100 Replies to “how to make retro 80’s 90’s edits (video&photo) // app tutorial”

  1. Kpopers are ruining the image of the Queen, using in their videos, Brian would feel offended to see it, Deaky, Roger and Freddie too, God protect me from the curse Kpop. I respect those who like it, but using my precious Queen AI is another level

  2. Guys you can change Prequel for Kira Droid, Snow or Indie if you don't have iOS, hope this helps

  3. Ok I’ve got an iPhone so like I
    downloaded the 1st app
    But the thing is you gotta pay for the full usage of it so rn I’m trying out the free limited version. The question I’ve got is “the MIA effect you used is it a part of the limited or purchased version on the first app?”

    Edit: just seen that you are in fact not using the premium membership thing. I still can’t c the mia effect on the app btw I think they took it off.

  4. If you have Android i think you can use kiradroid and also i think PREQUEL has updated and i couldnt find the effects the closest was something called disco

  5. there’s a new update on prequel but there isn’t “mia” anymore and i don’t now which effect is it … can anyone help

  6. ¿ PREQUEL: Efectos y filtros de AIAR Labs Inc https://apps.apple.com/mx/app/prequel-efectos-y-filtros/id1325756279 ?

  7. For those who have Android or people who use earlier versions of IOS download an apk,most of them aren't hacks so yeah ✨
    [I have an Android btw]

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