How to edit AMAZING LANDSCAPE PHOTOS with Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop

– In this episode, I’m going to give you some amazing Safari Presets. (dreamy music) Bon Jour, madames and monsieurs. My name is Serge Ramelli.
I am a French photographer from the amazing city of Paris, France. But right now I’m in Africa. And I’m going to give you some pre-sets that you can use in Lightroom Classic, Lightroom CC, and Photoshop. These are Safari Presets. You can download the
preset below this video. I’m going to show you how to install them. AlSo don’t forget to subscribe
to my Youtube channel by clicking the little subscribe button and click the little bell so that you get the notification
every time I make a video. Alright guys, so let me show you how the Safari Preset actually works. Alright guys, so I wanna give you some Safari Preset that I’ve created. I’m right now in South
Africa, Johannesburg and I did a little Safari
in the Kruger Park. Close to the Kruger Park, beautiful area. And I’ve always dreamed
all my life to do this and I had an opportunity and I did it. I want to show you some
of my favorite photos and well the presets I’ve
been using to create it. So I created a whole bunch of presets they are basically very dramatic and they are either warm or they’re cold, but they work very well, you know for some landscapes and, you know,
that type of photography. So for example on this photo, which are elephants walking away from me after we fed them, you can go here, I’ll show you later on
how to install them. So you have a Safari
group, but for example, I can go here to Safari
Warm Dramatic which is a very dramatic and warm filter I think works well for Africa, you know because Africa is
warm plus its summer here. You can go lighter, Safari
Warm Dramatic Light. It’s less lighter, or you can go for Safari Warm Dramatic Strong, or Safari Warm Simple, which has less contrast
less vignette effect. Or you can the opposite, you can go Safari Vignette Cold Strong, Lighter, Cold Strong Medium. So on this one I think I’m going to use the Safari Warm Dramatic. And again, this is just the beginning. This is just, don’t… You know, the preset is
going to give you a look, it’s going to do a lot of things for you. But for example here, I would like the elephants to be little brighter, so I can always make a little circle. I have to inverse the circle, okay. So I clicked here on the circle and then in this circle I can just add a bit of exposure, not so much. Usually I try to not go over 0.5. 0.5 is a good value, because it’s going to make it brighter, but it’s not going to be
in-your-face brighter. So let me show you the before and after that little circle. Before. After, see I just made you know, and on this one maybe I would even crop it and go 16×9, ’cause the gallery I work with wants 16×9 and it makes the
elephants slightly closer. I think I like that. Okay, the next one was an elephant who was about to drink and so on this one, I’m
going to go warm, also. Yeah, Warm Dramatic Light
so maybe Dramatic Strong. I think I’m going to go
Dramatic Strong on this one. And again I can take a little brush and I like use it at 2.0 so
I like to overdo it first, you know I go like around 1 and then I make sure my flow
and density is in the 70s and I can just, you know, brush, make this elephant
a little more interesting. So you look for parts
which are kind of bright and you make them a little tiny brighter. And that’s just gonna give
something, it’s gonna, I’m overdoing it right now so you can see it well on the video. Then I’m usually going back, you know, at 0.5 or something. Look how sharp this photo is. Shot with the Sony A7r iii. See, it’s a little too much. But if you go back under
the 0.5 mark you are good, and it just makes a subtle,
more interesting elephant. Okay, before. After. You know, slightly large, and you know, (hums) I like it. Okay, the next one is,
well the elephant drinking. Let’s try… Let’s try this one, Safari
Animal Vignette Cold Strong. Just for the fun of it. You know, make it very strong. And this one I think is too bright, so I can lower the overall photo. I can make a circle on his face. Oh, I already have circles. Okay, some of my presets have circles. So you can just put them on something which is interesting. In this case, the elephant. So you always have to make sure when you use one of the presets to do that. It’s a complete thing, and I can go oh no, you know what? I want to go back to very warm dramatic. Okay, it looks good with the strong one. Boom. Same idea. And on this one, I don’t
think it’s got circles. Yeah, it’s got one circle. So this circle, I can put
it here and make it smaller and put it over the elephant,
just so that he stands out, ’cause he’s the star of the photo. Preset is just fun. Download them and try them. Now, I got really lucky. We got a lion that was a
few feet away sleeping, but then it started walking toward us. So that’s the photo of
the lion sleeping far. I think on this one I went
with something more blue. Let’s see here. Cold Strong, Lighter. The version of Lightroom
that I’m using, by the way, and it’s important that it’s over 7.4, because one of the release,
I forgot when it was, I guess it was around seven is that when you go through the different
presets you can see them, you can see them in the preview. Before, you could only see them in that small screen here. I think I want to go blue on this one. I think I want to go, yeah, Safari, but this one I really
