Today I am going to offer tips on how you can take good photos at night All on your phone, aka the Pixel 3 Helloooooooo Simpletons A lot of times, if you’re shooting at night and there’s not a good light source around You can either look really grainy, or really dark that it’s just a picture of blackness So if you don’t have a DSLR Not to worry, you can get the same quality with your phone So I have the Google Pixel XL Google released a feature called Night Sight I’m telling you it is a complete game changer The before and afters are crazy I’m going to take you through some of them And I’m going to show you how I use the feature So what Night Sight does, is it takes multiple exposures and combines them to get an even better result and it also reduces noise in the photo Both of these photos are taken with a Pixel 3 This shot specifically, was taken without Night Sight And this one was taken with Night Sight There’s such a difference between the two The one taken with Night Sight, you can see there’s a lot more detail within the shot It’s not as dark, and there’s a lot more colour captured This is another shot with myself in it The one taken without Night Sight, really grainy, really dark And this one was taken with Night Sight A lot more colour, I look less dead And a lot more detail as well I never used to take pictures at night All my shots used to turn out really grainy And as y’all know, it’s really hard to edit when a picture is already so grainy But Night Sight has completely changed all that I don’t even need to bring my big camera around When editing a shot at night, it really doesn’t differ much between how I normally edit so I’m not going take you through all the steps you can just watch it within the link below If you’ve been watching my other editing tutorials, you’ll know that I love, love using Grainy Film But whenever I edit a photo at night, because it’s more susceptible to grain I’m not going to add more grain So to show you a comparison, this is an edited shot taken with a Google Pixel 3 XL This is an edited shot taken with a Sony A6000 So obviously with the Sony, it’s going to capture more detail And there’s going to be a lot more depth into the shot But in terms of quality for posting on Instagram for example, I would say they’re pretty much comparable So guys, get a Pixel 3, use Night Sight Change your life If you have a pretty decent camera, again, it doesn’t have to be a DSLR And you have some sort of light source around whether it be a lit up tree, or a lamp or some neon lights You should be good to go So don’t be afraid to venture out at night and take some cool night time shots Just don’t be too adventurous and end up in an alley by yourself or in a really scary part of town If you are, it’s on you. So I know this is a really short video, but I just wanted to show you how cool Night Sight is and how it can up your night time shot game If you loved this video, please give it a thumbs up and comment below what other tips you have for shooting at night As much as I’m teaching y’all, I’m always learning from you guys and I love hearing your ideas And if you haven’t already, please subscribe to the Simpleton family Alright, I will see you guys next week, BAI No, not next week Next time, I will see you guys next time Yeah Byeee


  1. Hey girl! Can you make a video on how to get a warm feed or how to edit like the tessa vintage presets on snapseed?

  2. hi, great video, what lens did u use with the sony a6000?
    it would be nice to see how did u get that photo with the sony, thxs

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