How to Remove Watermarks from Images (Easier than Photoshop!)

Watermarks are often used to prevent photos
and images from being reused without permission from their owners, and can sometimes prove
difficult to remove. However, there’s nothing wrong with removing
a watermark from any image that you own. In this video, we are going to show you 2
easiest ways to remove watermark, text or logo from a photo. 1. Cropping out a watermark
When a watermark is close to the edge of a photo, the best way is usually just to crop
it out. Many free image editing tools like GIMP or
Pixlr have a cropping tool and are very easy to use. GIMP is like a free Photoshop. It’s designed to incorporate many of the
filters, tools, and photographic effects you get from Photoshop, but it doesn’t cost
you a penny to use. Pixlr on the other hand, is a robust browser
photo editor, for all your editing needs. You can have full control over your images,
including layers and effects. 2. Healing watermarks
If the watermark is very small and all over the image, or if the letters are very thin,
you can often use a healing tool to remove it. Advanced photo editor like Photoshop can be
used remove this kind of watermarks. Or you can use a much simpler and easy-to-use
watermark remover tool like Photo Stamp Remover, or InPaint. Photo Stamp Remover is a photo correction
utility that can remove watermarks, date stamps and other unwanted objects that appear on
photographs Inpaint is definitely the best watermark remover,
which allows you to remove watermarks, delete unwanted people from photo, erase wires and
power lines etc. Next, we are going to show you how to easily
remove unwanted objects or logos from images using Inpaint. To get started, make sure you have the latest
version of Inpaint installed on your computer. Follow the link in the description box below
to download Inpaint. Now, launch Inpaint and open the photo from
which you want the watermark removed. Once the image is loaded, you will notice
that the Marker and Mask tool is automatically selected. Select the unwanted object by simply painting
over it. You can adjust the marker size if needed. Once selected, the software will automatically
generate a donor area, which allows you to control which pixels are used to fill the
selection area. You can adjust it as well for better results. When done, run the restoration process by
clicking the ‘Erase’ button from the tool bar. Wait a few seconds and you will find the object
is magically removed. That’s it! Download Inpaint from the link in the description
box below and start your own experience today! Subscribe to our channel to get more tips
to come! Thanks for watching!

46 Replies to “How to Remove Watermarks from Images (Easier than Photoshop!)”

  1. I have a question is there a way where when you add a photo to your video without the photo zooming in or zooming out and make it stay still

  2. This guy is trying to make you pay for Inpaint when it's free. Use this link instead:

  3. See I knew it couldn't just remove ANYTHING. As a long time photoshop user I already knew that you can only add something that is already there. You can't make something behind an object magically appear if it isn't originally in the image. Note how he said "donor" area, which directly relates to the "Clone Stamp Tool."

  4. If you owned the image there wouldn't be a watermark on it. This video promotes copyright infringement which constitutes theft.

  5. I don't know but there's some types of files like jpg where trying to remove the watermark totally screws up what's in back of it. Neither Photo Stamp Remover or InPaint have any positive effect at all. There is something you're not telling us because you make it sound like this always works on everything you try it on. Tell me why it wouldn't work.

  6. using inpaint , when removing watermark tstamped on the face , it also removes the face with it , So how do you just remove the water mark only ?

  7. Remove from Picture:

    Remove from Video:

  8. Just use 5 more minutes to go through gimp tutorials and remove it yourself with the right tools. It's more accurate and efficient.

  9. why I copy and pasted to the next tab it's the key tab, do you need a key? key: ENWK-VAHC-VVOJ-SBBA-NUDV-GEXF-XYFR-QPUI

  10. I downloaded it. It's not a virus, it works pretty well. You can't export the image without a membership, but that is easy to get around by taking a screenshot. It's a good product.

  11. This video convinced me to buy InPaint (Turns out was 75% off this week, guess I'm just lucky), Very easy to remove things if in open (Like a watermark over a single object like literally 5 seconds), With overlays, it is harder because you have to recreate the underlayer manually by using pixels from elsewhere (At least in my 30 min experience of testing), but actually comes out fairly well. Removing overlays isn't really reliable if you want it pixel perfect, but will work for 90% of projects I think.

    PS: I will be using it a lot for touching up in-game screenshots like ARMA 3 and removing stuff like player names or weapon box on the edges of the screen and it works great.

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