How to Photograph a Model: Photo Studio Tips : Using Reflector to Light Photo Shoot

Hi, Rob Mitchell again for Expert Village.
We’re moving on to another segment. We’ve already discussed our key lighting and our
fill lighting, but suppose we only have two lights and we want to use this fill light
for some other placement here around our model. So, what I’m going to show you now is we can
kill this fill light. Get rid of it here. We’ll achieve exactly the same effect that
we did with that fill light, but this time we’re going to use reflectors. Now we go back
to our original key light on Nicole. We’ve got that little triangle happening under the
eye. Now what we’re going to do this time and get the same effect is we’re going to
bring in the reflector here and move it in nice and close and you can see what’s happening
here. We haven’t lost that shadow completely, but we’ve definitely softened it. Okay, we’ve
moved in a little bit closer. What you’re looking at now is Nicole without any reflector
light, without any fill light. See what happens as I start to bring in, it becomes really
noticeable as we bring it in the side. You can see how it’s softening all the shadows
in here. We still have that little triangle of light here. We’ve got our beautiful lighting
on this side and all of a sudden it’s becoming a lot more like a really attractive portrait.
Not quite the fashion shot that we’re going for in the next episode, but definitely a
lot nicer. This is another thing that you can do. I promise you can save a little bit
of money. This is just white card. You can get it at any art store and it has exactly
the same effect. Now, what you can do is you can take a light stand, bring it in closer
and clamp it to the light stand so you don’t really need somebody off to the side holding
it, but this will do the same thing as a silver reflector and it will do the same thing as
your fill light. Now, we’ve freed up one light to use elsewhere on our subject.

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