How to Fix Touch Screen Dead Pixels / Stuck Pixels for Free

hello guys this Abhijeet And welcome to another brand new fixing video on this channel so guys this is my xiaomi mi5 phone And as you see there are couple of lines of bad pixels and stuck pixels on the middle of the phone screen so quick history short last Last October we went to GOECHA LA Mountain Treak and I think because of high altitude
low pressure with low cold temperature caused these lines of bad pixel on my
phone basically guys anything causes trauma to LCD screen can cause stuck
pixels or dead pixels now you guys are probably thinking what is a stacked
pixel or dead pixels you look at your LCD screen closely you will find out it
made out of millions of millions tiny tiny square dots
it’s called pixel and a stacked pixel is a pixel that do not changes its color it
is stuck on a single color and on the other hand bad pixels are those pixels
that stay but turned on and remain black bad pixels are often transistors that
had permanently dead and appears as a black dot so in this video guys I’ll
share you through the history how I able to fix my phone LCD screens is stuck
pixels so first thing I did also you guys can do same thing to fix your phone
screen is to go to google play store and search for dead pixel fix and from
the search result on load and install pixel test and fix app then open the
application and choose fixed yet pixel it will open a window that randomly
changed every pixel of the LCD at 50 Hertz and try to repair that dead pixel
or stack pixel it can take a long time from couple of minutes to couple up days
so it’s better to plug the phone with the charger so that it won’t run out of
battery I run the fixing process for near about
12 hours and then I stopped it some time if you are lucky this poses orc
for me I able to recover near about 20 percent stock pixels that’s pretty good
I think if the software method didn’t work for you you can try this next
method it bit risky so try it at her own risk
I will not responsible for any damage it costs to your device for this fixing
method you need a pen or a headphone jack and a piece of cloth then cover the
pen or headphone jack with the clothes and using it put pressure on the stuck
pixels as I am doing here so that the status of the stuck pixelscan be changed
and hopefully it will recover to this normal state sometime it works and
sometimes it won’t and please don’t put lot of pressure on
the LCD it can cause more damage so be careful after a day later I noticed that
all the stack pixel gradually decreasing and two-three days later all of the dead
pixel and a stack pixel are gone I feel so lucky to able to recover the phone screen I hope you guys also able to recover your device let me know your
experience in the comment section below and as always thanks for watching the
video and if you guys have been subscribed to this channel make sure to
subscribe for more video like this and I will meet you on my next video till then

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  1. Wish all of you guys a wonderful new year. hope you guys like this video. I you guys have any request let me know in the comment section below.

  2. Hey thanks for this, the program didn't work, but the second method of using an audio jack and a cloth DID, so I was super happy. After a bit of light pressure the stuck pixels were fixed. Thanks again.

  3. Will i face this problem on Note 9 after 2 years ???
    I really want to buy it now but i'm so worried about this problem

  4. I have some green pixels on the side of the screen, but they are only visible when the screen is black, what causes it, and can it be fixed?

  5. Hello,
    I have a galaxy S7edge
    On the screen there is a dent, and under it there are a lot of dead and stuck pixels(not in the middle of the dent).
    For the stuck and dead pixels could

  6. Liked and subcribed😁😁😀 Thank you!! I had this single black line that annoyed me, i tried everything and only this worked, this is usefull, thank you again😁

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