how to have a bad photoshoot *disappointing*

Good morning Oh God. Good morning guys. You know the drill by now. Here’s what goes on I’m going to the city– I’m literally it’s like a broken re cord player saying this again. I’m SORRY I’m going to the city today to meet up with my dad to hang out in the city San Francisco and take photos and such. we’re meeting at 7:00. It’s 6:40 I’m very late. Again. Guess what else? I need to get gas which will make me even more late, so I’m really going to be late And he’s gonna have to wait for me, and I feel bad. We’re meeting at a coffee place. You know how it is. I just hate myself. What can you do?You feel me? Like if you’re late, you’re late, you know what I mean? That was the risk people took when they decided to make plans with me. It’s just you don’t know if imma be late or not. That’s why I have no friends. No. I’m just kidding I don’t have friends for other reasons um. Oh, let me do with a little quick OOTD my pants are thrifted They’re these weird ass looking red. I don’t really My dad’s calling me. hello? I’m late. I’m gonna get gas. I woke up. No well I woke up at the time that I wanted to leave right before bed. I was like okay I’m gonna wake up at 6:20 so that I can leave at 6:20 Whatever, I’ll see you when you get here. Whenever you get here. I hate myself for this. Okay. I feel bad I need to get my gas so hold on a sec Well there goes the truck so it looks like I’m not gonna be talking okay? Why is this person–? UGH I hate being at the gas station. it’s my least favorite place Cannot wait to leave. I can’t wait to leave Oh my god these people think they’re gonna kill me waiting for my receipt to print okay Get me out of here got gas. now I’m on my WAY Thank goodness as I kind of explained while I was on the phone briefly But I didn’t really explain very clearly last night I set my alarm for the time that I was supposed to be leaving I don’t know what I was thinking so that was not my smartest move AH. Just drove over a curb, but hey, I got a full tank of gas, and I’m ready to fucking party. Oh wait I never did a full OOTD Let’s do an OOTD then let’s finish that up. My pants are these thrifted seventies inspired pants They’re ugly, but they’re kind of 70s So let it slide, then I’m wearing a crop strokes band T which I got from Urban Outfitters And then cropped myself the last, but not least I’m wearing a thrifted denim jacket. It’s actually not thrifted I don’t think actually I think it was my mom’s, but I count it as thrifted because it’s old so if anyone asks It’s thrifted not from my mom, but it’s technically from my mom, but I say it’s thrifted But I’m not gonna lie to you guys cuz I care about you, and I want you to know the truth. Oh shit I’m now in the carpool lane. Which isn’t really fair because I’m just chilling here alone fam I am now here. I’m a little confused Sorry ummm Met my dad at that place, and it was great, but I saw a different place down the street when I was walking here That’s a little bit more up my alley, so we’re going there for me instead and then we’re gonna start taking photos I love my life sometimes when we accidentally film people they Don’t like it. So hopefully we don’t have Are you like zooming in on me I Gotcha I kept my dad over here, and he’s not even filming me the man has one job And he doesn’t even you know enemy first let me tell quick story after it’s done pumping my gas I put my credit card in my pocket right here once I parked I went to go find my credit card, and it wasn’t in my wallet because it was in my pocket But I didn’t know that so I start like low-key crying Maybe a little bit like I lost my credit card at the gas station And I’m screwed so I sit there and I start calling my dad He’s not answering the spinning you cry a little bit more those like well I’m screwed like I’m gonna get towed or something then I reached in my pocket And there is my credit card and not it’s a lesson of the game Just persevere because you will find your way to your credit card and the mats where your heart autonomy. Oh my god That was so inspirational The coffee’s could Okay, just finished at the coffee place. We just found this and we’re gonna take some freaking pics There’s so many people around I’m feeling uncomfortable Okay these glasses look so ugly on me. I shouldn’t have brought them. There is some person dead ass lately Pointing and laughing at me as if I’m an embarrassment to this world I have feelings it’s somebody really laughing yes giggling at me, okay We’re moving on from the frickin staircase thing because it smelled like a nail polish fart You never knew that that existed well here you go now nail polish mixed wits card. It wasn’t cute, and it wasn’t good so That is the saddest thing ever that is a literal chocolate croissant that could have been eaten by me Okay, we’re at this cool vintage II kind of diner thing and next to it is like a record store That’s not open which just sucks because it would be cool to go in there But it’s still cool on the outside so for