Oh! Oh hi there. Today, I’m gonna teach you how I edit all my Instagram photos Honestly, my editing style changes every month it really depends on my mood. A lot of people think I use Lightroom and Photoshop Just because of the way my photos look, but you can achieve the same look with Snapseed So that’s what I’m gonna show you guys today This is the photo that I am using. You’ve seen it on my Instagram before. The first thing I do is I tune image just play with the basics so brightness/contrast For this photo it started off a little bit dark. I’m going to go up to about 30 I’m gonna up the contrast a little bit as well I used to love turning down the ambience But now I’m obsessed with turning it all the way up but not that all the way up so I’ll stick with 70. I lower the highlights if you notice the sky changes a lot when you lower the highlights It just adds the blue back, so I’m going to lower it to about 47 And then I’m gonna up the shadows a little bit just to add some more detail back into the picture so I’ll go maybe about 16. Next step is I play with the structure and the sharpness. Structure all it does is adds a lot more detail into the shot So I don’t want it to be too in-your-face so I’ll do about 20 and then for sharpen I’ll do it a little bit as well so about 8. Now for the third step So you see there’s HDR escape and grainy film those are my two favorite features to use in Snapseed it literally changes the picture completely I’ll first go with HDR escape and there’s four different features that you can choose from but I like to use people Because I’m the focal point of the shot. I’ll only go about halfway normally I just do between I don’t know five and twenty but for this photo I like it to be a little bit more structured, so I’ll go halfway And then I’ll go into grainy film. If anyone looks at my feed right now It has a little bit of a vintage feel to it Which I’m obsessed with. Kind of going for that LA vibe. The two filters that I use for grainy film are X03 and X04. Those are my two favorites But I like the look of X03 here, so I’ll go with that first. I add a little bit of grain I don’t do too much, so I tend to go 15 max And then for style strength… The default is at 80 so I’ll lower it a little bit to maybe 60 and then I’ll go back into grainy film And I’ll add a little bit of X04 so I won’t add any grain because I’ve already added grain before So go back into style strength and I’ll add a little bit of X04 for maybe like 20 or 30 so for this I’ll do 30. The next step that I do is I go and play with the curves. Now this is a new step I never used to do this before There’s really no kind of right way to play with this. I’ll start with luminance, and what luminance does is it kind of just brightens the photo …I think At the top, I’ll lower it a little bit like this. It’s really just trial and error at this point I’ll choose a random spot Let’s say the middle and I’ll increase it as you can see it adds a lot of color Back into the photo so I’ll add a little bit right there, and then here as well And then I’ll do the same with the other colors kind of just you know what I’m feeling that day I kind of like my blues a little bit more green, so I’ll lower the blues a little bit and I’ll add it back with the green Now, with the grainy film It tends to bring the orange tones in my skin I don’t want to look like an oompa loopma so I’ll kind of lower the red tones a little bit So if I show you before and after you can already see there’s a difference just in the photo already. So as a second last step, I go into the white balance so if you see that your picture Is a little bit too blue or if it’s a little too warm Then this is where you can adjust the white balance. For this specific shot I’ll increase it a little bit, so just like 2%, and then the tint if I’m feeling a little bit more rosy tones and I’ll increase it but I’m not today, so I’ll just do it a little bit so maybe like one percent Now as the very very last step, I go into brush So this is where you can fine-tune Certain parts of the picture like if my skin is looking a little too paley vampire Then I’ll go in and darken it You can also finetune certain parts of the background as well for this one My legs are looking a little too pale, so I’ll lower the dodge and burn by 5 percent, and I’ll just zoom in into the shot And essentially darken my legs You really don’t even need to go to a place to get that fake spray tan, you can literally just do it with edits If my hair is looking a little too dark Then I will up the dodge and burn by 5%, and I’ll just do it quickly on my hair. My skirt I feel like is also looking a little too bright, so I’ll go and darken that by little bit as well and voila so here’s the before and Here is the after. Huge huge difference and that’s kind of the look that I’m going with right now I’m trying to bring summer back in Toronto because Toronto right now is very gloomy and very cold That’s pretty much kind of what I go through for every single shot. I hope you enjoyed it I know everyone has their own specific editing style this is just how I edit. Please don’t take this as the right way to edit So yeah, I will see you guys next week Alright, you know the drill please like this video if you loved it, please comment below for other tutorials I’m always looking for ideas. I don’t know why I’m talking in an English accent I’m pretty bad at it, but we’re just gonna go with the flow if you haven’t subscribed please subscribe for more videos and


  1. Than you for showing us this, i just started using snapseed and didnt even know what is brush for😄, this video is sooo helpful❤

  2. OMG I love this!! Thank you so much for the editing secrets too! ALSO I love your logo image. Who did that for you? My wife is trying to start a vlog/blog and I'd love to gift her with a logo in the style that yours was designed in.

    Anyway, Love the channel. Subscribing now!!!

  3. I did an editing instagram pictures video on my channel , please go check it out 🌻❤️ Follow my insta @charlotte_crumpton (33K) 🌹

  4. I love snapseed and I use it all the time but I've learned some new things from this, can't wait to play about with some photos! Thanks for the vid, very helpful 😀

  5. I really just love this style/feel of photo and am very close to choosing this style (ish) for my own travel photos. I noticed on your instagram feed that you have some of the best winter/cold photos as well…. it is important for me to be able to achieve similar feels for sunny/beach or winter/cold scenes. Do you edit your winter / snow scenes in a similar style to this youtube video? thank you.

  6. I'm doubting if I'm still on Earth cause for almost 1 year of using snapseed, I really don't know how to use the other features and thank you for this useful tutorial! sorry my english is bad~

  7. I use Adobe Lightroom (just the basics). LOVE this tutorial and had no clue it was that GOOD! I would LOVE to see a step by step guide below as well if that's ok ^_^

  8. The curve is an excellent tool, it basically helps you change the exposure level with extreme control. So, basically earlier you could only lower the highlights and up the shadows, right? Imagine that there is a line, and right now you can only change the top and the bottom of that line, i.e. Highest point of the line, which is the highlight or brightest bright of the picture and lowest point, which is the shadow portion, darkest part of the picture. But what if you wanna change the middle of that line, basically turn up the evenly exposed parts, without touching the highs and mids, well then you go to that line aka luminance curve and tap the middle of it, and pull it up or down. Everybody got it? Like this if you got some help!

  9. @simplyteee Is there a way to edit pictures in pastel shades using snapseed?? If yes then please make a video on that!!!

  10. DECLOAKING!!!! Bahahaha!! Goode and Wilcock are being "decloaked" as we speak!! Yet another OLD, MOLDY soundtrack from who really cares when???

  11. Very nice effort…Keep up !!
    I subscribed hope u will too do mine….thanks

  12. I was using lightroom but without the extra stuff. This seems a lot better and more expanded. Thank you so much!!!

  13. Wow Thanks. lucky me. This is the first tut I clicked on. 1st time Snapseed user kasi. This really made it look simple. I followed your steps on several pix, and now getting how it goes.

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