want to zoom in more. I know I’ve got lots of pixels, So you know what? I’m going to go for it. I’m going to re-crop the photo and play with the Rule of Thirds so that he’s not centered. And voila! My friend, the lion, sleeping. So that was the lion, let me reset this, that’s the lion coming toward us. Apparently, it’s very
unusual that they come so, he was literally a meter away from me. I kinda got scared, to be honest, because we had all this safety briefing that they are very
dangerous and you shouldn’t talk to them and blah blah blah. On this one, the other one I went warm, on this one I used Safari
Warm Dramatic Light. Alright, so that’s the preset. I think they are pretty, some
of the best presets I’ve done. To install preset, and
the good thing is that the way I’m going to show it to you, it can work in Lightroom CC, it can work in Lightroom Classic, it
can work in Photoshop. It works everywhere. So again, make sure that you have Lightroom seven and above, because the way presets are begin handled by Adobe completely change
around Lightroom seven. Before, it used to be the, it was called .lrtemplate files, now it’s XMP files. Okay, so the way you
install, see I have a folder called Safari with the 10 presets there. So you just go here, import preset. I’m going to give you
a folder called Safari, and you will see there is
all the presets there in XMP. All you have to do is click on the folder, select all of them with
shift, by clicking the first one and the last one,
and then click on import. I don’t do it, because
I’ve already done it, and it’s going to be there. Now, if you want to
use them on your phone. You’re taking photos on your phone and you want to use presets, you can, but you have to install
them through Lightroom CC. So Lightroom CC all you have
to do to go to preset is, first, well, you click
here on the libraries. You click on this little icon
here which goes to preset. You click on the word preset, here, and then you’ve got three dots. You take the three dots and
you click on import preset. Same idea, you select the first one, you select the last one,
and you click on import, and it’s gonna import them. I’ve already done it and you can see they are here, and I can play around. Well, this is a vignette photo, but look, it looks pretty cool. It looks pretty cool
what this preset can do. So it’s there. Now, if you are in Photoshop, let’s say you are not a Lightroom user. Well, if you’re not a Lightroom
user, it’s a little harder. If you have Lightroom on your computer what I really advise you is
to go to Lightroom Classic, even if it’s just to install preset. Make sure you have
Lightroom seven and above, and you use this technique
of importing preset, because if you do, it is going to appear automatically in Photoshop. Now, Photoshop Camera Raw and Lightroom share with this new XMP files. But, again, I’m using Camera Raw 11 and I’m using Lightroom seven and above. So make sure you have that. In case you don’t. You see, here I am in Camera Raw. I’ve got this photo and
it’s got the preset there. And I can even go over and it does it. Now, if for some reason
you don’t have Lightroom, you don’t want to install Lightroom, you only want to use Photoshop, and you just don’t want
to hear about Lightroom, well, my friend, then you have
to install them one by one. You click here, and you
click on Load Settings, and that’s going to open file, and then you can, but on this one, you can
only select one by one. Click Load. So you have to select them one by, and there’s only 10. So that’s for people who hate Lightroom and only use Photoshop. Also the fact that you’ve put them, I forgot to say that, but when you put them in Lightroom CC they will be automatically
put on your mobile. So that’s kinda cool. They will be there because you have import them in Lightroom CC, because Lightroom CC works
with Lightroom Mobile on an iPad, on an iPhone. So that’s how you can get all my preset. The link is below the video. It’s free. It’s for you. I really love these presets. I’m very happy with the photos that I go from the Safari. I hope you can enjoy them. Tweak them around. It’s just a starting point. Have fun. The link is below the video
to download the presets. Alright, guys. I hope you like this deal. Don’t forget to download the
presets and install them. And if you like this video,
please give it a little love. Click the like button and subscribe to the channel by clicking
the subscribe button and the little bell so you get a notification every time I make a video. Madames et monsieurs. I will see you in another video.

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  1. ok clicked on the link to get the presets but i don't see them anywhere, just logged me into your site ..need help

  2. Hi; I'm running a Mac with Safari and after logging into my account there is no way to download the presets. It does say "Free Download" under the image the elephants with PS and LR logos, but nothing is clickable. Please advise.

  3. The Title is missleading. You know that, right? Besides that… I love your editing, but this one? You are better than that. Come on! The Image itself are not that good and your editing is kind of ugly. I know, you can do it way better.

  4. Bonjour Serge et merci de partager toutes ces précieuses infos.
    Est-il possible de convertir votre preset pour qu'il soit exploitable sous Lightroom 6.14 (dernière version sans abonnement) ?
    Merci pour votre réponse.

  5. Presets will not install for me. The instructions from Serge or Adobe do not give enough information. Very disa ppointing.

  6. Eventually managed to import but I still think Serges instructions were incomplete. Disappointing, (Correct spelling this time)

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