How To Get More Photography and Videography Clients

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  1. Ty
    Question that you’ve probably already answered before.
    How do I get my content to put on the advertisement without being the cheap or free guy to start?

  2. Hey Ty. I have found your channel at the right time. I love that you focus more on the business end because as someone who does video and photo its hard to find that kind of content. I would definitely like to buy your courses. I just gotta save more money because I am a broke photographer lol

  3. After listening and watching you for several videos now I am getting a pretty good idea on what I need to get after. Thank you

  4. Product photography, say I photographed a bottle of gin and posted on Instagram or my portfolio. Do I need to worry about any copyright infringement?

  5. caught on to you a couple weeks ago man and just wanna give ya ya roses while i can big dawg you out here killing the game with relatable content . keep up the good work and the great analogies fr lol "where are the beautiful women located, my brother" is exactly what we used to say back in the gap haha #keepgoin

  6. Yo… that openning… I'm not here to tell you how to take pictures of half naked models to piss off your wife… Had me DEAD! Exact reason why I'm not shooting with certain "Photogs"

  7. The suckey part is I have 3 things I do. Music videos, wedding videography, and IV done a couple commercials. I want to do mainly weddings and commercials but unfortunately majority of my clients are music videos. I can apply what you've taught here and expand my music video business even further but my heart is at weddings/ commercials/ and I write and film movies as well which I also make money from. 😩😩😩 Please start your business consultations we need you. I have very specific advise I need

  8. You are the best for sharing this info. My website is booty sauce right now. I do surf photography and I’m pretty dang good at it. Today I’m going to simplify my site, order business cards, create a logo and definitely raise my prices!

  9. I'm so glad I created a website that has 3 options only. The first thing you see is BOOK NOW when you hit my website.

    You know what my issue is? I'm JUST NOW doing this, and expecting it to turn a profit. Like I just finished it after 8 years of doing "word of mouth." I look up my name now, and I'm already ranking higher in searches than my entire 8 years of my studio name.

    Like, yo.

    I'm gonna just do what the fuck I want tbh cause this is exactly what I've wanted to say to everyone, including myself, forever.

  10. Can you talk about when to turn your photography/videography into a business? Like when to register yourself as a business and those steps that relate to it?

    I feel this is a topic that no one really talks about

  11. How different to do think the 3 different categories can be? Would you say the 3 things can be say weddings, cars and events? Or should it be something like 3 sub categories within one of those?
    Love your content btw, learning so much every time.

  12. Long time fan first time caller. If you want to add a market to your portfolio, what are your thoughts on being "the cheap guy" to get that job to add to your portfolio?

  13. Bro…You're gonna TAKE OFF!!! I watch every single video you post! The business side of things was my issue, I was over delivering to clients simply because I love to create content…I'm an artist more than a business man…I've done a ton of free work, but not anymore! I've been profiting for about 6 months now.

  14. Hey Ti, could you please add even more ads to you 5 Minutes-video, please? I cant get enough of those. 2 all spastics : yo, ad-block rulez

  15. How do you charge premium prices without having the content to show said clients?? Typically you can do things for free or for cheap to get the material to market. I don’t want to look crazy demanding high price with not a lot of content to show.

  16. Honestly man you’ve been giving out more knowledge for this level of videography, most people usually delve until like the beater stuff but you’ve been talking to Aldiane some more like experience people which People really need

  17. This all sounds good, but what lens do I need tho? 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 Great content as always, man. Keep killing it.

  18. It’s crazy the tips you give. Your videos inspired me to read and study the business more. I’m completely changing my business branding and learning to clarify my message to the type of clients I want to work with. It’s scary because I’m stepping into a whole new way of doing business but I’m excited for what I will learn and the success made from taking the initiative to educate Over entertaining myself. I have limited my tv watching and picked up some books. Thank you Ty!

