How to Edit Photos Like a PRO with Your Phone! Top 7 Phone Apps!

A lot of you requested for me to share
how I edit my photos and videos using just my phone!
so I actually have two phones I own an Android this is the Samsung Note 9 and I
also have an iPhone 10s comment down below and let me know what phone do you own.
do you have an Android or do have iPhone I’d love to
today I’m going to be diving in deep and talking about my top seven favorite apps
use to edit my photos and videos for stories and for Instagram hey guys it’s
Ali here in the present editing the video so I would love if you watch until
the very end of this video to see all four examples that I show you be sure to
click and watch back to anything that you’re confused about and leave me any
comments down below I hope you guys enjoyed today’s video
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so without further adieu, let’s get started The best tool to capture photos
is often the one just on your phone and best way to upgrade these phone photos
is by using a tripod this is a Manfrotto tripod with a swivel head here’s my
iPhone pop that on there and there’s just a little screw in the front you
have this nice curved angle so you can see yourself snap it out open it like
this and I’ll become a tripod Plus this raid was under $25 so it’s not too
expensive am I the only one who likes to use snapchat just for the filters
because there’s so much cuter than the ones on Instagram a link that’s down
below for you guys first off I thought be fun to show you
guys what’s on my iPhone 10s so I have so many different phone apps that I love
to use religiously for work for personal use and going through my phone right now
and seeing what are some of my most used phone apps to edit photos and videos the
first app I want to talk about is nap seat so this is owned by Google and they
have so many great tools to adjust the colors of the curves all of your basic
settings like your brightness your contrast and one of my favorite tools in
here is the ambience tool sometimes you want to add more detail back into an
image because it looks too flat and you want to make it pop in terms of extreme
photoshopping and editing out imperfections
I love facetune I know this isn’t something new or revolutionary but
people just seem to really love retouched images with smooth flawless
skin or beautiful hair they also loved color story because of the filters if
you want to add in that true pink tone color story has so many light and bright
filters if you’re really into videos and you want to upgrade your stories
definitely check out snow they have so many different filters that make you
look super cute can even add in makeup which is very unique to snow so you can
add in false lashes change your lip color blush color
I feel like stories are a great way to capture the moment I show more of your
personality but story shouldn’t take forever to edit I know nowadays there
are so many different apps and one of my favorites is in shot and shot is great
because it’s just like a drag and drop type of app and you can edit videos
change the timeline speed up Clips you can cut them you can add in text or
stickers and music having to transfer everything to your laptop and editing
the traditional way on Final Cut or Adobe so that is how I customized my
story video bue or
who is another great story app for instance you can set a project to 15
seconds long and say I want four different video clips this is a really
great way to create a montage of say a travel experience or you know a day in
the life and capture it all in just 15 seconds so again another great drag and
drop type of story app that’s completely free and they have a ton of really cool
like visco esque filters one of the most underrated apps
that I personally love to use a screen capture just like you could on your
Mac’s book or on your laptop you could take a screenshot you can screen record
your phone it’s so fast and simple simply swipe up and tap record and I’ll
count down three two one and it will record the entire phone screen without
having to plug it into anything else so simple and I feel like no one really
talks about it if you’re obsessed with the way your feet looks and you care
about the aesthetic and you want your images to look nice and orderly I highly
recommend using unab this is how I like to organize all of my photos so make
sure that they all look cohesive comment down below and let me know what is on
your current lock screen mine is a picture of Bella and if you guys want a
picture of Bella as well and we’ll link it to you guys down below in the
description box hi guys so now we’re sitting down in my
comfy bit couch and we’re going to be editing a photo with Bella’s help she’s
just here for moral support Bella can you edit this photo for me when you want vacation you’ve taken all
these super cute photos and then you look back at your like oh my gosh
there’s a person photo bombing my photos and it just ruins the whole picture
don’t worry Photoshop is on your side so if you zoom in straight there’s a big
can of soda in the back there’s this like fast-food also in the back look the
cats gone beautiful and then just zoom in continue tapping over the areas that
you want to get rid of okay this bag is kind of challenging because
it’s really close to Scotts lake but look so easy okay I think that looks
good enough compared to the before and after and then all I have to do now is
add on the filter I really love the a zero one like I mentioned before today we’re going to be editing this
photo of me in front of the Golden Gate Bridge so I really love the image
however it’s a bit underexposed so we’re going to bring it into a snap seat to
edit this picture so the first thing I’ll go to the tools and then
immediately I will use the curves and brighten up the image by bringing out
the top third of the curve so by bringing it up sometimes I like to bring
up the bottom half that’s how you bring up the shadows as well on the first
third of the curve you definitely don’t want to over expose
your image because you’ll lose a lot of details so here you can also turn on HDR
but as you see it’s kind of too orange if you have a yellow undertone like me
and you’re Asian then you know the struggle of looking like an oompa loompa
you don’t want to look like that so definitely bring down the filter
strength and bring up the brightness and bring down the saturation a bit next I’m
going to click on the Selective tool just to bring back some of the clouds so
I’ll bring it all the way down to structure here is sharpens to the image
and as you can see if you tap and hold you can see the before and after
and you can see that there’s way more clouds there and then sometimes I will
even change the white balance of the image because this one’s a little bit
where the warm tone I don’t want the blue is to look more blue and then
lastly I’ll go into grainy film which is one of my favorites I love a 0 1 or I
like a 0 3 but for today I think I’m feeling a 0 3 so that’s pretty much it that’s how I
would edit this image as you can see if you just have before and after you can
see how much brighter and lighter it looks and to see the detail the Golden
Gate Bridge way better at than before next up I want to edit a food photo
because I love cute desserts and oh I found the cutest little taiyaki ice
cream okay it was a little as pretty big let’s bring it in to color story and see
what we can do open up the image click continue first I’m going to add a filter
because I love bringing out the pink tones click on picnic and then my
favorite has been lavender or velvet ooh velvet looks really good it
definitely makes the red pop a lot more and it’s not as dull looking and with
food I feel like you definitely want it to look a little bit more saturated
which makes food look so much more appetizing drooling thank you about this
okay I don’t really need to eat lunch okay this video bring down the
highlights just a bit because a little bit right a new tool that I’ve been
really interested in is this color selection so here you can highlight
specific colors in the image for instance save red if you want the
red to be a different hue say more on the right side you can definitely bring
down hue bring up the saturation here’s something really extreme and then here’s
something more dull and then you can also bring up the luminance
it’s really challenging to adjust like orange tones because sometimes it can
look it could change your personal skin tone so you just have to be really
careful with that after light is my favorite way to add grade or the dust
effect to an image I think the first one is my favorite the second one not so
much ooh and then bring it down to say like
55 and then here you can also add in a light effect like a light leak makes it
look a lot more vintage oh I actually really like that red third up I’m going
to bring this taiyaki into is Fuji so here you can actually process images
that you’ve already taken so click on that you just change the date we me so that is pretty much how I edit all my
photos using just my phone so if you guys want to share with me your photo
edits on Instagram be sure to use the hashtag fashioned by Ally edit just so I
can see it or if you need help be sure to send me photos and DM me and maybe
I’ll pick out a few and edit and include it in some of my future videos don’t
forget to follow me on instagram at fashion by Ali we are so close to 80 K
and I love to reach that milestone with you guys I love you guys all so so much
and I will see you next time bye

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  1. Can I ask the exact app that you used to remove the unwanted background and healing tool. What app is that??

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