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what is up you guys Tishana here today
this video I want to just walk you through how I edit my product photos and
I prefer to shoot in RAW instead of just JPEG so if your camera has that option I
highly recommend I was told to do that in school so I will pass that
information along to you so I want to go ahead and edit this so
let me just walk you through what I do so the first thing is I typically go and
click in light and I’m using Lightroom Adobe Lightroom cc the latest version so
everything is zeroed out and what I would like to do is just bring out
certain features and and make it look the best possible way that it will look
it just enhance it without altering it too much so one thing that I could do is
I could crop this out at the top so to do that I can click on this crop and
just bring it in just like that and that’s it and then hit enter and we’ve
cropped it just a tad bit more so with the light open I will go ahead and
adjust the light so it’s just a little dark and underexposed but I will leave
that exposure until later so the whites already brighten things up a little bit
so I’ll just adjust that a little right and then highlights as well I can play
around with those so I check with Li like to take things to the extreme I’ll
bring it one way all the way and then the other way just to see the effects
that it will have so I’ll just bring that up a tad adjust my contrast you can
see just by doing this a lot of things are changing with the color itself
compared to what it used to look like so it does make a big difference and then
the exposure at this point really doesn’t need much adjusting just because
it does look pretty evenly exposed at this point compared to how it looked
before the shadows are pretty dark so I can bring those down a little bit alright so then going
here this kind of does the same thing if I want it like a nice little s-curve so
I can bring this up a tad it’s already pretty bright so I don’t need to adjust
more and I do like a little s doesn’t have to be a big s just a little up and
then sweeping down motion so it is pretty bright up here and to fix that I
can either bring down the exposure all the way or just bring down the lights
just go ahead and do that alright so from here let’s go into I go into detail
and I want to sharpen this up a little bit so it’s already good it was shot in
focus which is always a plus I’m just gonna sharpen up a little bit more so
that you can kind of see very clearly and then with the effects if I want to
bring out any of that texture from the paper here I can increase it by going
using clarity it kind of can see it’s like beauty filter and this is just
giving it more texture which the paper does have so I do like that don’t go
overboard but I am loving this so far so let’s continue with the color so I just
want to up the vibrance a tad bit just bring out some of the vibrancy so again
you can always take it to the extremes bring it down there’s none all the way
up way too much so I can just adjust it a little bit the paper itself is like a
goldish yellowish color so I want to stick around there and saturation is a
lot like vibrance but it’s just popping those colors a little bit and I don’t
want to go heavy on the saturation the feel that I’m going for with my photos
is very natural and light and airy and kind of dreamy so I would don’t want to
go overboard with any type of saturation so I’ll leave the tent
and color temperature the way it is it’s fairly even with the color temperature I
really do like this one I’m gonna actually flag this and I like to rate
them so that when I do have a ton of images I can go back and pick my top
picks by going here in the filter and selecting this right here for my picks so one thing I might do is up the
saturation just a tad bit and the vibrance okay so you can go back and
look up the before and here is the final image and you can always go back and
tweak anything up the exposure if you want to any other things that you’d like
to do but I am fairly happy with this so that is my process of doing quick edits
in Adobe Lightroom and editing my product photos I hope you
found this helpful if you did please give it a like subscribe as well if you
wanted to check out what this product looks like in the store I will leave a
link right here it’s cocoa in seed and I will see you in my next video and see
you later bye

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