How to Edit SOFT BROWN Tone – Lightroom Mobile Tutorial

Hello everyone, welcome back to my channel My name is Owen And in this tutorial, We are going to take a look on How can we create this brown tone This tone is very soft in my opinion This tone right here is very great for portraits. And maybe landscapes, but I prefer using this tone for portraits photos. Alright guys, without further ado Let’s get started, first Open your lightroom CC Mobile And yeah guys, I’m sorry for my inactivity for several months But right now I’m back Alright guys after you opened up your lightroom CC You guys have to import the photos, after that let’s choose 1 photo I’m going to choose this photo. And We can see this photo is unedited Before and After, there’s nothing (difference) Alright, so First, we are going to Tap on the “light” here. We are going to change the contrast We are going to drop the contrast to -25 And the highlights to -75 This going to give that highlight a little bit darker And we’re going to Increase the shadows To 6 And we’re going to And we’re going to drop our whites to -28 And we’re going to increase our blacks to 5 After that we’re going to Tap “Curve” here Let’s make it like this. And then tap on the lowest point, and Just like this little bit, okay After your curve look similar to this Tap “DONE” And we’re going to the next step Which is the White Balance, We’re going to increase the temperature. To 5, and drop the saturation to -25 Okay, -25 Then we’re going to Tap on the Color Mix Button Mix Color Button, I don’t know.. And then we’re going to Yeah, here we Increase the Hue to 20 From the orange, we’re going to Decrease the Hue to -8 And the Luminance to 11 This going to make that Orange little bit Popping up And we’re going to give the Hue of Yellow to -27 You can see it’s a bit brown to the shirt (I mean jacket), and little bit to skin tone But it’s not really affecting that much. And we can Increase the saturation to 27 And the luminance to -21 And the green (hue) to -38 And saturation it’s -18 Luminance -16 Okay Now we tap on the Aqua color here We’re going to increase the Hue again -36 Saturation -13 And Luminance -9 Now, the blue The blue, we’re going to Increase the Hue to 22 And, decrease the Saturation to -24 And the luminance to 14 Ok, and then the Purple Purple (Hue) is -23 And saturation -22 And And the Luminance, -11 Now, we’re going to magenta Magenta (Hue) is -22 And the Saturation is -20 And Luminance -9 Tap “DONE” and We’re going to Split Tone The Hue is 53 And the Saturation is 26 We’re going to find that (value), (for) highlights I don’t know if this is possible You don’t have to be exact same as me Just around H:51 and S:23 (Make sure same as closest as possible) And shadows is Um.. 48 and 12 Okay Let’s tap “DONE” here And then we’re going to Sharpening Just Increase that to 50 And we can see the before and After As you can see It’s very brown. And we can copy the settings Tap “Okay” Go to the next picture. And we can just paste the settings. As you can see it’s going to give that brown tone. Let’s see in this photo We can paste settings, It’s going to give that soft kinda look on the skin tone and highlights And we can try it here. It’s going to give that brown tone to the photo On the sand it’s going to give that brown look And just export all of our photos There we go guys Alright guys And that’s it If you like this tone, don’t forget to check the preset on the description And if you like this video don’t forget to subscribe, like and comment. And I’ll see you on the next video Bye.

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