How to Set Up Ronin-SC for using with PANASONIC GH5 Camera

Use the Multi-Camera Control Cable (Type C) to connect the gimbal to the camera Choose PC (Tether) mode on the camera’s screen upon connection To pull focus with Ronin-SC the built-in focus mode toggle on the camera should be set to MF To trigger the camera’s autofocus press the camera control button and ensure the camera’s focus mode toggle is set to AFS/AFF or AFC

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  1. can a voigtlander 42.5mm be used on this stabilizer with all of the functions? I just searched the compatibility list and couldn't find anything about that.

  2. Hello,

    I wanted to ask a question about the GH5s control cable. Is it possible to use autofocus and manual focus together on this gimbal? For example when I want to use autofocus ("AF/AE Lock") to get a fast focus on a subject and then later pull focus with the manual focus ring on the gimbal? Or I have to change the camera focus mode toggle all the time?

  3. Hi, you have the control cable for Panasonic for purchase. Does the Pro Combo already come with this cable or do I have to purchase it separately to connect the GH5 to the Ronin-SC?

  4. cool looking video. but how do I mount the MF lolzzz. the dovetail plate not sure exactly where to screw

  5. Hi i have problem to conenct my GH 5 with ronin sc. When i plug the cable and chouse PC Tether mode, the screen of camera start flashing and the boton record on the ronin it doesn't work any advise ?

  6. i've problem with ronin-s and lumix s1!!! i can't use focus wheel!!

    the problem is fastly explained here:

  7. So from this video i can see clearly i can use manual focus JUST with focus wheel on GH 5 without the focus motor is that correct ?

  8. This simple procedure doesn't work for me, I have a Gh5 but when the lead to control the camera is connected nothing happens other than the screen on my camera flickering..

  9. My add-on accessory of the focus wheel setup is not working properly as it only moves a slight bit rather jerky, and my G85 is not setting it up (flashing stand by on and off, not letting me record when the USB cable is plugged into the side of the camera). have gone through your tutorials, and they only have the GH5, not the G85 configuration shown. There is no USB option of "PC Tether Mode", only PC Connection, which doesn't work. Please help me! I've emailed your DJI support, and hopefully have this rectified before month's end

  10. Thanks for this, but i'm mostly concerned by the GX80's case. How could I use the follow focus as the gx80 doesn't recognize the Ronin SC when they are connected to each other?

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