How To Get The Cinematic Film Look On Any Camera

Last Year Women to Europe we bought These big Backpacks for our Trip and the Store that We Bought Them from Had This Thing? Where if You signed Up to be a member you got saved a couple Hundred Bucks or Whatever Long Story Short, We Had Money to Spend at that Store so over This last Weekend We bought These? you Can Tell, We love Coffee and Now we can have it on the go basically got this this Thermos Year it does Works Wonders You, [wouldn’t] believe how Long it Keeps Us a coffee hot, [Same] Report out it was like Burning my hand Everybody [I] can [My] Gosh it’s Scorching Now it Hurts Really yeah [yes] so Seeing Looks like it just came out Look [Right] Good [Go], [Ahead] [click] then, We got a couple of These a green Enamel Mugs very Travel-Friendly the real Reason that We got These is because not only? We wanted To use Them but so we Could Incorporate Them in Pictures? This Morning you’re Experiencing All Things you Talk It’s snowing so last Week’s Video [wasn’t] [as] cool as it looked now We have to deal With [Haley] Shoes that you [or] the Zippers won’t Is it Because There’s like Salt and Sand Inside of Them so I have this tape And Now her like Shoes Are Open and These are the only Shoes She brought so now I’m Just going to tape her Shoes Up Just like Hockey That’s a little [Better] [Found] This cool, Little Place [Say] Right off The road to be Crazy Reminds me of present The Weather Around here has Been Just beautiful, over the last few Days so we’ve Really, Been Taken Advantage of it while, We still Can? There’s Been Snow Up in the Mountains so we’ve Been Spending A lot of our Time up there We just Found this cave here and We have A cool Idea for [an] Instagram Picture? Stuff that We got history? We’re Going to go Ahead and Make that happen so What I’m gonna start out I’m going to want to put Coffee Around the Mountains Really Great This Circle Huh, How’s your, [Peepee] alright next Location [Yeah] hot [Yeah] commit [the] Nice Perfect [10] Location Number Two Pretty cool Personally I have never Been The one To Really send out Christmas Cards I think They’re Funny I think They’re Hilarious our Family I guess? We’re Doing one Now I don’t know really if we’ve ever done in the past I don’t think we have we just did One Few Weeks Ago for my Dad First one in A very Long Time [I] think Even Exact Basic My exact Point but I will Say that I’ve Never been As excited About a christmas Card until We got this one was A good day That’s good Pictures Remember A [sling] and Josh the ones Who Shot our Wedding Photos? Absolutely incredible You Can Check Them out [Eastland] Website will be linked Down Below They Just sent Us Some [Christmas] Done This is so cool [Clearly] you have to see This He knows all too, well that’s so sick Look at the Us and it’s Been Work Bored and then you put the little Pen [I] guess where you are Or Where Home is I guess Whichever one You so choose and then I still have to open This but I just want to show you the Presentation soon as she gets Done [We] good why but not the Kitchen [Shake], on We wash dishes There? That’s awful yeah [yeah] Book Is that Gold is like a little Star and yes We either put it like its Salt lake or? Cincinnati Whichever One Gets Groups Oh good Thanks [Called] Dad so sweet and then Look at this Record She took [the] Picture that is so so [I] never Featured on national Geographic Really that is sick This is a christmas Card Read it [I] read it out you, we? [Tyler] and [Haley] Really so Thankful to have been able to collaborate With you in Telling Your Wedding Story you’re Both Amazing People, oh Gosh that, we were Beyond Honored to have met Hopefully? We Can Catch Up in Utah so much Love [merry] Christmas? Josh and Eastland that They are so cool [I] love them and it’s like a christmas Card With a picture of Them [I] thought that our Refrigerator, [okay]? All [Right] Josh uslan you Guys Made our Fridge [ashley] so much Time This is so clear with cute Artistic It’s like the greatest Christmas Card we’ve ever Received Oh [that’s] Still Friends Holy Crap This Is this is the Same Principle that [you’re] [Up] Yeah Yeah Those aren’t yeah Those are sick and Luckily She gave us Bees We have our string so they Can Hang them [that] Is very Cool Aislinn Josh Thank you Guys? You Guys Are Welcome to come [here] anytime Cap will go Shoot together Let’s Meet again Check out These and Stuff and [Josh’s] Step Husband and Wife They Travel They Shoot your Pictures aren’t Saying She’s Been Featured on Natgeo? and yeah She’s There Literally Just awesome People Josh Hilarious, Hello Josh [he], [Was] like Just one of the dudes On our Wedding day Just Hanging out and we’re Doesn’t Care This is Really cool to get One From Those Guys, We love them? Ok so A few Weeks Ago I mentioned about making Some my color profiles that you Guys See on my instagram and on These Videos Available for Sale so the first Time Ever These colors that you’ve Seen in This Video are Available to you On my Website [I’ll] have a link to those as well Note That These Presets are at this Time Only Available on Adobe’s Premiere Pro and Adobe’s Lightroom so if you have one of this 214 Pictures Like [Rooms] for Pictures [Premieres] for Editing Videos Right Now There’s The 2 I’m looking Into Maybe getting them the preset Available for Final cut Pro But right now Yeah [I] need to need to Work that out this Is sort of Like a Beta Edition But but [What’s] kind of cool and what you might not Know if You Already Have Lightroom you Can Actually use These Presets on your mobile Photography too There will be a little I guess tutorial type thing A Demonstration how you can use those for your mobile Photography On your Phone if You have the lightroom App Which I don’t know I think the Apps free but you have to have Maybe A creative Cloud Account To [I] i’m not sure if You Have Lightroom then you can use it on the App this Is Just my first Preset That I Plan on doing My Plan on doing more in the Future and Really it’s Just Sort of A great Way to Keep your colors Consistent Throughout your Photography as, well as your Video Across all Platforms so Really [it]. Was Kind of like the Staple [or] [the] Signature to your Work So when People See Certain color Tones or Whatever They? [Recognize] That for your end and With These Presets you Can even TWeak In Lightroom and get Exactly what you want you can Just use them as a base that’s what I usually do so That’s exciting So what we need for Breakfast, We have a omelet With was Shits? We are Packing for These Messages? It in The Omelet Their Salmon

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