What up everyone my name is Tina and
welcome back to my channel I’m gonna teach you how you can edit like Rachel Tee Tyler on Snapseed she’s one of my favorite influencers and her selfie game
is always on point I’ve had a few requests to do an inspired tutorial on
how to edit like her so let’s go! Alright so this is the picture that I quickly
took obviously my selfie game isn’t on the same playing field as Rachel’s but I
tried. So we’re gonna go through our regular tuning image process so we’re
gonna increase brightness contrast ambiance highlights and then decrease
shadows by a bit just to balance the picture out. We’re also going to increase
the saturation because I’m looking a little dead and a little pale and I
want some color back into my skin if you look at Rachel’s pictures they are quite
defined so we’re going to increase sharpen and structure by a little bit as
well. We’re gonna skip HDR scape and grainy image this time because we
don’t necessarily need it and we’re gonna go straight into curves. So this is
an optional step I’m gonna show you the before and after in a bit it doesn’t
make that big of a difference but there is a subtle change there so I’m going to
increase the highlights mid-tones and shadows in the luminance curve because
Rachel is always glowing. Rachel’s complexion is naturally tanned – way more
tanned than I am so I’m actually going to increase the highlights mid-tones and
shadows and the red curve. Kind of rosy up my complexion and then I’m going to
balance that red out with the green and blue curves and then you’ll see in the
before and after that it’s not that drastic of a difference which is why
this stuff is optional but I’m going to go with it anyways. So in addition to the
saturation we’re gonna go into white balance and play with the temperature
and tint to make my skin look more warm to kind of mimic Rachel’s edits. So if
you feel like your complexion still needs some color you can go back into tune
image and increase the saturation some more otherwise we’re gonna go into
portrait. So portrait is great for selfies because you can adjust your skin
tone, your complexion as well as the clarity of your eyes. So obviously this
is a little bit drastic so I’m actually going to adjust the face spotlight, skin
smoothing and eye clarity manually. So what face spotlight does is it
gives your face more of a glow Rachel’s always glowing so I’m only going to
increase it a little bit otherwise I look a little ghost-like. Skin smoothing
is as the name calls it smoothing out the skin again I don’t want it to be
completely blurred out so I’m going to adjust a teensy bit and then for eye
clarity if you increase it to its maximum you look a little fake we want
to play with this very subtlely so I am going to just increase the whites of
my eyes by a little bit as well. Again these are all very very tiny edits but
if I show you what the before-and-after looks like right now it is pretty
drastic just solely off the warmth of my complexion
so that’s it! I love Rachel’s edits because looking at them makes me happy
and they’re fun and she’s always glowing with that warmth in her skin so I tried
to mimic that with this edit within snapseed. So you can pretty much do this with
not just selfies but with any picture that you take. So I apply these
tutorials every day if you want to stalk me on Instagram you can do so @simplyteee. I’m also new on TikTok if you want to see more of my derpy and fun side
then you can follow me on TikTok @ tinadaooo Okay so I hope you guys enjoyed
that if you want more inspired edits let me know and give this video a thumbs up also let
me know in the comments anyone else that you’re inspired by that you want to
learn via Snapseed and if you haven’t subscribed to the channel already what is
you doing!? Okay I will see you guys next time, baii


  1. Okay, real talk: I had no idea who Rachel Tee Tyler was before your video, but now I know and I really DO want to step up my selfie game like (yours) hers! Now with my new combined power of knowledge and snapseed skillz, I will be the best selfie daddy the world has yet to see!!! THANK YOU again and keep up the great videos!
    P.S. Def following you on tiktok, it's the new cool place to be!

  2. saw your video so i clicked tho i had know idea who is Rachel is . love that tips as always and new ones to learn into the selfie

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