How to make animated pixel icon! (for DA)

hello! and today were doing “how to make pixel icon!” it can be used on deviantart to so maybe lets get started! so! first of all! the size 50×50 (i don’t know.. i just saw at the other vid..) and now! you can draw pixel! imma draw pixel so i might brb :l im back! and here you go! if you wanted to animate a face.. you could save with no face so you cannot erase it or just delete it now its time to draw face! now you can see i saved that with no face.. now its easy! you just paste the no face thingy! then open another paint then paste this one… (oops wrong one lol) then here you go! now meh bak and im done! to animate/speed.. go to the google chrome and searched.. “” now you can see theres a mix in right of the middle so! click the “frame animation” then paste all your works! then follow what im doing TA-DAA!!! (its kinda fast.. ;w;) thank you for watching! please subscribe and if you enjoy this video.. please give it a thumbs up! so thank you for watching and bai!

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