How to Edit Like Toni Mahfud! // Photoshop & Lightroom CC

Hey guys I’m Prithwiraj from PR75K. How to edit like Sam Kolder used to be in
my Instagram DM’s all the time. Now almost everyone is asking about how we
can edit like Toni Mahfud. If you check his feed you’ll feel the same. Toni is a great artist as well, in case you
didn’t know. I’ll be trying to recreate his editing style
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in touch with me. I have this photo of this lovely lady opened
up in my Lightroom. If you don’t want to use Lightroom then you
can use the Camera RAW mode in Adobe Photoshop but I prefer using Lightroom. If you want a quick solution then you can
check out my Lightroom preset pack from the link given in the description Firstly let’s
the decrease everything, the highlights, the shadows, the whites and the blacks. Note that you have to tweak this part as per
your photo. This photo over here was a bit over exposed
hence I’m decreasing. Increase the clarity as the photos of Toni
are really sharp and the details pop out. Now in the tone curve, make a point in the
darks and lift the curve up in order to crush the blacks. Now let’s go to split toning and change the
highlights to something orangish or brownish and increase the saturation just a bit. Just a little bit mind you. Now in the shadows, select a purple hue and
again increase the saturation just a little bit. And we’re done with the Lightroom part so
go to the option called photo and then select edit in Photoshop CC. In Photoshop firstly let’s create a gradient
map, select the colours to that orangish brown for the highlights and purple for the shadows
and hit on OK. Change its blending mode to screen and decrease
the opacity, set it to like in between 15-25% according to the photo. It’ll basically add the tint we’re after. After that create a new layer and press shift+backspace
and select the fill to 50% grey and hit on OK. Change the blend mode to overlay and select
the dogde tool, make sure the exposure is around 20-30%, and then paint the part of
the highlights, for example the face, the hands or any other details you wanna showcase. Take the burn tool now and paint the dark
areas, like the shadows and all. In this photo I have paint the entire wall
with this because we don’t want to show case that part. Something what Toni does a lot is add lens
flares. You can simply Google lens flare and you’ll
get a lot of good images, you can use any you want to. Import that lens flare into your photo, right
click on the layer a hit on convert to smart object and then change the blending mode to
screen. Resize the lens flare and make it as big or
small as you want and place at somewhere in the sky part. Now this step is optional, you can just add
a color lookup and add a LUT for finishing touches. I’ll just use this default LUT called DropBlues. If you want to do anything else to it then
you can just decrease the saturation. Comment down below what you think about this
and if you want me to recreate any other Instagrammers then do let me know. And that’s it you’re done. If you have leaned something from this video
then please consider subscribing to my channel and also check out my previous videos. And I’ll catch you in the next one. Till then. Hasta la vista!

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