to the new icon tool and continue to make more layers
in Photoshop. Anytime you add text to something, you’re adding a new layer by doing the check
box. I’m just using shortcuts as we’ll talk about sizing at a different time with
text tool. So that’s what you can do with layers. You start to build them up; you can
turn them on and off with the eyeball tool whether you see them or not so if you like
to change your image around you can do that and that is layers.

11 Replies to “How to Edit a Photo with Photoshop : Using Layers in Photoshop”

  1. look for Gary in Expert village, he does the business cards but uses the basics so you can understand better. He goes slowly and shows up close on where to click. You can understand the layers with him.

  2. Adobe shop Basics 1 by Scottd86 great video for newbies explains layers right from the start. check him out.

  3. The video is so blurry its impossible to see. pLUS You're going too damn fast. We're not all computer wizz's like you my friend.

  4. You explained noting, you rambled at a ferocious speed explaining nothing as you 'flew through' the proceedure.
    If you teach in a college, god help the pupils!

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