How to Make a Lightroom Photo Collage in Only 20 Seconds!

Hey, everyone. This is Cole with Cole’s Classroom.
Today I’m going to show you just how easy and quick it is to make a photo collage in
Light Room. Step one, here we go. Step one we’re going to come on the left side. We’re
going to pick one of our templates. Step two, we’re going to go and drag some photos in.
Step three, we’re going to export them out, pick the resolution you want, and print to
file and tell it where to go and give it a name and voila. We are done just like that.
Let’s go and see the final photo to make sure it’s something that looks good that you’d
be happy with. Here it is all done, looking pretty, looking awesomely sharp, and you’re
done. It is literally that simple to make a photo collage in Light Room when you have
the right tools. You can certainly set this up yourself, but your life would just be so
much easier if you wanted to use these templates because I’ve already done the hard part for
you. Now, maybe you’re thinking, “Man, how do I
get all of these different templates loaded into Light Room?” I’m going to go and show
you just how easy it is. Right now, we’re going to go and delete out this entire folder.
They’re gone. Now here’s what we’re going to do. We already have the zip file right
here. I have the files extracted from the zip file here and just watch how easy this
is. We’re going to first right click. We’re going to do new folder. Now, come down to
your new folder, right click right there and say import. We’re going to go ahead and find
the folder, not the zip file, the folder, go ahead and grab all of these, hold down
shift to select them all, import, and watch them load right on in right about now. Now
we’re done. Now we’re done and ready to go, hey, you want to do a Facebook cover photo?
No problem. Let’s just go in and throw a couple of photos in here. There we go. We’ll move
that one into place like so, and now we’re done. Once again, print to file, and it’s
all done. Now, you might be thinking, “What about if
I want to include my logo?” Let me go ahead and show you how easy it is to do that as
well. Come over here, and let’s just pick any old template will do. Here we go. Let’s
drag some photos in, let’s move them into place, let’s find some other stuff here. If
that happens, no problem, just come here to do rotate to fit, and there we go. Now we
need to put in our logo. All you got to do is come right over here, go to identity plate,
that’s the big trick right there, and if you already have your logo it’s already in there,
but if you don’t just come here to edit. Instead of styled you’re going to want to pick user
graphical identity plate, locate the file, which would be a png file, just like I have
right here, and then you’re going to load it in. It will just automatically come in.
Hit okay, and now you can drag and drop it wherever you’d like. Now when you’re ready
to export, come over here, pick your resolution, hit print to file, and once again you’re all
done. Now you can just how easy these collage templates
are. That’s been my goal is to make your life just a little bit easier, and hey, don’t get
me wrong. If you want to go ahead and set all these up at the different sizes in Photoshop,
knock yourself out. If you want to use Photoshop or outsource it [inaudible 00:03:47] go for
it, but if you want to retain your own workflow inside of Light Room, then I just know you’re
going to love these. It’s that simple. The coolest thing that I’ve come up with since
using the presets, and this is the perfect way to finish off your photos. You’re going
to bring them on in, you’re going to edit them, you’re going to make them look awesome,
and now you’re going to showcase them amazingly, too. Here you go, and I hope you enjoyed the
quick tutorial. Grab the templates. I know you’re love them. We’ll talk to you soon.

24 Replies to “How to Make a Lightroom Photo Collage in Only 20 Seconds!”

  1. Hello, thank you for there tutoriels. I have a question. Do you ever use the adjustment of sharpness? If so how much? Because thats where I run into problem. Some pictures show the sharpenning and it look bad, and some dont. Thanks for the answer

  2. I just downloaded these presets, & I am having trouble re-positioning the photo in the collage once it is dragged to desired place. Please help!

  3. Need help!!
    1st, great video, helps.
    2nd, I need help.
    Hi there, when I try to do 'Print to File', I only get option of saving the file in *.prn file. why so? What do I need to do to enable to jpg option?


  4. Great video thank you. I have downloaded your free templates, thank you, but it says they are the wrong format when I try to import them. Help please!!

  5. Great video! I bought your templates.
    Just one question though, when I go to use them for some reason it will not let me drag the photo to adjust what part of the image is seen. I'm not sure if that question makes sense, but when I try to use them it cuts off the part of the image I want to see and I can't slide the image over.
    Thank you kindly.

  6. Not that easy. The 4 wide template does NOT work. You can only load one photo into top cell! Useless! Try it! And in other templates for 2 different photos it will only accept 2 copies of the same photo!!! Really, Lightroom is proving to be a USELESS editor and very very annoying!! 20 seconds-no way. There is no way in reality that you can create a collage like that in my version of Lightroom. Will have to give up I think :((

  7. Hey Cole – thanks for this quick tutorial. I have a question. If I want to send a collage off to be printed as a wrapped canvas, do you have a way to ensure that the edge of the picture isn’t the edge of the canvas? Maybe I am asking for a template that would have a border sufficient for wrapped canvas so there is a solid border wrapped on the edges instead of the photo itself.

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