How to make your pictures COME TO LIFE using a CINEMAGRAPH

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  1. Nice tutorial ! Famous french rappers "Casseurs Flowters" have done music video clip with almost only cinemagraphs, a great example to see all the possibilities of this technic !

  2. I made a cinemagraph watching this video but for some reason my gif has a slight loss in color and quality in the gif file. Anyone have any idea what happened?

  3. Great video! Just a tiny comment about gifs guys, keep in mind that those can keep only 256 colors. If you shoot a super cool and colorful footage or you have a lot of gradients your colors will be patchy. Be smart and shoot something with less colors, or pump the contrast or you can also transform everything black and white!

  4. Peter, Big Fan, I've used your tutorial to do cinemagraphs with great success, however I'm seeing those floating around with motion in texture, and not motion of the subject. How does that work? As opposed to capturing video of the subject and masking out a small portion of the screen shot, they are using what looks to be a photo and then manipulating the texture into motion some how. Any input would be greatly appreciated (to all as well) . Thanks in advance

  5. Excuse me if im wrong, why would u use the second layer. In stead of using the first layer and the still image and masking everything but the coffee drop.

  6. Not bad.. but either learn about PIP (pic in pic) or just show us your screen. Too much camera time on you and not enough on your screen.

  7. 2017 almost 2 years after and you never talked about it They updated some stuff in photoshop that adobe is advertising make a video on that Peterman!

  8. why not just reverse copy the clip and put it at the end so that you avoid all this trouble? still you got an amazing solution and you taught us how to do it your way

  9. Hey Peter! I have a question I found this video and absolutly love it. Thank you for explaining so clearly but I am having one problem. I can't seem to be able to import video's into my photoshop. Do you maybe know how to fix this?

  10. It doesn't let me extend the video, do you click any specific command? Thanks for the video very funny and useful.

  11. Bros, did anyone here see what I just saw??? Wtf you did bro? You just did all this shit to fake the natural coffee pouring at the end too? Did this just happened or I’m missing something?

  12. too much talking too less content … this video could have been done in less than 5 minutes. i just skip skip skip.. thumbs down

  13. Came back to watch this, as I forgot how to do it, and oh man I've missed the kitchen, the old vibes!!

  14. This would be awesome for waterfalls or even looping starts/clouds/etc from a time lapse into a cinemagraph even though that might be tricky aligning things but maybe! Any other ideas?

  15. Thanks for communicating this in a way which is understandable. Usually, I become overwhelmed by watching tutorials on things like this. Subscribed!

  16. Thanks for being my morning coffee buddy Peter!! I am a complete beginner saving up for my first camera. I don't have light room or Photoshop yet. However I watch your videos everyday while I am drinking my morning coffee and I am learning so much from your channel!! One day I hope to show you my own work. Keep showing us how to do what you love I assure you of this we are learning!!

  17. So my clothing brand is NEVER OFF DUTY and I would love to do a Cinemagraph with me in my Never Off Duty t-shirt as the still shot and the kids running around as the motion on the loop. Can you do that as a cinemagraph and can you do that on Photoshop? Thank you!

  18. I exported mine the same way you exported yours but it came out with a very noticeable grainy look. Am I missing a step? Or something in some settings that I should change?

  19. Can you film a dog eating and put it on top of a still picture of for example a…. garden?, so it looks like the dog is eating in that particular garden? Thanks

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