How to set up wireless IP camera-I61DQ with your mobile

Hey guys, here we have a smart wireless camera I61DQ and let’s see how to set it up with your mobile firstly, insert an SD card into the
camera Plug in the power adapter and get the camera powered Now the camera will automatically tilt and pan for self-checking wait until self-checking is complete Remember to pay attention to the
indicator under the camera head during the whole setup process. For the first time setup during the pan & till process, it will be blue light flashing, which means the camera is not connected to the internet and also not activated. In the latter part of the setup, if the indicator turns solid blue, it means the IP camera is connected to the internet but not activated. If the indicator turns solid green, that is a sign of success that your IP camera is connected to the internet and also activated. Now let’s begin the setup of the IP camera with your mobile First connect your phone to a Wi-Fi network. Then go to the App Store if you’re using an iPhone. Download and install the free Annke View app Open the app click on the top left icon and select devices. On the top right, click on the + symbol and choose Wi-Fi configuration There are three options to connect the
camera up to the Wi-Fi network. Either scan the QR code or scan the barcode or you can manually input the SN code. When finished tab next. You will come up to a Wi-Fi information page. Select the available Wi-Fi, use your home or local Wi-Fi, so your camera will always be connected to the Wi-Fi. Press next again. Now the camera is trying to connect to your Wi-Fi network. Once it is connected, you have to insert the username admin but no need for a password just yet and click on the top right button and click on Confirm to activate the IP camera Now you can create your own new password for the camera So your camera is connected to the Wi-Fi
network click on Start Live View to watch live
videos now let’s go to Cloud P2P settings so
that you can view footage on your mobile devices while you were away Click on the top right icon and choose Cloud P2P. Click Register on the bottom to sign up a P2P account. Enter your
email address and the captcha code and then click on Get Verification Code. Type
in the code you just received and click next. Here you have your P2P account
settings. Create the user name and password for your P2P account Once you have done this, click on Finish. Now type in your password of the P2P account you just created and login. Now
you can add your camera. Click on the top right plus icon then you can either scan
the barcode or just type in your camera’s serial number on the underside
of your camera on the barcode now click search and you will be able to
find your camera, once found, click on the plus icon and type in the verification code which you can find on the label of the camera If there is no code, then you can simply
type in ABCDEF in capital letters and Click Confirm, next screen you can see
your camera device. click on it. To enjoy live footage, you first click down the bottom on Live View. Now enter the verification code once again for the
first time viewing. Click Confirm and now you can see live footage from your
camera slide your finger on the screen, up, down, left and right. And the camera head will move
correspondingly remember do not move too fast to make sure that the camera can catch your speed If you have any questions and using this
camera, go to Help in Configuration, there you can find solutions to most of
your questions including settings, icons, FAQs etc and if you have any further questions, please feel free to contact our technical
support. We’ll be always there to help you Here’s how you set up the I61dq IP
camera with your mobile )iPhone and Android included) and I61DQ is really
worth your try since it has 1080p video quality and enables you to view live
footage remotely, plus easy setup, PIR detection, night vision ,smart VCA (Video Content Analysis), and ROI (Region of Interest) Why are you still hesitating?

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  1. What is the correct name of the app. Is that Annke Viewer or Annke Vision? There are two different apps, the quick start guide came with the camera said "Annke Vision", you said Annke View" in this tutorial. Please confirm.

  2. Camera works great but audio has a horrible loud buzz-clicking sound. You may be thinking that it happens when the camera is in motion but no the buzz-clicking is continuous when the camera is at rest.

  3. is there no way to watch live video off the cam to you're pc so i don;t have to watch it off the phone when im at home im trying to use it as a spy cam so i can see who is stealing my fuel out of my semi when parked at the house wana catch them in the act

  4. Ok, simple and sounds good. But when I connect and I enter "admin" the camera don´t accept without pw or give the message error code 153. Total reset and install new app I get the same problem… Note the camera works in an another area. It´s a new re-installation in a new network. Mobile Android Huawei P7

  5. added another camera to my security system this one works good>>>   just as good as quality as my factory camera system had but price was a lot cheaper.

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