How to Edit & Upload Photo RRB Group-D jobs 2018 Full Details Telugu

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100 Replies to “How to Edit & Upload Photo RRB Group-D jobs 2018 Full Details Telugu”

  1. hope miku RRB Group-D jobs photo upload ki unte doubts anni eee video lo clear ayyay ankuntunnanu … for any doubts feel free to comment watch my previous videos follow the links:

    how to apply for RRB ALP & Technician jobs online:

    How to apply for RRB Group-D jobs online:

    RRB ALP &Technician Photo Details:

    RRB Group-D photo details:

    RRB jobs photo editing in computer:

    RRB jobs photo editing on any android mobile phone:

    Indian Railway playlist:

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  2. Application lo mee photo meeda name, date full clear ga kanapadutundaa??? antai naa application lo name and date vunnyi kani mari antha clear kadu… Reply friends..Is this issue same for all?
    And ALP application complete ga apply chesaka mail vachindaa??

  3. Bro name nd date white bg lo kakuda pic meede pettesa bro bg vachi white petta parleda doubt antha name nd date white bg lo kakunda body meeda mamuluga petta…acceptable eena bro…plz rly me…plz bro🙇🙇🙇

  4. Sir by mistake na photo kinda date name miss ayindi only foto okkate upload application reject avutundaa sir malli upload chesukune option untundaa reply me sir

  5. Anna nyanu ALP ki apply chyasanu background blue colour lo una photo pyatanu but name and date lyadu a pic mida AA pic marchatam kuduruthunda

  6. bro nenu photo pina black leters tho name &signiyer type chesi uplod chesanu name ki date ki em background apply cheyaledhu accept chesthara

  7. brother, photo mida name lo Oka letter mistake aiendee…
    example: na Peru Govind reddy
    but E name lo Govind Redd… ani padendhi emina problem unda please give me reply brother…

  8. group d nenu apply chesanu ela photo background​ wait lo pettaledu and kinda signature pettincharu mi video chusaka athaniki adigithe parvaledu annadu only alp vallake condition gani 10th qualification vallaki kadu antunnaru please help me this is contact number 9966564486 answer reply me

  9. Bro nenu details aite ichanu but email kuda ichanu aite email ku otp password ravatam ledu mobile number ku otp vachindi but email ki raledu

  10. Dear sir,
    Am applied Secunderabad(scr) but completed only registration, can i change Bangalore (swr) is it possible sir

  11. Nenu naa photo upload chesi napudu photo lo surname lo okka latter miss ayyindi vaddu naa application nee accept chestada..?

  12. Bhayya naa name Vempati. Raghu Ratna Kishore Varma chala peddadi photo meeda saripokapothe emcheyaali naa SSC lo ade name

  13. Thank you brother… Nenu ALP ki photo kinda name and date pettyanu…Accept chesthara Anna… Edit option unda Anna.. Please replay..

  14. Sir SSC lo na full name surname tho undi alane name petala ,and photo mida date 07_03_2018 undi but nen inka apply cheyaledu Ade date petacha sir tell me plZ….

  15. Sir, i have completed my two years intermediate vocational course in electronics engineering technician in 2007. Is this course equivalent to ITI. Please reply.. Thank you.

  16. Bro alp ki photo kinda ante photo kinda boarder ichi andulo name date raasanu photo Ni upload chesanu parleda

  17. HELLO SIR,nanu rrb application login chayalakapothunanu pls help me i am just completed my registrtion.i thought that,
    i was wronly filled my date of birth and i forget that so pleas help me out of this situvation sir.pleas tell me how to find date of birth of my registration pleas help me sir

  18. bro na pic dark blue shirt lo undi ani name and date ne white color lo upload chesa yemana problem avtunda pls rply

  19. Hello sir mera group d me photo reject ho gaya hai, dobara photo uplpad krne ke lie date kon si liki jayegi pahali vali ya ab jo upload karenge vo date.

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