How to Make a Comic Book Cartoon Effect From a Photo — Photoshop Tutorial

Hello, everyone Today, we’ll see how to create a “Comic Style Cartoon Effect” like this This is the final effect, and this is the original picture so, we’ll see how to go from a regular photo to something like this also, you need to download this Halftone border in here if you want to use the same effect that we’ll be using in this tutorial I’ll make sure to put this border in the link where you can download it and use it for free Alright fantastic, so LETSGETTOIT!! OK, so open your Adobe Photoshop and drag the image that you want to use and by the way, it has to be in a high resolution if you don’t have in a high resolution go to: image image size and put 150, or 300 it’s better to be 150 because we’ll be applying a halftone effect to it later Make sure to have it higher that 72 resolution alright now, we’ll crop our image it’s not necessary to crop it, but it’s better to use the face area for this effect I’ll make like this I’ll use the face again alright, press ENTER And, now I will add a little bit of highlight to this image so, I’ll go to: image>adjustments and I will choose Shadows/Highlights and I will add a bit of Highlights it wont be that much in the amount I’ll put: 15 and in the Tone I’ll put: 20 and in the Radius I’ll keep it 30 and for the Highlights, I’ll also put: 15 in the Amount and for the Tone I’ll put: 20 and in the Radius I’ll keep it 30 px as you can see, this will give a bit of Highlights and press OK Now, I’ll create a copy of this image so I’ll press Ctrl+J and I’ll call this “Lines” and, I’ll uncheck it visibility Because we’ll use it later Now, I’ll go back to this layer in here I’ll right click and choose “Convert to Smart Object” Because, we’ll apply some filters to it, and its better to convert it, so that way we can adjust whatever we want later the first filter we’ll use is we’ll go to Filter Gallery And, in the Artistic Folder Open it and choose “Poster Edges” That will be our first filter Just put this values For the Edges Thickness put: 0 And for the Intensity put: 8 and for the Posterization put: 0 Press OK As you can see, because we convert to a smart object, it will give us this option where you can edit it Or make it visible or unvisible we’ll edit it, we’ll reduce the opacity a bit Double click to it like this and I’ll go to opacity and I’ll put: 70% Press OK Now, I’ll go back to Filter Gallery this time we’ll use a different filter a Cutout filter I’ll put this values 6 in the Levels and 4 in Edge Simplicity and 2 in the Edge Fidelity Press OK as you can see, it doesn’t look that much for now so we need to reduce it opacity too So, double click to it again and I’ll put 60% in the opacity Press OK Now, the last filter we’ll use for this image is a Color Halftone filter So, go to Filter and this go down to Pixelate and choose Color Halftone in the Max Radius put: 6 And make sure to 45 in all the channels Press OK As you can see we’ll get a Halftone in here and it will look a little bit blurry So that’s way we need to change it blending mode again, I’ll double click to adjust the options in here Instead of Normal I’ll change to Soft Light and, I’ll turn down the opacity for 70% Like this Press OK as you can see it does look cool now

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