How to Make a YouTube Custom Thumbnail Tutorial — Quick and Easy

So how do you make awesome looking custom
thumbnails that get you more views on your YouTube videos ? even if you don’t have any
graphic design knowledge at all I’m gonna show you how in this quick and easy
tutorial right now Hey what’s up guys Sean here with video influencers
helping you build your influence income and impact with online video and on this channel
we do interviews with video influencers as well as tips and strategy videos just like this one so if you’re
new here you know consider subscribing but as you know custom thumbnails are one
of the most important parts of actually getting people to watch your videos and for having success on
YouTube in general but it can be hard to make thumbnails like the pros so let’s jump into some quick
and easy tips right now and hey before we jump over and make the thumbnail we are going to talk about
how to make a screen shot from your video and use that for your thumbnail but the very best thing
that you can do is to take a separate photo intentionally for your thumbnail so first I’m going to take
a couple of photos with my smart phone that we are going to be able to use in the thumbnail ok guys so like I said the first thing we
are going to do here is we can grab a screen shoot of the video
. now I’m using the snipping tool and I’m on
a PC you could do a screen capture and you can capture the whole screen I am just going to take a picture
of a frame of a pause YouTube video your best place to do this might be actually in your video editing
software or making your video full screen if you wanted to grab a screenshot like this next
you want to jump over to and canva is entirely free it is a super cool design site and that’s
where we are going to design our custom thumbnail starting here on this screen once you are
sign up for your account say use custom dimensions what you want to do is do is 1920 by 1080
that is HD resolution dimensions and that is going to be the dimensions of your custom thumbnail so just
put those numbers in there and then what you wanna do is you can go to uploads and upload either
the photos from a custom thumbnail shoot were you take some intentional photos or the screenshot
so with that screenshot there you can see that one here and all you gotta do is drag it in and you
can scale it up and then put text on there and use your screenshot however you want but I’m going
to use one of these photos from the shoot I just did just now sitting here with my iPhone and this
just shows you can make great thumbnails even without necessarily like a great camera because it’s
the front facing camera of my iPhone and it’s not even the greatest quality and so I was able to just
put those in there but one of the things I recommend is that if you have a DLSR or something that you take
some high quality photos for your thumbnail and the first thing that you wanna do is you actually
want to make it a little more contrasty you want to up the saturation and you want to sharpen
it the way you do that on canva is if you go to the blur tool if you go that way it makes if blurry but
if you go the other way it makes it sharper and there’s been research done and stuff to say that thumbnails
are more effective if they are about 30% over saturated and 30% over sharpen because it’s so small
you want the image really to pop is not going to be this big right and there is my crazy face sorry about
that so then what you can do is you can add text and the way I like to make my text to pop out and
make it readable is by adding a shape first and so in this case we can bring in a nice rounded corner box
here and put a shape where our text is going to go and then we can change the color of it you
can grab extra colors and maybe grab a dark gray shade or something just like that and then
what we can do is grab out text and simply put it in here how with whatever out video is about and so
I usually like to do kind of block text but of course whatever your style is and we could say weird
trick for YouTube kinda matches my face and change the text to white and we should be good to go
now a couple of principals for good thumbnails is you don’t want to use too many word right
? because is so small you want it to be as kinda big and readable as possible
so there you go and another thing that you can check out in canva is that if you go over to the search
bar here you can come up with just search YouTube you can come up with cool designs and cool
shapes and stuff so actually can bring in like a logo and maybe put this down here and that could
be like kinda sitting in my hand even though my hand kinda got cut off and we can get rid of this
text and boom there you go and what I like I said what I like to do is usually have like a nicer image for
the thumbnail that we actually take intentionally so this kinda gives you a look into our world
of what like Benji and I would do for a video influencers shoot is we would put the camera on a timer
on the DSLR and shoot custom you know intentionally photos that are going to be use for our thumbnails
right ? so in this case we can go weird trick for or just weird trick ’cause the YouTube logo is there
yeah alright and then that can be just move down here you can rotate a little bit and like I always
like to do I think that having it be really readable is important one of the best ways to do that is probably
throw an element behind it that just really makes it pop on the page and then what you do is click
on this and say back and it sends that to the back YouTube weird trick and just like the other
photo even if it is with your DSLR go a head and sharpen it up a little bit up the saturation
a little bit contrast maybe move the image around and there we go YouTube weird trick and then all
you gotta go is say download and say high quality image and that will save into your computer and
then just hit save and then will cut over to my media channel and so we are inside creator studio and we
are on the videos themselves and we’re in the place where you edit your stuff of course we have
your default three options to pick thumbnail or your change icon custom thumbnail right here go to your
folder and pick out the thumbnail that you wanna upload which would be this one and then that
one would update right there if I wanted to change this thumbnail now just in case you don’t have
this option here one thing that you need to do is turn on your account for monetization so if you go to YouTube
settings and go to view additional features you want . to make sure that your account is set up for
monetization right here once it is it doesn’t actually mean you have to monetize your videos it just means
monetization needs to be turn on and so once that’s turn on the ability to do custom thumbnails
will show up on your channel so hey before you go I wanna let you know
about one more thing custom thumbnails will definitely help your video but they are just one part of overall
YouTube success and so a lot of you probably already downloaded our free guide but if you haven’t
yet is a check list for 19 things to do every time you upload a YouTube video and it will help your
video just get more views and help your channel get more subscribers and so I’ll link it up in the
YouTube card and put it in the description below so definitely check that out but hey you are ready to make
custom thumbnails and remember it’s always best if you can take some pose shots during your video
shoot so that you’ve got a really nice photo for your custom thumbnails and then just use free software
with two questions of the day optional number one
what kinda videos are you creating on YouTube and are you going to be using this thumbnails for
? and the second question is maybe you have a different software or a different way you create custom
thumbnails I’d love to hear about it in the YouTube description and as always some of the best
tips and conversations happens from the video influencers community in the YouTube comments so make
sure to connect down there so hey thanks so much for checking out this
video definitely subscribe for more videos just like this one and don’t forget to download the 19 tips check
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the like button and until next time keep crushing it and we will talk soon oh my back my back hurts oh in the middle
of a shoot day im in the middle of a batch shooting day and
I’m exhausted but hey if you haven’t seen the video on consistency batching is one of the tips in
the YouTube card YouTube card will link link to that video if you’ve never seen it

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  1. The Canva site functionality has changed since you posted this video, but I was able to figure it out. Thanks SO MUCH for this useful (and free) information.

  2. Great tips! You asked about what other editing software we use to create thumbnails right now I'm using Canva… but I also really like using PowerPoint. I create content/images in PowerPoint and then save them as jpegs. There's a lot of really great features with PowerPoint because you can use their automatic design ideas sometimes and it'll give you a new way to think about things. So that's what I use also. I really enjoy your tips and thank you for your YouTube channel! I learn a lot from you guys 🙂

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