How To Install An Outdoor Camera: Quick Demonstration

Welcome to Protect America’s outdoor
camera installation tutorial. The outdoor camera allows you to protect your
home’s perimeter and check on your home from anywhere and anytime. You can set recording
rules to notify you when your security system triggers an event. Whether it’s day or night,
rain or shine. Before we begin the installation, you must
verify that you have a nearby power outlet, an upload speed of at least 2 Mbps and a WiFi-enabled
smartphone to connect your camera to For installation, we recommend using a power
drill and a 1/2 inch drill bit, a Phillips head screwdriver, a ladder, a glow rod and
chain, and an extension cord. Your package will include the V723 camera,
power supply, mounting plate, and Wall anchors & screws. If you do not have a nearby power outlet on
the inside or the outside of your home, consider a long extension cord or the assistance of
an electrician. When choosing a location of your outdoor camera,
be sure it is in a shaded or covered area, an area where the mounting bracket will be
installed on a flat surface, and that the camera height is at least 10 feet off the
ground enabling you to capture the surrounding area. The first step of the installation is to make
sure your upload speed is at least 2 Mbps at the location of where your camera is going
to be placed. Next, you will find the location where you
will be drilling the hole for the camera’s wire. This will give access to the power outlet
you have chosen such as in your attic. Use a half-inch drill bit to be sure the camera
wire can fit through. Now you will use a glow rod with a chain and
magnet to run the wire through the wall. Attach the camera wire on the chain at the location
of the power outlet and pull the wire through. The next step is to attach the mounting plate
to the wall with the provided screws. Wall anchors may be necessary if you are installing
masonry or stucco. Now plug in the camera wires to the power
supply and attach the camera to the mounting plate. Then tighten the screw. You may now plug in the power supply to the
power outlet. An extension cord may be needed if the power outlet is far away. It’s time to set up your outdoor camera
through the application. Select add device in the left navigation bar. Select
video camera, then the V 723 camera. Verify your camera’s LED is flashing white. Now
name your device. Connect your phone to your outdoor camera’s
temporary wifi. Then return to the App to select your home’s wifi and enter
your password. When the camera’s LED is flashing red, this
means your device is powering on and starting up. When the camera’s LED is flashing green,
this means your device is connecting to the local wifi network. When the green light stops
flashing, your camera is now connected to Make sure your camera is adjusted to the right
angle for optimal security and then tighten the setting screw on the side of the device. In the application, you can enable
push notifications and setup personalized recording rules. You are now ready to begin using your
outdoor camera with Protect America. For more information or to chat with us, visit

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