How to Photograph Fireworks

Hi, I’m Tony Northrup and for chapter 10
in my book Stunning Digital Photography I’m going to show you two different ways
to take pictures of fireworks in honor of fourth of July. I’m also going to let you get chapter 10
for free just wait until the end of the video and
I’ll give you a link that you can download it. The first technique I call the hat
technique. So what we’re going to do is put our camera on a tripod, set it to manual
mode, and then put it at 30 seconds, f/8 and ISO 400. Now before we take a picture I’m going to focus on the first firework that goes. So i’m just goin to use the auto focus system and as soon as it
goes up I’m gonna try to focus on it and then once i’m focused I’m not gonna take a
picture I’m gonna switch the lens over to manual focus. Now the lens is focused
where the fireworks are and it’s not going to change. Now I’ll take my hat off and put my hat over
the lens. This is stopping any light from coming in and ruining my pictures. So now i can just open the shutter. And
it’s gonna stay opened for 30 seconds. whenever there’s a cool explosion I’ll
take the hat off the lens and it will get exposed and then as soon as the
explosion fades I’ll cover back up. Another cool explosion, I’ll take it back off and then as it
starts to fade, I’ll cover it back up. What you’ll end up with is one long exposure
that consists of multiple different fireworks. This works with just about any
camera, film cameras, anything. No post-processing needed. But you have to
stand there and manage the camera, right? Every 30 seconds you have to restart the
shutter, you have to be watching the fireworks and working your hat and all
that. And maybe you want to sit back and enjoy the show. That’s why you might want to use my
second method, which I call be hands-free method. To use this method you need a
camera with time lapse built in. Rr you need a remote shutter release and this
is my favorite way to do it. So I’ll just plug this into my camera,
these will cost you no more than 20 bucks. Don’t buy one of the expensive ones, just
get one of the cheap off brand ones. I’ll plug it into my camera and now whenever I
push this the shutter will start. So first i’m going to put it in manual mode
and then i’m going to go all the way down to one third of a second. I’ll switch it
down to f/4 and ISO 400. Use the same technique for auto focusing and switch
the drive on the camera to continuous shutter, so
that it will take pictures over and over and over again, as long as you hold the
shutter down. You could just hold your finger here but this is where the remote
shutter release comes in handy. I’m just going to lock it on. Hear that?
the camera’s taking a picture every one third of a second, three pictures a
second throughout the whole firework show. Later, after i get back, i can go
through and just pick the favorite pictures out of there. I could even blend them together in
Photoshop. But if you want more information about that, just go into chapter 10 of Stunning
digital photography and go to and just get the chapter
for free for today. Thanks so much.

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