100 Replies to “How to make stuff FLOAT in your photos!”

  1. or you could just look for a picture of a cup on google and cut round it a lair in into the picture ..but still its good to do things and learn for me it would be just as easy to ..just take a picture of you even holding the cup then and it in with a new adjustment layer

  2. One thing that Peter knows and executes well, is not only how to be informative but how to be entertaining. Most videos on photography come off quite dry but Peter has me watching all the way to the end every time

  3. I wanted to float a desk top vanity I recently made but…its about 40 lbs and very awkward, ill find a different creative route to showcase it

  4. I was an international studnt in Canada about a year ago for about five months. Therefore, when I saw the Tim Hortons cup in the Video, therefore when I saw the Tim Hortons Cup, I instantly got hardcore cravings 😀

  5. It´s SO funny to watch your early videos compaired with the ones you make today! Shows how you have improoved in every way! Thats what I am planing!! 😀 Great video btw…trying it! hehe

  6. you can just throw the mug up in the air and increase the shutter lmao be careful not to miss the landing with your hands tho

  7. Great demonstration to build a foundation of skills. Binge watching all day at work…er, at home I mean, on my free time, not at work, or they'll float my paycheck.

  8. This is awesome! It's the second video of yours that I'm watching and I'm definitely subscribing, oh I already did it!

  9. My question is how many times did you get tagged in a photo of someone throwing up a coffee cup with coffee 😂😂😂

  10. Peter: You guys should float stuff, tag me in that.
    Me: Umm, you’re getting kinda obsessed with floating… is everything okay?
    Peter: Don’t be silly, we all float!
    Me: …What?
    Peter: You’ll float too!
    Me: Oh gOD NO

  11. Just stumbling trying to find a motivation to get back using Photoshop to create arts again. I guess I'm at the right place! Thank you 🙂

  12. hahaha I though I was the only one that would be so excited while editing
    "before, after, before, after"
    a c u r a t e

  13. HEY PETE! Love the channel mate, so inspiring. What do you use for editing? Looks like a trackball in this clip? I thought you would use a grafix tablet, enjoying mine immensely, Hate the hair do, LONG HAIR LIVES FOREVA….HAHA joking, looks good, cheers man

  14. Should I show you the easiest way to make things floating in your pictures? Drop that cup and draw focus on the floating object and record it. Pause the video and take a screenshot. Boom

  15. I love that youre so amazing and professional photographer but you enjoy using this one little tool so much

  16. This is a great skill that everyone who deals with images absolutely should know. The hardest bit is parting with the substantial sum of money Adobe charges for the Lightroom and Photoshop tools. Thanks, Peter. You are fast becoming my favorite YouTube vlogger.

  17. Also with the lens that you added. Could you have just made a circle, feather it, filled it in white, and drop the capacity?

  18. HEY EVERYBODY! Does anyone know how Pete makes his intros? Or does he buy them off of a place like Evato Market? The licensing on sites like that freak me out. Thanks!

  19. Since I photograph a lot of nothing out at Area 51, I like to get a realistic model of a flying saucer, use a 8 dollar lamp pole from target,.. get a fishing poll,, attach that poll to the light poll,., and put my saucer some place over a mountain out there…. thanks for the video,, it gave me a lot of ideas.. I might as well have some fun while I am waiting for the mother ship,,,, hehehehe

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