How to EDIT FAST in Premiere Pro! (This will BLOW YOUR MIND!!)

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  1. wow that is crazy! getting into editing and shooting architecture videos. this changes a lot to help automate. Thanks Peter!

  2. If I only have a video clip recorded with a drone dji spark, and I want to do what you say in this video, you can put several input points and several output points into a single video clip,,,,,PLEASE HELP ME I NEVER USE THIS PROGRAM BEFORE ,,,,,,,, PLEASE HELP ME,,PLEASE

  3. Pete,
    So happy I stumbled upon you… Elder computer immigrant here, able to speak "broken computereze."
    Taking in your help videos… I am a sponge!!!
    Thank You!!!
    I will soon be able to scratch "The Beast Suite" a little deeper!!!
    Regards, Fogcrawler

  4. Truly appreciate this awesome tip Peter! Keep up the great work. You're an inspiration to a fellow Canadian from Ontario.

  5. So why does Resolve has the option to detect a cut and shred your video to pieces, but it cant do that damn automation sequence thingy…. what is wrong with this world?

  6. You probably won't even see this, but I've been using Premiere (here and there) since Premiere 5.0 and I've been cutting the music on the beats and the accurately placing the clips for so many years.. And this.. Just changed my life! I reckon some adjustment are gonna be due, but holy shit..!! Thanks man!

  7. Love your content man. Made my first clip in PP just a few days ago. Thank god for people like you, so that I may learn and some day improve my own skills further 😀 you have truly inspiered me. The first vid og yours that captivated med was the Lake photo 👍😀

  8. Dude. Thank you SO MUCH for this tutorial. I'm a total beginner and I had trouble with editing the clips to the beats, this helps me sooooo much. Really great tutorial, thanks man!

    Quick question: how long would you recommend the B-roll clips to be on average? What is a good amount of time for people to notice what is going on in a clip that's sort of full with different things (like people, location changes etc) ?

  9. Thanks alot man.. Really appreciate it.

    I've learnt a lot from your channel…

    I'm subscribing to your channel. Cant' wait for your new videos.

  10. Edit in reverse. Make your last take of each bit the keeper. Start with the last take and work backwards.

    This works great for talking head videos!

  11. Cool, but… you need to have the clips cut to the point you need to see the whole of them. Imagine i drop a 30 seconds clip of a wedding reception into a trailer.

  12. I'm trying too use this, but for some reason, premiere pro won't allow me to select the option for "at numbered markers". Does anyone know how to fix this?

  13. Didnt you have to order the clips first? how do you make them fall into the right order if the files are ordered by number?

  14. Hey Peter,

    When you are marking your in and out points on the clips are you making the duration of each clip the time duration between each beat? or is the software doing that for you?

    thanks soooo much mate, you are a wizard (:

  15. why is it when you search for something on youtube there is some white male recommended, there are no girls? there are but the system recommends 90% males … and Caucasian …

  16. First, thanks for a search friendly title. Found what I was looking for. Second, this will save me a shitload of time. Thanks.

  17. Hello bro it's Abdur Rehman here.
    My question is very simple that in your video there is a sound exist like a bomb where u find it?
    Plz tell me i am a new subscriber of your channel…

  18. Just getting my channel up, fully into Premier Pro and a little overwhelmed, but this answered a few questions for me already. Wowsa, lots to learn in 2020.

  19. Smashing the Like button on this one caveman style! You literally just changed my life and started my channel. Unbelievable! Thanks, Peter!

  20. My camera developed a little fault where it slightly rotates the image when I hit record, meaning I have to trim 2 seconds of the start off every video clip I have. Thanks to this I've discovered how to do that in about two seconds flat and you have changed my editing life! Thank you Peter!!

  21. Just saw this for the first time seriously super helpful! Thank you so much for sharing your amazing knowledge! Starting to use these tips right now

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