  19. and speaking on being the cheap guy. i live near LA and i work with a lot of rappers and ALL of them expect videos to be around $150 (esp. hood ni–as). I don't have a website and i've recently rebranded. i'm not exactly new to the game, but my brand is. i was inactive for about a year and half, working a regular job saving up to get a quality camera (copped a bmpcc6k). my question is, how do i raise prices while still bring value to clients. I make an effort to build a relationship with each artist and i even send them free beats (i'm also a music producer). My end game is to become a music mogul that develops and nurtures future talented artists. I realize the task i've set for myself is huge. That's why my game plan right now is developing 2 artists i've come to know personally and create my brand around the content and music we come up with together. If I've learned anything from doing free or cheap videos for strangers, is I don't want to walk in a room with no leverage or worse, i don't want to be in a room where nobody knows who I am. My question I guess is, besides the obvious content is king strategy (i watch gary vee relgiously), what can I do to be viewed as a luxury brand and not be compared to the guys that do 1000 transitions in 5 seconds (i'm guilty of this and i've come to learn i hate this style).

  20. Ty. Thank you so much for answering my comment on your story. Now that I watch this video it put a perspective on what I need to do. I have 1 out of the 3. I'm going to save my money from my cheap guy profit and learn from your master course. Good bye cheat guy ✌

  21. Hey Ty! You just shined a light to the truth here! I was worrying too much on where to find the next client. If I may ask, we could really need some advise with facebook and instagram advertising. 🙁

  22. if you haven't already, you should make an audiobook for photographers and throw it up on places like audible (especially since it looks like you've basically done all that work already). I'd totally put that on my buy list.

  23. Hey Ty, do you have any trucks set up for mobile production or just for hauling gear? And if you do have one set up for mobile production, have you done a video on the set up? Just curious.

    Your business points are right on. 👍 My main gig is related to online and eCommerce. SEO, branding and a website for anyone offering goods and services is a must in this day and age. Also, having relevant and current information posted is a must. If someone sees you last updated your site 3 years ago, they will pass on you.

    SEO is all about organic searches and not so much paid ads for rankings. First off, not everyone can pay for the highest spot in the search results so chances are you are paying too much if you do. Take that money and pay for SEO to target keywords, listings on various directories and even having content written by others for you (that you edit). Secondly, most people don't click on the paid ads people see in returned search results because the average person searching has learned they don't have the highest relevancy related to their search. It is typically the first NON paid (organic) result they see that is most closely related to what they seek. And sites with eCommerce get ranked higher than non-eCommerce sites on Google so list some things to sell on your site to boot if you can.

  24. Man… OUTSTANDING. very very relevant and very specific advice. I got one for you, if one has no confidence, and shitty $2 friends who want nothing to do with photography/videography, how can one go about building something from there. I know confidence is the way, but nothing i do makes that happen… any tips on how to do? Cos i threw money at buying a Canon 5D mark IV, and a BMPCC 6K recently, but i have nothing to show for and am effectively out of around $7k (gear incl.)

  25. Man, stumbled on your channel…Watched a few videos…Man, I subbed! Totally enjoy your style….I am going to keep watching. Well done!

  26. Hey Ty,

    I didnt see a video about the real basics. EIN numbers, LLC, all the legal stuff ? I'm just now looking into all of it because I'm starting to make a business out of photography. I just cant find all the info i need. Still learning.

  27. Hey man. Great video. Engaging, entertaining and overall great content. Also love your set. Nice work. Glad you showed up on my home page. 🙂

  28. All I have is a Sony A7Sii, 50mm lens and the Zhiyun Crane Plus. What types of videos do you guys recommend I should shoot with my limited gear?

    My biggest dream is to be a real estate videographer, but there's not really a market for that here in London UK tho.

  29. The only reason coke advertise is TAX break…plain and simple…its a household name world wide…no one needs reminding that coke exists …they do it to save on tax…if they couldn't claim it…advertising would stop overnight.

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