How to Edit MOODY DARK – Lightroom Mobile Tutorial

what’s going on YouTube it’s Adam from
beyond the grid welcome back to my channel and today’s tutorial I’m gonna
teach you guys how to create that moody folk look just in time for fall so with
some are coming to an end and fall right around the corner a lot of big
instagramers of photographers are starting to change up their style and go
towards that Moody folk look so let’s jump into Lightroom I’m going to show
you guys how you guys can achieve this especially how to achieve it on the app
that way you guys can use your phone to edit your photos and create that same
look and make your photo stand out so as you guys can see there’s quite a
bit of work that goes into this type of theme but it’s worth in the end because
you get something that stands out and really looks good so if you guys want to
pick up some presets that are gonna work on an array of your guys’s photos I just
released my collection and I’ll link it down below so check it out if you guys
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care everybody

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