How to Shoot Architectural Digital Photos : Light & Shadow in Architectural Photography

In this segment we’re going to talk about
the quality of light and shadow in architecture. Now there’s a great marriage between architecture
and photography, because photography’s building blocks is all about light and shadow. And
really good architects understand that their buildings will look really interesting if
they use an interesting interplay of light and shadow. Now if you take a look at this
photograph down here, this is designed by Francis Hoffman in 1958, it’s called a Mimo
building which is, Miami Modern Building. And over here on this side of the picture,
this is actually a blank, white wall. But because the photograph has been taken at a
particular time of day, which was 4 o’clock in the afternoon, the light is pouring through
these structures here, known as cheese holes, and it reflects the light and shadow onto
this side of the wall, which as I said before, is just a white, plain wall. The other interesting
aspect of this photograph is this blue blob here, which is actually on the other side
of the road, and it’s a painting shop, which is their symbol for their store. So what we’ve
managed to do here is to pull all these different elements together, with this dramatic sense
of light and shadow, and marrying together the disciplines of architecture and photography.
One of the other things that is interesting about this photograph, is that it was used
on the front cover of a magazine, the original signature book for Art Bozel, the world’s
largest and most prestigious art fair.

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