How to Take and Edit 360° Photo Using Android Phone

Hey guys it’s me Rahul and today on this
video i will show you how to take and edit 360 degree photos using your android phone. So on this video i will be using two applications
they are google street view and theta+ . So to take 360 degree photos there are a plenty
of apps in the playstore, but the one that really works well is the google’s street
view app. To create a 360 degree photo you open the
app then tap on this camera icon tap again then find the orange dot that appears on the
screen and align it with the circle. Move around in circle and repeat this process
until you captured the surrounding fully. Then tap on this tick button and wait a couple
of minutes ,for the app to stitch the images together.then goto this private section then
tap on the image to view it.The next part is how to edit these 360 degree photos, as
of right now there are only a very few apps for editing 360 degree photos, we are going
to use theta + because it is the best around. When you open the theta app you have two options
one is time lapse and other one is edit image, you have to tap on edit image then select
that 360 degree image that you created using the street view app now you have two option
either you can create/edit a 360 degree image or you can edit a 2d no-360 version of that
image, which is called cropped image.First we are going to edit it as a 360 degree photo
so from here you can apply filters and stickers and text on this 360 degree photo , but unfortunately
there is no manual settings like image adjustments tools, But it might come in future. After you done all your editing tap on this
share button then hit save to your gallery and you’RE done. Now you can post it on Facebook or any other
social media which supports 360 degree photos.If you want to create this little planet effect
then you have to select the cropped image option then change the view to little planet
.you can also apply filter to this image too. So yeah that’s been it. Hope you learned something new if you did
then definitely give a big thumbsup and i will see you guys in my next video. Goodbye.

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  1. Using Google Street View to shoot photospheres may sound easy by Google's official word, but to do it right it's a little bit more complicated. This video will show you why, and give you a way to handle it.
    For those who don't want to bother with rigging, you can hold your phone on a tripod, making sure that your lens is on the centre. When you pan up and down, try to hold it with your lens in exactly the same position as it was standing straight. Use above video as reference. When you shoot the bottom part (AKA nadir), remember to remove the tripod. This is more or less what you will get in the end.

  2. Be aware that there are some phones that will not work with Street View for capturing 360 photos, and I hope someone will make a video to address this issue. The phones that don't work isn't a problem with the hardware, but Street View doesn't recognise the focal length of your lens. Phones like Pixel 2 XL and iPhone 8 have 27 and 28mm lens. Some newer phones come with wider angle lens (such as my Xiaomi A2) of 22.4mm. This throws off Street View app and broke its stitching algorithm. The only way to create photospheres with this type of lens is on a desktop using stitching software. For shooting, you need the normal Camera app, not Street View, and you have to select 4:3 ratio instead of 16:9. You also have to understand the principles of 360 photography.
    See how complicated this gets?
    To make your life easy, just get a 360 camera. 2 years ago I'd recommend Samsung Gear 360 (2016 model, not 2017). It's dirt cheap now, and it works on Street View app (iOS, Android). If you have a little more money, go with Insta360 One or One X. Whatever you do, please stay away from LG 360. It was highly praised in 2016 due to its super low price. I can show you piles of photos that will scar you for life. But people don't seem to realise just how awful it is because they don't care. They're simply shooting it for fun. If you take photography seriously, you'd want to research your products, not be corporate shills.

  3. When I opened the theta+ app there were no options as u told. There was no image and in the left side there was the only option for what's app images.. And that too didn't opened. Pls tell me what should I do now.

  4. Assalam o Aliaqum bro,,, I normally see in 360 photo in which we can move around how to capture those photo with the help of these 360 street view app ?

  5. Any alternate except google ….coz google app on my phone is tilting the camera 180°….means takling opposite photos.

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