How To Install Presets To Lightroom Mobile | iPhone | 2019

In this video, I’m gonna show you how to install presets to Lightroom Mobile so you can edit photos like these. (upbeat music) Straight from your phone. (uptempo music) What’s up creative people? I’m Oliver Sjöström and
today I’m gonna show you how to install presets
to Lightroom Mobile. This so you can edit amazing
photos while on the go straight from your phone. If you’re using an Android
or a desktop computer, I’ve made videos for that as well, you’ll find those linked
in the description below. Again, this video is for iPhone users. Also you should stay
to the end of the video where I’ll be giving you a free download of my favorite preset that you can use to edit your photos. All right, let’s do this. Start off by going to the
description of this video. There you will find the
link to a free preset that you can download and use for demonstration purposes of this video. It also gives you some
pretty damn cool edits so go check it out. Follow the steps on the website and you will be taken
to my Messenger chat. There I will ask you a couple of questions regarding photography and filmmaking and how I can better
help you in the future so just answer the questions in the chat and you will be given a
link to my free preset. Then fill in your email
address and where you’re from and then click Download. An email to download the
files will be be sent to you so head over to your email provider and make sure to check your
spams and promotions folder because many times the
email ends up there. The email will come from Sellfy which is the website that
I use to send the presets so open up the email and
then scroll all the way down and press Download product. Then press Download again
and open up the file. And you’re gonna need an unzip
app to open up the folder as it comes in a zip format. And a very good app and that
is free in the App Store is iZip so go check that out if you don’t already have an unzip app. Once you got the app, open up the folder and let the program do its work. Once you’re inside the folder locate the DNG file,
which is the mobile preset and choose Open in Lightroom Mobile. Once you’re inside the
app, go to the DNG file that you just added named Greece 03 then go to the three dots
in the top right-hand corner and choose Copy Settings. Make sure all the settings are
selected and then press OK. Then scroll over to the Presets tab in the bottom right-hand corner, then press on the three dots in the top right-hand corner again but this time choose Create Preset. Then give your preset a suitable name and then add it to a preset group, I’m just gonna add it
to my tutorial presets. Make sure these blue boxes are selected then press done in the
top right-hand corner and the preset has been installed. Now let’s try the preset on a photo so I’m just gonna pick
this photo right here and I’m gonna head over
to the Presets tab, I’m gonna go into my preset
group, the tutorial presets and I’m gonna add the Greece
03 preset by Ollivves. Then I’m gonna make some basic changes to make the preset suit
perfectly to this photo. And there you have it guys, that’s how you install
presets to Lightroom Mobile. And that is how you install
presets to Lightroom Mobile. But let’s say that for some reason that didn’t work for you. One of the most common
problems that people encounter is that they don’t get the option to open the preset in
the Lightroom Mobile app. Tranquilo amigo! Take it easy! I got you covered. Follow these next steps to troubleshoot your preset installation. All right so let’s say that
you’re in the unzip app and you try to open up the DNG preset file but you don’t get the
option to open in Lightroom. A way to solve this is
by scrolling through all the way to the right of your apps and click on the More button. Then you can select which apps you want to show up as an
option to open the file in and obviously if the
Lightroom app is not ticked in it won’t show up as an option to open in so make sure it’s green. And that’s how easy it
is to solve that problem. But let’s say that you tried all that but still the Lightroom
Mobile app won’t show up. Well actually my friends,
there’s another way that you can get the preset
into your Lightroom Mobile app. Choose the Save to Files option and save the file to your iCloud Drive. Just press on the cloud
thingy and then add. Then head over to your Files app, open it up and there you will
find the Greece 03 preset. Press on the preset and then
on the top right-hand corner and then save it as an
image to your Photos. If you now head over to your Photos, you’ll see that the preset
is there as an empty image and this is because the Photo app does not know how to
process this type of file. But Lightroom does so
let’s head over to the app, open it up and then choose add photo and there, the preset file
should be available as a choice. Then press done in the
top right-hand corner and there you will have the
preset ready to install. So just follow the steps in
the first part of the video and you will be good to go. And that’s two ways that
you can install presets to your iPhone. That’s it for this video, I hope that you’ve found it helpful. If you did, make sure give it a like, subscribe for more videos related to photography and filmmaking, check me out on Instagram, I post something every single day, the stories are popping and
I do giveaways every week. Also tag me on your edits so
I can see and share your work. Don’t forget to go get
yourself a free preset linked in the description below and if you like the presets
you should go check out my shop where I have travel
presets, vintage presets, beach presets, all the
presets you’ll ever need in the shop, go check them out. That’s it, see you in
the next one, I’m out. (upbeat music)

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