taking photos in front of this cuz you know I’m wearing some vintage 70s Pants today go to match the pant vibes. We need some nice vintage photo Opportunities, you know what I mean, but for a second before we take these photos Let’s just talk for a second the last like I’m though our it’s been kind of rough number one my outfit by hating okay I don’t like it It’s so ugly and it makes me sad, but we’re working with all we have number two I finally got over the fact that my outfit was ugly turn my frown not upside down but like turned it to like a straight line at least then we walked to take photos in this like little alleyway and I see A squirrel that was ran over or maybe it was a rat I don’t care its guts were all over the road I actually teared up a little bit because it’s one thing to see like roadkill, but when it’s guts are everywhere It’s just like a little bit more sad then I watched a guy do heroin So I don’t know it’s been a little bit of a rough past like hour But we’re gonna make it we’re gonna make it happen. We’re gonna go in there We’re gonna go in there take some photos, maybe get some like coffee or something because I don’t want diabetes sorry is that offensive We literally walked in and then they said no filming and you know what We’re struggling we’re really struggling today for me bad day for me, not good. This is real life guys Okay, not every shoot. Goes. Well. I’m sad also. I need to wear better outfits because this outfit fuckin sucks So my dad left he is going home now, but I decided I’d stay in the city today and just hang out It’s only 10:00 a.m. Let me give you a little food haul I was gonna film in there, but like the security guards And they were freaking me out, and I didn’t want to get arrested so I didn’t film it there I got some nice avocado cucumber sushi Great two little things from urban remedy this first one is inflammation relief. It’s like post like help you Oh It has pineapple ginger lemon Pineapple ginger lemon turmeric and cayenne in it and it tastes like shit. I also got mint cacao Chip smoothie it has banana almond milk cashew spinach mint pea protein and cacao nib in it so yeah I’m gonna eat this beautiful sushi now so I’ll see you afterwards because this ain’t no mukbang you feel me all right It’s time to go home. I’m done. Oh shit wrong way. I’m tired. I’m emotional. I’m emo as fuck. Honestly the pictures today Weren’t my favorite it happens it happens you deal with it We doin a u-turn right here, baby, that was so stressful I don’t I’m having a little panic attack live footage panic attack of me live footage right now I did a u-turn and we’re good I don’t think I was allowed to do you turn there, but it doesn’t really seem like I care do I Okay, so I just got ball. Let’s change into some sweats one two three I’m gonna clean my room. I have all of these clothes to put away right here. No I’m gonna do that then I’m gonna make it a coffee, but first. I have to go pee so let’s do that The lighting in here is freaking orange and tragic But when you guys subscribe to this channel you did not subscribe For good camera quality because we all know that that’s not something I can offer I just feel like having a clean room is so necessary for life when my room is clean I feel like meet again when my room is clean I feel like I have everything in life under control and therefore. I love having a clean room I just think it’s so important so I try to clean my room like every single day do I actually succeed at that no? It’s always really tempting to just put these clothes into the dirty hamper even though They’re not dirty because you know it’s like well I could just put them in there, and then I don’t have to put them away at the moment But that’s just a temporary solution. You know what I mean. It’s like put him away fam That’s what I’ve learned in this life because you’re gonna have to put them away at some point anyways you can’t just keep Cycling it through the hamper. You got to put it away, and that’s just that’s the lesson of the day I really need another coffee. I’ve only had like one today, so I mean what can I say you know I? Don’t even like this shirt, and I don’t know why I bought it There’s probably been so many time lapses in this video today because I’ve taken a lot of time-lapse footage today and like so this entire Video is just gonna be one big long time lapse so sorry about that Sorry, just me and BAE hashtag chillin oh My god Haha, I’m why can I not talk I jus I I need put on a hoodie. I’m cold BRB What So that’s okay, I guess I accidentally activated it before I walked away I don’t know okay, my life is kind of a mess. Let’s try that again I’m so tired right now like I’m a rat Frothing my milk there. We go now we watch the magic unfold Sometimes coffee kinda smells like fart for some reason, but then other times It smells like Jesus Christ himself, so so it’ll be confusing, but anyway Done okay, I’m ending this shit. I’m too tired for this good night

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