How to Make One Camera Shoot Look Like Two

When you’ve got an interview footage from
two cameras you have an ability of flexibility to cover all jump cuts in your editing room. But very often circumstances won’t allow
you to have so much flexibilities. In this case we have to use our creativity
to make an illusion of a multiple cameras using. Here are 3 ways to do that. Way #1. Shoot in 4K or higher for 1080p master file. Adjust your record settings to 4K format. And in your editing room you just scale and
reposition your video a bit. So you will have no any video quality drops
in your footage. Just do not forget to shift the position a
little to not to avoid uncomfortable jumps between your shots. Of course if your final destination is higher
than 1080p, then you should shoot in 6K, 8K, etc. Way #2. Shoot additional B-rolls. A bit boring and artificial way but very actively
used on TV. Either before or after the interview shootings
find some time to shoot additional footage like close-ups of arms gestures, badges on
clothing, extremely wide shots so a viewer can’t notice articulation issues. The ugliest b-roll of this is close up of
a guest. It looks like a patch. But! TV uses that method, so…you should we? Way 3. Re-position your camera during the interview
process. This method is aggressive and honestly has
no such flexibility in the montage as in the previous examples but you may consider it
as well. While you shoot the interview just change
your camera position and resize the frame. But there are several issues occur:
1. You have to cover these movement gaps with
something else like b-rolls. 2. You interrupt your guest with such movements. And they can lost their wave of the narrative. And they can forget what they talk about. In the interviews sometimes you have one chance to hear the guest’s revelations. So as you can see, it is not the very best option. Thanks for watching. If this video helps you, hit the like button. Thank you and see you in the next tutorials

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