How to Edit Photo in MS Paint for RRB ALP, Technician & Group-D jobs

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49 Replies to “How to Edit Photo in MS Paint for RRB ALP, Technician & Group-D jobs”

  1. Hope Miku RRB ALP , Technician & Group-d jobs Photo editing process & Photo Requirements doubts anni eee video lo clear ayyay ankuntunnanu … for any doubts feel free to comment watch my previous videos follow the links:

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  2. Hai
    I have doubt –
    In my application , I had given 10th mark sheet certificate no. Instead of roll number
    It is facing problem or it is ok

  3. Bro.. pic intial size Chala low kb lo undhi.. a pic ni mi videos follow avthu edit chesthuntae Inka low kb lo velthundhi..
    Yela resolve cheyali ee problem.???

  4. Actually i uploaded photo with my date birth as 12/06/1996…. Now I want to change as recent date ….What can i do ….And how to change date on my photo…. I submitted photo six days back….. Now what

  5. Nenu rrb Alp ki apply chesina photo ne group D ki kuda upload chesanu that means same name and date formate.with out weight back round.for date and name. Any problem?

  6. Adidya meeru upload chesina 100 DPI link paint lo open avvatledhu Nenu chaala try chesanu but it is not work. Nenu windows 10 laptop use chesthunnanu. Please try to solve my problem.

  7. Sir mane group D wala photo RRB ALP Mai bhi dal Diya tha to kya mera ALP wala form reject ho jyga kya..plz reply me

  8. thanks bhayya U saved somuch time for so many ppl but oka vishyam koncham clarity kavali bhayya Group D ki matrame name background white undala or ALP n Technician koda name background white undala anedhi artham kavatledhu pls give reply…!!

  9. bayya meru chepindhi bagundhi kani 100 dpi apply chesina tharvatha pixel lo ki marchina tharvatha pic clarity potundhi ,ela mari

  10. @Naresh Adidya Bro nenu Group D ki photo meedha name direct ga rasesa white background meedha rayakunda and ippudey realise ayya , is there any problem Bro ???

  11. nenu rrb alp and group d already apply cesesa but name and date photo lo edit ceyaledu normal ga photo peta emina problem unda

  12. 'Dear sir,while uploading date of birth ..I chosen 02/02/2018 instead of there any difference in / and – symbols .. whether I need to modify my application..'

  13. Bro naa application accept ayindi but naa photo Pai DOB yesanu danini edit Cheyakapote naa application rejected avutunda

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