How to Edit Like @SHORTSTACHE | Free Lightroom Preset

moin leute was geht? welcome back to a
brand new Lightroom editing tutorial here on my youtube channel today we take
a closer look at the Instagram photographer Garrett King or known as
shorts – on Instagram you can already take a look at his Instagram page let’s
have a look how he edits his pictures what comes me in mind first is that his
pictures have a very warmed orange tone furthermore his pictures are quite dark
and have no real black tones the blacks are always faded I also noticed that the
green tones in his images are always more yellowish or orangish so here we
gonna change to green tones a little bit you can see that here in this picture
and yeah that’s what we want to recreate in today’s video we just need a little
adjustments and I think we’re gonna get very close to that look as always at the
end of the video you can download a free preset for my website you can find a
link to my website down below in the video description right before we start
the editing you should check out the Instagram account of Garrett King and
follow him his pictures are very beautiful and it’s worth a follow so
without further ado let’s jump into Lightroom so here you can already see
the picture I have chosen for today’s editing so let’s start first we activate the
lens correction to remove all distortion that was caused by the lens which was
used for this picture after that we jump to the basic adjustments as I said
before his pictures are very dark so we’re gonna make our picture quite dark
as well we’re gonna fade out the blacks lower the saturation and yeah first we
increase the contrast to 40 we leave the highlights as they are and increase the
shadows to 50 we increase the whites and decrease the blacks we add a little bit of clarity and put
up the DA’s 2:15 now we increase the vibrance and reduce the saturation and
that’s it for the basic adjustments next we open the tone curve this time the
tone curve is quite easy we just said two adjustment points and fade out the
blacks to around eight point six you you so after the tone curve our picture
should look very faded in general let’s see how I would look before okay now we adjust the colors at the HSL
section so we set the Reds to 16 oranges to
minus 44 yellows to minus 56 and that’s what I said before we adjust the green
small to the yellows you can see that here at the trees crowns here we got an
orange reddish tone to the tree crown okay we set the arc was too – 47 blues
to minus 9 Purple’s to minus 80 and the magenta to
minus 60 we continue with this situation leave
the Reds as they are the oranges 2-4 yellows to minus 20 greens to minus 56
aguas to minus thirty-six blues to minus 69
Purple’s to minus 20 and the magenta to minus 24 now we finish the HSL adjustments with
the luminance we put up the Reds 2 plus 13 we also put up the oranges and
yellows we decrease the luminance of the greens are coifs and put up the blues we decrease the purples and magentas and
that’s it for the HSL adjustments let’s have a look how the picture looked
before our you can see here we change to green tones quite a lot to a more orange
brown color all right next we jump to the split toning here we
want to give the highlights a warm tone we put the hue to 46 in the saturation
to 25 the shadows get a more greenish bluish tone so we put the hue to 175 and
the saturation to 5 now it’s a little bit too blue at the moment so we change
the balance to 15 and get rid of that that’s perfect right after that we open
the detailed section here we sharpen the images so we put that up to 45 and the
noise reduction to 15 last we jump to the calibration here we set the red
primaries to 17 and the saturation to minus 2 we increase the hue of the green
primaries to 43 and the saturation to minus 2 as well last we set the blues to minus-10 and
the saturation 2 or 33 let’s check how it looked before and yeah that’s already
the end of the editing now you can save the preset I use the preset from a
website for your other images let’s apply the preset to the other pictures
you can see down here let’s start with this one this picture has a very code
looked so I guess the preset doesn’t match to this one but you can always
adjust the split toning by increasing or decreasing the saturation let’s try that
here let’s try the other ones this one looks very good with the
created preset for the next one we have to decrease the
exposure and the contrast a little bit we also can increase the saturation for
the highlights in the split toning let’s see the last two pictures it
matches here as well with a few tiny adjustments and yet that’s it so here you can see the before and after
pictures of today’s editing I think we got almost the same tone like Garrett
King of course not 100% to say by the turn out quite good of course you
shouldn’t use the preset to get the exact same look like Garrity’s it’s more
a little help for you guys to find your own unique editing style so yeah you can
find the free preset on my website the link you can find down below in the
video description as I already mentioned you should follow Garrett’s Instagram
page and like his work you can find the links to his social media accounts down
below as well if you want to follow me on my social media account you can do
that as well if you liked today’s video hit that
thumbs up button and subscribe to my channel activate a notification to never
miss a single video of me again see you in the next video ciao you

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  1. Just released a new website.
    There you can find all the free presets I have made so far. 🙂

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