How To Edit and Add a Watermark to your Cake Pictures online quick and easy!

Hi This is Veronica from
and today I will show you how to edit the pictures of your cakes on picmonkey . We are
going to open the page and then we are going to log in if you already
have an account just log in. If you do’t it is free for you. then we are going to go to
edit, and I am gonna go to computer , because I am going to open it from my computer. Choose
the file that you want to work on , right there, ok. So, Now that i have it here what
I do is to crop it and it gives me this little rectangle where I choose the piece of the
picture that I want, then apply and then I work on the exposure. You can click the auto
adjust and it is going to give you a better picture but you can play around with the settings,
moving the highlights, brightness, shadows and when you are happy with what you see all
you have to do is click apply. Just play around with it , until you are satisfied with your
picture.So another thing I like to add to my picture is the bokhen shapes and I am going
to use the circle and this is just like little lights on the backdrop, on the background,
so I applied them and then just to erase them from the cake you have the option over here
where it says paint, go to the original tab and you are going to choose the brush size
and the hardness of the brush and the just go around the cake or whatever your picture
is, where you dont want this little “lights”. Now we go to curves and this one is going
to help me with the lighting or the whiteness of the picture. Play around with it to see
what you like. Also, it can make the shadows darker, whenever you are satified just click
apply. Now you can start adding any text you want, you can type your business name, or
anything else. You can change the color, you can change the font and this is very easy
and very quick. As you can see they have a a little crown and those are for the paid
subscriptions , if you dont have a subscription well they have just the regular ones for you
to use. Now what I am going to do is to add the logo, and all I have to do is insert the
logo and it is a png file, that way it doesn’t have a background. Over here I start fading
it so it is translucent, once I like it I am going to save it to my computer, to my
desktop. I put the name, export and that’s it. Just click save and you already have it.
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  1. Great tutorial! I just love Picmonkey & still use it, even though I have Photoshop. It is just so easy and graphics and quick editing.

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