How to Setup Ronin-SC with SONY a7 III Camera

Use the Multi-Camera Control Cable (Type C) to connect the gimbal to the camera Set the camera to MF mode Select “Network” from the menu and turn off “Control with Smartphone” To do this, Select Menu Network Ctrl w/ Smartphone and turn it off Then, set the USB Connection to “PC Remote” Do this by going to Menu Settings USB Connection and select “PC Remote” The Optical Image Stabilization of the camera will be disabled but the optical image stabilization of the lens will not be affected

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  1. What features you activate by doing this? What is the benefit? Also where can I find out how to use all the features of the gimbal? The manual is very basic I think

  2. DJI: “set camera to MF (manual focus) mode”
    Me: ??? Does this not work with continuous autofocus mode? And other reviewers are saying that IBIS works, didn’t know IBIS gets disabled

  3. Clever. Using a smaller lens with it in the video. Cause if you use a 28-75 or 24-70 lens, whoopsie… cant do it. RIP full range of motion.

  4. no, usb c to usb c doesn't work.and i don't need to shoot manual focus and i don't have the focus motor anyway. i'm just using the multi cable to usb c with the only benefit is the stop and start recording.

  5. You need to make a gimbal strap for this camera. people who travel don't want to be taking their Ronin SC out constantly. I want to have it around my neck like a camera strap.

  6. So there is no way to have the camera connected with the cable and still retain the in-camera stabilization? Is that a software issue, something that could be resolved with a Sony firmware update? Because I find that the OIS of the A7III does add to the overall smoothness, when using the Ronin SC and controlling the camera function with the smart phone instead.

    Oh and a second question: when I AM using the Type-C cable and have the camera set to filming, I can't take pictures when holding the rec button on the gimble. Will this only work in photo modes anyways or am I overlooking something?

  7. I have the pro combo with a7ii the focus wheel is only affecting my digital zoom not my focus how do i fix this

  8. I have a sony a7iii with a fe 24-105 lens and I can't balance it because the camera tilts forward and there's no room to move it back to balance it. Is it too heavy for this gimbal?

  9. Hey DJI can you please answer this quick question?

    Do I need to connect the MCC-Cable before I start balancing everything or can I use it afterward?

    Also, do I need to use the MCC-Cable? Or is it just an option to press for example the red record button on the gimbal itself?

  10. Don't use the USB-C cable. I just tested with my a7 iii and when using the USB-C cable some features did not work (motion/time lapse). I switched to the micro USB cable instead and everything started working. I don't know what I am losing by not using the USB-C cable, but oh well. Also when using the micro USB cable you can leave USB setting on AUTO and IBIS will remain active.

  11. Where can I find instructions for setting it up with GH5S? Or any explanation when to use Riser plate, lens support. And when do move the motors in a different position on the rulers. Completely scratching my head.

  12. Hello! I bought a ronin sc pro combo stabilizer. I connect to it a Sony A7S2 with a 24-70 / 4 zeiss lens. Using a cable connected the stabilizer and camera. Since the stabilizer is compatible with sony cameras, my follow focus should work without a focusing motor, only with the help of a focusing ring. Instead, the focusing number is connected, the green light on it lights up, but when you turn it on, the digital zoom in the camera turns on, instead of focus. Tell me how to change from digital zoom to focus adjustment.

  13. didnt work, i follow all the instruction in video but nothing happen when pressing record button at ronin sc. tried in both video mode and camera mode but still same,nothing happen when pressing record button on the gimbal.

  14. I have followed the instructions in this video but can not get my Sony A7iii to function properly with the controls on the gimbal. I own a Ronin S and have no issues being able to use the record button on that one but for some reason when I connect to the SC, the camera no longer functions and none of the buttons actually work properly. Can you help with this issue?

  15. Doesn't work with my external monitor (Atomos Ninja V). The menus/playback show, but the actual live video view goes black

  16. You have to turn the USB connection to "PC remote", which means you have to turn off the "control with smartphone" feature on the A7. Kind of annoying to have to do this each time, I really do like being able to control with smartphone on my Sony. I guess I'll have to use the Ronin SC without the cable (which is fine too).

  17. Surely the last line you mean to say "the optical image stabilization of the lens will not be AFFECTED" instead of "EFFECTIVE"? In other words, the complete opposite of what I think I heard.

  18. None of this going to work if you don't put USB connection in PC Remote BEFORE you plug in the USB Cable. Otherwise you'll get an endless USB CONNECTING message on the camera but it never connects. Again very little thought and planning went behind these tutorials.

  19. When I press the record button on my Ronin SC the camera (A7III) does not start recording. I'm using "Multi to Sony" cable and I'm not sure what to do, to make it work.

  20. I thought this would start with how to physically set it up…do I need the riser or don't I? how does it all fit together? which screw do I use from this bag?

  21. This should really be updated to include menus for the A7R series. I have an A7RII which is on your supported list however the menus shown in this video dont match the A7R series. I was able to get the basic functionality to work by ensuring Manual Focus and Continuous Focus and also USB Connection to PC Remote. On the A7R there are no Network menus and no Control with Smartphone menu item. Note: I haven't tried running with the smart phone attached yet.

  22. The focus wheel doesn't work with the USB C cable, but works with the micro USB cable. Do you know why and how Can i fix this?

  23. I have the Sony A7iii camera and during filming after months of smooth working…all of a sudden the camera does not connect to the Ronin SC anymore!!… now the camera has a ‘check connected device’ on the screen and now I cannot use it at all

    It’s completely random! Please
    Help DJI!

  24. Hello i have ronin SC + Focus wheel with sony A7III and i want to control the zoom and not de focus . After a update of ronin SC firmware FWhell controling zoom and now the focus . how back to controling zoom please .

  25. Hello thanks for video . Juste a question for this setup same that mine . I have a problem because support recording of my A7iii is priority on slot 1 , slot 1 photos and slot 2 videos .
    But when i connect A7iii on ronin SC the video recording slot is 1 . I have to go to the menu change the slot to slot 2 (my card for video) do you have this mystake ? thanks

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